From the outset, Israel has faced threats
of complete annihilation. It had to engage in several wars that were
imposed on it. Since, the 1950s to the present day, Israel
has taken many steps to protect itself and is now considered to be one of the most powerful
countries in the world. Israel is widely believed to have been the
6th country in the world to develop nuclear weapons. It is reported that Israel had “rudimentary,
but deliverable,” nuclear weapons available as early as 1967. The most important weapons platform of Israel
today is the Dolphin class submarines designed for nuke delivery. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. Israel is not a party to the NPT or Non-Proliferation
Treaty. Israel engages in strategic ambiguity, saying
it would not be the first country to “introduce” nuclear weapons into the region, but refusing
to otherwise confirm or deny a nuclear weapons program or arsenal. This policy of “nuclear opacity” has been
interpreted as an attempt to get the benefits of deterrence with a minimum political cost. In 1968, the Israeli Ambassador to the United
States, Yitzhak Rabin, affirmed to the United States State Department that Israel would
“not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.” Upon further questioning about what “introduce”
meant in this context, however, he said that “he would not consider a weapon that had not
been tested a weapon,” and affirmed that he did not believe that “an unadvertised, untested
nuclear device” was really “a nuclear weapon.” There is extensive evidence Israel has nuclear
weapons or a near-ready nuclear weapons capability. There is also speculation that Israel may
have tested a nuclear weapon along with South Africa in 1979, but this has not been confirmed,
and interpretation of the Vela Incident is controversial. The Vela Incident, also known as the South
Atlantic Flash, was an unidentified “double flash” of light detected by an American Vela
Hotel satellite on September 22, 1979, near the Prince Edward Islands off Antarctica,
which many believe was of nuclear origin. The most widespread theory among those who
believe the flash was of nuclear origin is that it resulted from a joint South African
and Israeli nuclear test. The topic remains highly disputed and most
of the information about the event remains classified. In 1986, a former Dimona technician, Mordechai
Vanunu, disclosed extensive information about the nuclear program to the British press,
including photographs of the secret areas of the nuclear site, some of which depicted
nuclear weapons cores and designs. Vanunu gave detailed descriptions of lithium-6
separation required for the production of tritium, an essential ingredient of fusion-boosted
fission bombs, as well as information about the rate of plutonium production. Vanunu’s evidence was vetted by experienced
technical experts before publication and is considered to be among the strongest evidence
for the advanced state of the Israeli nuclear weapons program. On the 12th of February 2015, the Pentagon
declassified a top-secret 386-page Department of Defense document from 1987 detailing Israel’s
nuclear program. This represents the first time Israel’s
nuclear program has ever been officially and publicly referenced by the U.S. authorities. The Stockholm International Peace Research
Institute or SIPRI estimates that Israel has approximately 80 (lower end estimate) intact nuclear weapons, of which 50 are for delivery by Jericho II medium-range ballistic missiles and 30 are gravity bombs
for delivery by aircraft. The exact numbers are disputed, but most defense
observers believe that its in the range of 80-120 SIPRI also reports that there was renewed
speculation in 2012 that Israel may also have developed nuclear-capable submarine-launched
cruise missiles. This means Israel has functional nuclear tried-
the ability to deliver nukes from Land, Air & Sea. For the Sea-based delivery, Ballistic missile
submarines are the go-to option. Ballistic missile submarines are generally
nuclear powered and carry long-range nuclear-tipped missiles also known as SLBM or Submarine Launched
Ballistic Missile. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines
are considered to be the most potent weapon developed by mankind and they are the most
survivable part of the nuclear triad. There are reasons for it. A surprise preemptive strike might wipe out
a country’s land-based missiles and nuclear bombers, but it’s very difficult to track
and take out a ballistic-missile submarine patrolling quietly in the depths of the ocean. Since they can’t be taken out by ‘first
strike’ and can retaliate against an enemy with SLBMs, no sane adversary will attack
a country that possesses a Nuclear Powered Ballistic missile submarines armed with SLBMs. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines
are very complex and costly to develop and maintain. This is why the US, Russia, UK, France, China,
and India are currently the only countries to field a nuclear powered ballistic missile
submarine. Israel has taken a different approach to field
it’s sea-based “second-strike capability” and is using the German build Dolphin Class
conventional submarine for this purpose. The first three submarines were authorized
in 1988. Dolphin, Leviathan and Tekuma, were laid down
in the early 1990s and entered service between 1999 and 2000. The submarines are 187 feet long, displace
1,720 tons submerged and have an operating depth of 1,148 feet. Each of these subs has 10 torpedo tubes in
the bow – 6 standard 533 mm tubes and 4 larger 650 mm torpedoes tubes. The larger torpedo tubes are more than two
feet wide and these tubes are reportedly being used to deploy long-range nuclear-tipped missiles. It is to be noted that a second set of Dolphin
submarines, Dolphin II, was ordered in the mid-2000s. Dolphin II is an incremental upgrade of original
Dolphin and the main difference is the inclusion of the Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system. AIP allows the subs of this class to operate
underwater for longer periods of time and some reports suggest that Dolphin II can stay
submerged up to 18 days at a time. In 2000, the U.S. Navy observed a missile
launch from off the coast of Sri Lanka that traveled an estimated 932 miles or around
1500 km. The missile was speculated to be an upgraded
Popeye missile. Popeye was originally an air-launched ground-attack
missile. It was developed in 1985 and was capable of
delivering 750 lb or 340 kg warhead to ranges of up to 45 miles or 78 km It is interesting to note that the United
States Air Force bought 154 Popeye missiles to arm B-52 bombers for conventional attacks,
renaming them the AGM-142 Raptor. The Popeye is powered by a single-stage solid
rocket. The 2000 test is thought to be of Popeye Turbo
which is powered by a turbofan engine so that it can travel for long distances. But some accounts dispute this and point to
Gabriel anti-ship missile. Though the exact nature of the weapon is not
clear, there is a consensus among strategic analysts that Israel has deployed long-range
nuclear-tipped land-attack missiles from is Dolphin class submarines. Israel is acquiring a second set of 3 Dolphin
II submarines. These will replace the 3 original Dolphin
subs, so essential Israel will have 6 Dolphin II subs. This means that Israel’s sea-based nuclear
deterrent will be active for the foreseeable future and its second-strike capability will
be intact. So, traditional Middle East rivals of Israel
are in the strike range of Israel’s sea-based nukes. Any of these counties trying to attack Israel
with a preemptive strike will have to face nuclear retaliation. So, it can be said that it will be a suicidal
step for Israel’s rival if they decide to wage a war against it.


  1. Netanyahu" bought" German 209 class submarines and he is now facing bribery charges for that deal! Not to mention all respected Israeli military generals, admirals and analysts said 209 class submarines were not needed for Israeli military (armed with torpedoes only, no VLS cells for cruise missiles), short range (only 700 kilometres submerged) and not efficient enough for Israeli needs!

  2. Surrounded by once enemies, now arabs want to be friends. Wonder why?? Iran and Turkey can be annihilated in 30min 😄

  3. About 70 countries worldwide get aid from Israel, on the latest agriculture developments and water conservation and usage also very high tech medical discoveries and is becoming known as the best high tech start up nation in the world…..Also in the event of a disaster anywhere in the world is always the first on scene with a fully equipped medical and search set up.What does its neighbours contribute to the world ??

  4. No enemy dares to touch Israel because enemies of Israel KNOW by experience that fighting Israel means their own defeat and humiliation.!!
    Blessings from India to Israel and all her friends.!!

  5. Islam seems to encourage dictator style ruling of countries.Can you imagine Syria and Iran being democratic countries with out an intolerant religion ruling it.They are huge countries with fantastic possibilities and the general population are lovely people who just want a normal life with ability to have what ever faith they want,,without fear……..Such a waste….!!

  6. The small country, Israel is very advance in technology as well as in science. No Muslim country dare to attack Israel first.

  7. I'm not of Jewish descent, but I have to say after watching this video Long Live Israel!!! They, by nature, thanks to their unfriendly neighbors and the really bad neighborhood they live in, can kick some MAJOR ass and their special forces teams are on par with our American counterparts, if not better! Long Live Israel 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 our unwavering and most trusted ally in the world!!!

  8. I’m not an educated or learned man, but I’m almost positive that the the original people that got our nuclear weapon program started were Jewish. That being said, why would people be surprised when they find out Israel has nukes.

  9. Looking at US And RUSSIA ,I think we have alot of nuclear weapons which can fuel the world for about 200 years…and one day will come when all countries have nuclear weapons,I hope that we won't end mankind

  10. Even with those weapons israel are cowards
    We have seen that in 2006 against a militz hisbollah
    Hundret of merkava destroyed with russian anti tank missiles
    And hundred killed israeli soldiers
    We know that the Israeli are powerfull in killing innocent people children women old people.

  11. I have no doubt Israel has nukes. They have amazing technology plus a lot of their allies have them, so I wouldn’t doubt it.

  12. They never develop their own nuclear weapons you morons they stole them from the United States are technology like they still our technology and use it and sell it to Russia and China like they always have oh and Iran so let's not forget about Iran

  13. Israel's hasn't had to test any weapons because once again they use our weapons they hold our weapons and they still our technology added to everything else always have always will but the sad thing is they don't have to steal our technology most of time cuz moronic Zionist in our own military and government give them to them

  14. Where does a small country like Israel get the money to develop and maintain such weapons systems??…not to mention lesser systems…I know, the U.S. funds the Israeli military program, but are we the only one, or more, …where do they get the rest of their money…hmmmm? Our CIA funds themselves with drug and other funding sources…does MOSSAD do the same thing, or coordinate….hmmmm?


  16. Spare me with politics…
    Dolphin 2 class is improved German type 212 class, made exclusively for Israel.
    It has vertical launchers, anaerobic (AIP) propulsion, and a pump jet.
    Extremely potent hi tech submarine.

  17. This is VERY old news. it’s been covered in the Defense Press and newspapers since the 1980s and the submarine angle since the German Contract 15 years ago….. Remember – this is all speculation…….


  19. It is only a matter of time before some Islamic terrorist group successfully explodes a nuclear weapon in an Israeli city. The question is, who will Israel target for a nuclear "counter-attack"?

  20. I can understand why they have done this. But still think this is a mistake.

    Anytime their is now an inbound Cruise Missile, any Israeli enemy must by default believe it is a Nuclear Strike.

    This, increases tension massively. Israel already has ex USSR, Diesel Electric Submarines fitted for SLBM, bought in the 90's has scrap, by its wealth friends. They were delivered to the Red Sea Port, and completely gutted. Retrofitted with latest US combat systems & German propulsion technology, so they are Air Independent, for at least 15 days (probably 21), before snorkeling unlike the, originals 23 hours.

    They have also back engineered the appropriate SS-N-17 (? not sure exact mark) Missile, but with Israeli electronics and guidance systems.

    These like British and French, counterparts are more than capable of deterring enemy nations equipped with WMD's that would do Israel harm.

    In fact we live in very interesting times. Where Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain, now live under the protected Umbrella of Israel's Nuclear Deterrent.

    While the new stage of the Sunni / Shia Muslim sectarian wars take place.

    Turkey, long time USA & Israel allie.
    Aas under Erdogan, gone rogue, with a weird, non secular Muslim belief.
    He now seeks to unify, the more moderate Muslims in the middle east, under him.

    Meanwhile Putin wants, his warm water Deep Sea Port, from which a Russian Navy's Surface Fleet, can sail without being Iced in, in Winter, or Blockaded, by opponents.

  21. It’s reported that President Gerald Ford was the one who actually gave the A-okay to Israel to develop and keep a limited number of lower yield nukes for their defense. RIP President Ford.

  22. A ton of talk here about Israel and why they are in the position of great success. We also have given other countries more aid, but they are still 3rd world losers. Israel has done some exceptional things with our contributions, thats good enough, especially when they eventually will not need any aid. Do you know when that will be? When one of these nations like Iran decides to fully engage in war with Israel,,,,Of all the nations in the world with Nuclear weapons, who do you suppose would use them when Threatened??? Make no mistake, Israel will. Once that happens, they own the middle east.

  23. The US atomic bombing of Japan 80 years ago was when everyone realized any nation on earth can be destroyed in 30 minutes. Hence why no nuclear armed nations have gone to war ever since. Russia violated all the missile treaties and China also has been developing long range ICBM’s all while the US was following the law and not developing weapons. That destabilizes the M.A.D. balance & this is what will happen now. US, Russia, China are going to develop the long range hypersonic missile. When they all prove they have the weapon, they will all sign a new missile treaty when MAD is realized again.

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