Is a Business Administration Major Worth It?

Is a Business Administration Major Worth It?

hey everyone economic invincibility happy end of July I'll be talking about Business Administration is it worth it as a major new entry in the series this was traditionally a pretty good degree because less people went to school it was more valuable and you've either worked for a family business when he graduated or you went to a management apprenticeship program and got a decent career corporate level but now every Tom Dick and Clarence school whether it's online or brick-and-mortar they have these programs general business in particular is a big offender even business psychology I've seen lol everyone can get a business degree in people on it because Business Administration be CEO be cool sounds impressive unfortunately there's not much to it if you just stop there you have to have a plan and if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics true there are a lot of jobs but it's hard to tie specifically to one business major concentration or another which jobs you're going to get are you a CFO are you human resources are you a general manager all those things are contingent on the decisions you make and a lot of people assume just business is all you need well know so I want to start out by saying run a small business before you even go to college run a small business for a year or so in high school baked goods online landscaping and you're going to learn more from that than most of your general business courses will teach you even the advanced ones because you actually know how to do it yourself versus theory because the area is a lot of what you're going to get the majors you don't want to choose I'll just break into this year management general business or leadership the last one you don't need to be taught the skill that you either have pretty naturally or you cultivate by actually leading in certain organizations and in jobs that doesn't happen because someone is waving a textbook at you and the same thing with management do you really want to learn a bunch of general theories are you manager X are you manager Y look at our nice pie chart in our stepping stone and chart linking everything together that's all nice on paper but as a manager you have to make split-second decisions what are you do with this are you going to let them get pissed off where you going to do the customer's always right how is that really helpful to read some theory all right you need to actually do it yourself and that's only in the environment immersed in it getting your hands dirty with retail store dust I guess so that's going to be one do you want to avoid avoid stuff like public relations related business not typically a good option the market is more limited especially if your man and then human resources I'll start by saying I have a little bit of a bias against them just because I don't like how they always say stuff like join the Environmental Protection Program of our company our effort and then you see how many pages they waste printing out this document that document we should just do it like electronically have people sign on the little digi pads there's no reason to kill so many trees if you really want to be environmentalist and then on top of that human resources is basically bureaucracy for companies I'm not saying it doesn't serve a purpose because it does but do you really want to go into business because you want to work on a bureaucracy I don't think so especially if you're a man you better be a man who's walking on eggshells and is a good progressive because if you're more outspoken if you have views that are a little bit less mainstream Human Resources is not for you you have to be impartial you have to be neutral you're going to have to be a mediator in some cases and you're going to work in a bureaucracy now it doesn't mean that's a bad thing some people have had great careers that I know of them having done human resources but you just have to understand what you're getting yourself into and more on that will come later in the video so the good concentrations accounting pretty solid you do it often times it's a major where getting a masters on top of it is beneficial because of the state licensing requirements you take the CPA and you're going to be much better off you can either work for yourself or work for a firm at any rate it's still pretty valuable there is foreign competition but it's not insurmountable management information systems systems engineering computer science excellent everything is moving the digital direction you're going to make more money typically and you're going to be usually more useful if you concentrate in something like that and then Finance you know it can be hit or miss really the key with finance is either going to a top firm based on where you went to school and who you know or getting the certification CFP the CFA those sort of certifications are where you're going to start making the bigger money marketing / advertising that's a big hit Ernest okay if you're naturally good at it and you have a good portfolio rate you can do okay if you're going it to learn marketing you're going to have more limited options it's one of those things that typically works better for women to go into marketing or advertising but there are options out there it's just not going to be the the best of the majors to choose you have to think you're spending thousands of dollars on this education you probably want to learn something that you can't pick up easily by reading or on the Internet alright and accounting at least up from a license basis and the requirements it's hard to get that just out of a book so taking a look at what jobs you can actually do well if you are from a top school or you're from old money you could go to Goldman Sachs Google something like that based on connections or you fit a particular criteria but otherwise things that are going to be more realistic are like consulting companies Deloitte Accenture even Bain Capital in some cases that stuff where sometimes folks that go to flagship public school or even second-tier maybe they start out working for like the marketing the advisory board company to do marketing or other sorts of consulting and they move into something like Deloitte it's not terribly difficult work depending on what you're focused in but it can give you a good career and consulting is not going away whether it's for the government or the private sector there's always going to be an option there alternatively if you are one of the the CFP or the CPA type personality you can work for yourself you can work for a smaller firm doing loans or financial planning or investing but if you're going to do investing please to God be actually knowledgeable about if you'll be one of those whatever I'm paid to sponsor this terrible fund that's going to go down the drain you need to be someone who's concerned about your clients not just trying to collect a paycheck in addition if you like retail you can go into the training programs like big-box stores I knew if a guy he had gone to a second-tier party you majored in management he was kind of threat guy went to target as a manager five six years later he was making 75k I think that's before bonuses for him not terrible for someone who wasn't really extremely brilliant or intelligent he did all right so if you like working retail that's an option or you can work in the banks I mentioned another video M and T Wells Fargo they can train you customer service or management same applies in the insurance industry being a loss adjuster or even selling insurance some people are good at that not necessarily door to door but some people are good at that you can make pretty solid careers out of it if it's something that you can you feel like you can do and I really want to talk about this for a second the importance of having a job that you can tolerate people talk about loving your job well very few people love their job realistically there just aren't enough jobs you're going to love but you can tolerate it something that's not going to make you hate yourself every single day and that's the key point in college all right and before college even as I said you should run that small business but beyond that talk to people go to your local insurance agent he's probably advertising everywhere say can I buy you lunch can I talk with you for 20 minutes on the phone and ask you some questions or send you some email questions or shadow you a couple days figure out what it's about and see maybe I'd like to work here maybe I'd like to work in HR don't just assume what you pick as a major that's exactly what you're going to do and therefore you have to wait until for years to figure out what it's like no start early you're going to be much better off for it so the real point I want to make is business there are plenty of options there's a lot of ways to make it a career it's not gloom and Duo the system's rigged like some people like to say on youtube but you have to have a plan you have to say what do I want out of this and what am I going to shoot for ahead of time alright so that would be my my advice focus on those concentrations and just have an idea of what you want to do and don't just be a lolly Adil it'll will fall in place someday doesn't really work like that in most cases in the world if you have any questions about it please leave in the comments section below let me know other majors you want to see reviewed in the future and as always subscribe for more content

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  1. I truly enjoy organizing and planning events, schedules, etc. I pursued an associates degree in nursing, but I'm realizing that it's not my passion. Would business administration be a good major to pursue to get a job that involves those things?

  2. You usually get a business degree with the goal of taking a business over one day or starting one. I wanted to open a funeral home so I initially majored in entrepreneurship for that reason.

  3. A school I’m looking at offers Business Economics. Can anyone give me any info on it? Is it a good choice? I’m a junior in high school and new to this so anything helps 🙏🏻

  4. I’m currently a business Administration student in college and I’m really struggling with it. But idk what else I could possibly study in school so I’m so lost..

  5. I've always wanted to go to school for business since high school until later when everyone says they want it too. Your video made me rethink it but, I do want to own my own business. Thanks for the insight !

  6. What major would you recommend for those who want to be free to run their own business rather than work for someone's firm and still earn a lot of money?

  7. He's right about the family business part, but business is much like the trades. You start from the bottom and take every opportunity to work your way up. Business is like this: if I don't take it, someone else will. In other words: find what you like in the field and work as hard as you can until you're where you want to be.

  8. Insightful Video, I have completed a bachelor of business with a major in supply chain and logistics management and I live in Australia so Logistics is fairly important to us. What are your thoughts on this as a major in business?

  9. Very great, concise info. I started my own business after high school and continue to run it through college. My business classes are so boring because some of the stuff I already know and some of the rest of it is theory that I will probably not retain or use. The rest is useful, like the accounting, finance, and MIS classes that all business majors have to take. Luckily I'm not going into too much debt for my degree but I worry for those who pay too much.

  10. Heads up though…companies these days want a degree achieved. Saying to them you have a good knowledge base of ‘theory’ because you had a ‘baked goods’ business in high school. It’s still very beneficial to achieve at least a masters and also gain hands on work experience while attending school. I would say spend money on an education that will at least get you a foot in the door. Don’t focus so much on ‘aww I can learn this on my own through Google’. We can learn anything nowadays through Google! A degree is essentially a door opener not a gaureented position, with that said, any degree is a roll of the dice to a successful career. It’s all about the work put in behind the degree.

  11. What business major is worth pursuing to get good jobs is it general business, business management, business marketing , Management information systems, healthcare management, or other business?

  12. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video talking about Health Information Management (HIM) major. I have to decide if I should continue with my accounting degree at University of Minnesota online or change to HIM (also online) at University of Wisconsin- Parkside. I'm so frustrated because I can't decide and I would love to hear from u your opinion on the HIM major. Thank You and I absolutely love your videos. 😊

  13. Very informative can’t give any specifics but I would like to see a part that expands on many of the career fields you spoke of…. Great video

  14. Thank you for this video! A lot of great tips.. definitely going to try to have a plan, don't wanna go in blind. I was leaning towards a business administration with Human Resources but now I thinking of looking more into IT/accounting.. I definitely want something worthwhile with great training.

  15. Did you know that most CEOs of some of the most powerful companies (Royal Dutch Shell , Exxon Mobil) have engineering degrees? It seems they tend to come from a S.T.E.M background rather than a business major or degree.

  16. Thanks for the awesome quick breakdown about the business major. I am currently still put under pre-business major and still have time to choose my concentration this fall. I switched my major to business because I thought it would help me secure a job fast since I'm not a resident and need to get one faster. Particularly, most of my past experience that is my volunteer and job shadow program were in creative field specifically in photography. But i figured that most of them work as freelancer, i prefer a career when i'm finally going to graduate. Photography is not my only passion though, I do like observing digital media trend: movie, music, and tv primarily, and work out a solution for people. My sister advised me to do marketing but i think that marketing is more of a soft skill and i don't have enough portfolio beforehand. I'm pretty good with accounting but i don't plan to be in that field over the next decade or so. What advice would you give me in regard to the concentration i should choose? thank you

  17. the only business majors to go to school for are: accounting and IT. Finance and Economics are OK, but you won't be working as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. Avoid he banking industry and work in oil and gas or private firms.

    The best degrees are STEM, accounting/IT and Medical. Everything else is a waste of time

  18. Is an international business major good? I was originally thinking management but like you said you can learn that from a book – even if a diploma does look btter than describing yourself as a leader type of person. I have an interest in languages and also business so I think this may be suitable for me.

  19. Is it unrealistic to desire to have a major that makes me versatile enough to open more options of employment to myself?

    That was my goal with Admin/Management but it seems like it wont benefit me based on other opinions I found.

    I figured that after I graduated with general knowlege of the ins and outs of a Business, I would specialise with experience working at a firm.

    If it is realistic to desire to be versatile, how do you suggest I do it?

  20. What do you think about this program? It's $199 per credit hour it's the cheapest i found regionally accredited. A three credit hour course will have a tuition cost of $597, and the program requires completion of 128 credit hours. You can roughly figure the following tuition and fee expense the program.

    Tuition Fees
    $199 per credit hour x 128 credit hours $25,472 Total

    i know you mention you should get a BA for under 30 k

  21. i was originally a political science major but i have recently had second thoughts i no longer want to attend law school and you can/t just become a lobbyist i don't see a lot of promising careers with it. Can you make a video about legit affordable regionally accredited universities in the united states ? I'm debating either between business administration or Urban Planning ASU online offers it out of these majors which one do you think is the most promising i hate STEM fields can't do it so i've narrowed it down to these options.

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