iPhone Telephone Numbers Format Incorrect after IOS Update Fix

iPhone Telephone Numbers Format Incorrect after IOS Update Fix

Hello everybody it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel I’m here to save you time and money and today, you’ve just done an
iPhone iOS update and it’s probably iOS 13 Now you’re probably here because
you’ve got spaces in your telephone numbers now there’s 3 different ways
you can try and fix this, the first one you can try is on another video that
I’ve got, there’s a link above now about how to do that,
the second option that you can try if you’re still having problems is you can
just try removing the SIM card and inserting the SIM card and again there’s
a link above now about how to do that, and the third option which you can try
I’ll show you now. Okay I’m on my iPhone here and if I go and make a phone call
and select my main contact you can see here that it’s got spaces in all the
numbers and when I try and dial the number
it just doesn’t understand and won’t even call it so I’ll go into [Settings]
scroll down click on [General] scroll down again and click on [Language and Region]
now at the moment mine is set to English (UK) so what you want to be doing is setting it
to another region which is very similar to yours so I’m going to set it to
[English US] then click on [Done] and it will take a few seconds to say
‘Setting Language’ and then it will come back and it’s now set to ‘English US’, now
what you do is you immediately change it back to what you had before, wherever you are and it sets the language again so I’m now back to where I was ‘English UK’. Now go back to make your phone call look in your contacts go to contacts and
there you go you can see that the number is the correct format and for the
purposes of this video I’m now going to call my wife and tell her that I love
her. If you would like more How-To’s on how to save you time and money
then please press the subscribe button down here I really do appreciate you
visiting my channel everyone, if you’d like to select any other videos around
here that’d be really cool and be sure to hit that Bell notification tab.

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