Israel targets Islamic Jihad amid rocket fire – TV7 Israel News 13.11.19

Israel targets Islamic Jihad amid rocket fire – TV7 Israel News 13.11.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Palestinian Islamists are continually launching rockets and mortar-shells from the terror-infested
Gaza Strip toward Israel’s civilian communities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
underscored that Jerusalem is not interested in a wider escalation. The European Union’s Court of Justice ruled
that imported goods from Israel that were produced within what it defines as ‘occupied
territories,’ including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights, must be labelled. Palestinian Islamists are continually launching
rockets and mortar-shells from the terror-infested Gaza Strip toward Israel’s civilian communities. Up until 08:15 this morning, approximately
220 projectiles were fired from the Hamas-controlled enclave. In contrast to yesterday’s indiscriminate
rocket-fire, however, which spilled – among other locations – into the densely populated
central region of the Jewish State, the Palestinian Islamists have limited their hostilities today
to the southern and southeastern parts of the country. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. According to the IDF Spokesperson’s unit,
the Iron Dome Surface-to-Air Defense System intercepted dozens of the incoming-rockets
in accordance with standard procedures, with an interception rate of over 90%. Unfortunately, however, less than ten percent
of the incoming projectiles managed to penetrate Israel’s aerial defensive shield, with some
scoring direct hits of residential structures and commercial facilities. “We immediately ran to the sheltered room,
I told my husband to lock it tight as much as possible because we usually just close
the door without locking. We locked it tight and heard a scary ‘boom’. This boom was so frightening and I felt it
was inside the house.” It is important to note that while the Islamist
Hamas organization declared its support for the aggression of the Palestinian Islamic
Jihad, Hamas has not joined the fighting thus far, and the IDF appears to have calibrated
its operations to achieve that end by exclusively targeting terror installations that belong
to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Because of Israel’s success in isolating
the Islamic Jihad from the other Islamist groups in Gaza, the Iranian-backed terror
group is forced to calculate the scope of its rocket fire and is managing its arsenal
so as to be able to continue to fire rockets over the course of the next several days. That said, the leader of the Jihadist group
Khader Habib vowed to continue the fight against the Jewish State. “Our Palestinian nation announces to everyone
that we will continue to fight and will make this entity (Israel), specifically the mad
(Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, pay a high price. And we will continue to fight until we destroy
the occupation (Israel) and free Palestine, all of Palestine.” According to a senior Israeli intelligence
official, who spoke to TV7 on condition of anonymity, “Egypt is successfully applying
immense pressure on Hamas to refrain from joining the fight.” The Israeli official explained that “currently
Egyptian intelligence officials are working behind the scenes to mediate a viable cessation
of hostilities” – “and so long as there are no casualties on either side, excluding
the rocket-launching terror cells of the Islamic Jihad, the situation will gradually alleviate
in the coming days.” The intelligence official underscored, however,
that the presiding assessment in Tel Aviv remains, “if Hamas enters this round of
escalation, the situation will most likely exacerbate into an all-out war.” To prepare for such a scenario, Israel deployed
additional armored forces along the border with the Hamas-controlled territory. Nevertheless, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu underscored that Jerusalem is not interested in a wider escalation. In his opening remarks to the weekly cabinet
meeting, Netanyahu stressed that while Jerusalem is determined to fight to defend the country,
it is not bent on an escalation. “I said yesterday that we are not bent on
escalation, but that we would respond to every attack against us, and respond very sharply. Islamic Jihad would do well to understand
this right now, instead of when it will be too late. I believe that Islamic Jihad is starting to
internalize this message. They understand that we will continue to strike
them without mercy. They understand that Israel is very strong
and that our will is very great. We are determined to fight to defend our country
and if they think that these barrages or these strikes will weaken us or lessen our determination,
they are mistaken. Therefore, they have but one choice – to
stop these attacks or take more and more blows. The choice is theirs.” Despite apparent efforts to defuse the volatile
situation by means of Egyptian mediation, residents of the Gaza Strip voiced pessimism
that appears to be rooted in desperation over the prospects of evading a wider escalation. “I think the situation is going towards war
like in 2014. Still it is not clear in the coming hours
the situation will become clearer.” Now in other news;
The European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that imported-goods from Israel that were
produced within occupied territories, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights,
must be labelled. The top European court, which is based in
Luxembourg, insisted that labels must not imply that goods produced in occupied territory
came from Israel itself, but underscored the labels aim to “prevent consumers from being
misled as to the fact that the State of Israel is present in the territories concerned as
an occupying power and not as a sovereign entity.” While the case focused on an Israeli owned
winery located in the West Bank, the ruling handed down defined ‘occupied territories’
as ‘all territory Israel captured in the 1967 war,’ including not only the West Bank
but also East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights – both of which Israel has legally annexed. The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded by
saying that it “strongly rejects” the ruling “which has… one aim only, and that is to
single out Israel and to apply double standards against it.” “Israel strongly rejects the recent ruling
of the European Court of Justice which has one aim and one aim only and that is to single
out Israel and to apply double standards against it.” Joining the Israeli condemnation, head of
the Israeli settlers Yesha Council Yigal Dilmoni insisted that ‘the move is a clear characteristic
of anti-Semitism,’ while further claiming that the ones who will be mostly hurt from
the European measure are the Palestinian workers. “This is a despicable decision, we condemn
it. The Jewish people will not mark itself again
for European demands. No other place in the world is required to
mark itself, only Israel. There is a characteristic of anti-Semitism
here. In agriculture and industry in Judea, Samaria
(biblical terms for the West Bank) and the Jordan Valley, tens of thousands of Palestinian
workers are employed. Those who will be hurt by the fact that people
will stop purchasing and buying products are mostly the Palestinian workers.” In contrast to the Israeli condemnation, Palestinian
leaders welcomed the ruling and called on all EU countries to “to implement what’s legal
and to stop what’s immoral.” “The ruling of the European Court of Justice,
labelling settlement products, is a very significant ruling. We call upon all the European Union countries
to implement what’s legal and to stop what’s immoral. We hope that the day will come when all these
colonial settlement products, which is the sweat and blood of the Palestinians, will
be banned from international markets.” It is important to note that the court’s
ruling is an advisory to EU member states, each of which has a sovereign right to decide
whether to adopt the measure into national legislation. For more information on Israel and its region visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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    Furthermore, those land in the East of Jerusalem is part of the State of Israel since both 1967 "Six-Day War and Yom the 1973 Kippur War." They were the ones that decided to war against us and NOT the other way around.

    They know this, the U.N. knows this, and the E.U. does as well.

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    Realize the open information about this conflict between Isreal and the Palestinians.

    Isreal population: just under 9 million
    Islamic population world wide: 1.8 billion.

    You are getting your butts handed to you over a population a fraction of your size, and has been happening for decades.

    This makes your arguments grossly ineffective, and your best military minds, vastly incompetent.

    Congrats on your public image.

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