30 thoughts on “Iran says new sanctions permanently "end" chance for diplomacy

  1. Overwhelming means obliteration in some places…. This president knows how to talk to these kinds of people…

  2. Leave the people on both sides from war .set up a ring. And put trump and that leader in a boxing ring and fight it out them selfs their ones that dont get along .same thing for all leaders .the little guy is getting tired of being in a army to go fight cause these leaders mouth off to each other and we got to pay for lives. When war is applied let the leaders fight them selfs only the leaders in a ring .fucken cowards dont understand what its like fighting a war that you dident cause .why cause leaders. Are the ones who start lipping off. Fight your own hate that you produce your self

  3. WERE they actually willing to negotiate before firing at the drone? If so WHY did they fire at it in the first place?

  4. What i have to say is… in the Christian Bible it says "Who [is it that] should God be like?" I think that this comes from people lying and being ungodly [not evil, but unholy] trying to assimilate God/YAHWEH/EL and I believe that the Holy Spirit is having vengeance with Iran and with the rest of the world, with Russia and with China even.

  5. What sovereign nation would make diplomatic exchange under hostile pressure? USA Soy Boys at it trying to fight the Persians. The Persians are defending themselves from Saudi, Israel, and other Arab nations. I'm not a fan of Mr. Khamenei but he tells the truth no one can negotiate a fair deal with the USA. Regarding the JCPOA, the USA leave the agreement unilaterally and make sanctions against the Iranian people even though that Iran abide by the nuclear disarmament program and this is verified by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

  6. Why isn't the option of ignoring each other at the table? Like, live and let live…no need to make negotiations.

  7. Democrats are wishing for war to see Trump fail and hurt his political chances in 2020. Arent they so peaceful, and accepting, tolerant that they would rather see people die just to hurt Trump

  8. They don't want their families separated tell them to keep their happy back sides and their own country problem solved next

  9. Trump talking tough at the expense of the security of Americans and our military in the region! 10 minutes away from another war over a freaking drone!

    How did he not know the casualty number (Iranian and American) as soon as the plan was briefed to him??? That’s the first question you ask!!! 2nd question is what is the target!!! 3rd question is how will Iran respond!!!

  10. No wonder no one believes or cares about MSM, it’s like a bunch of children looking for a chance to take little digs at the President at every turn. Meanwhile solving absolutely nothing nor adding any value to the topics at hand. What a shame CBS News. Even if you don’t agree with someone or their policy have some professionalism and leave the kindergarten punches on the play ground. 👊🤦‍♂️

  11. Of course the Iranian leaders are upset! Obama made a deal, with a country who has despised the U.S for at least 40 years! Like a doormat, Obama forked over almost 6 billion dollars in cash, and did away with 100 billion in sanctions!!! Of course they are upset…..No more handouts!

  12. All bark and no bite. When has trump ever told the truth? He is hooked on attention and stuck on stupid.

    But our military is deffinately not. They will never attack Iran. Trump needs to eat crows and try to get back into the Iran contract.

    He become a serious security risk .

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