36 thoughts on “Iran's foreign minister accuses US, Mideast of provoking conflict

  1. 4:37… he could not disprove anything of this… does IRAN start their violation of UN resolution only after US pulled out of nuclear agreement? NO. Then why does he bring it up, it does not justify their crimes… this guy is most illogical person ive seen lately

  2. He answered only first question, rest of his answers were totaly unrelated to questions or totaly irational… Also he didnt disproved any of Trumps accusations, instead accused USA in same crimes!

  3. On the comments I see people saying how good Zarif was.They should search a bit more about this man… Sad

  4. Thank you Fox for keeping comunication and understanding of both sides of the argument open. This will do more toward creating peace.

  5. 2 mahe digar to ra dar ghafs gozashte hamanandeh yek May moon baraye khande beh meydane Sepah khahan bord.hala ham kheyli Zoor nazan.

  6. Ok somebody needs to just say it. All the problems in the middle east have always been because of the zionists push for the “Greater Israel” and world domination, with the Jewnited States as the assassins.

  7. We the iranian people and american people and israel people are followers of peace and allied .we aren't war wanters

  8. wake up ppl. Iran acts like their so innocent. man has been killing each other for thousands and thousands of yrs. and it will continue for another thousand. they don't want us to attack because they are not ready yet. they want to be able to take out Israel with one nuke. this guy is a lying douce bag.

  9. American people must face their leaders before it's too late… nuclear war won't take long to do what it does to us… and remember no place to run!!!!

  10. Iran please call 411 to confirm.. Russia isn't going to save your butt.
    Putin says he can't save everyone

  11. I agree: never trust the signature of a president of the United States of America. Also, never trust the signature of a leader of "The State of Israel".

  12. What the hell you talking about, border respect ask Israel. Killing solders ask US in Libya, Iraq and Syria. This guy called President is a joke

  13. What’s the point of war even if u win u will still have to fix your country and that takes a lot of money so I would do this peacefully

  14. They shouldn’t be allowed to test ballistic missiles of any kind. The “moderates” and the hard-liners in Iran are both volatile with a deep hatred of Israel and the U.S. The country is still overwhelmingly controlled by radical Islamic ideology.

    Iran didnt respect the treaty is why Trump left……

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