31 thoughts on “Introducing Qsuite – Qatar Airways New Business Class

  1. I CAN'T WAIT TO FLY TH- just kidding there's probably gonna be an aircraft change anyway. Emirates FTW

  2. I flew from Doha to Kuala Lumpur last night on business class. I traveled to Doha annually and this was the 1st time I got the Qsuite. I was flabergastered. Its a whole new experience. No wonder Qatar Airways(QA) has been voted the best airline in 2018. Keep it up QA.

  3. I appreciate the airline's origin (and the value of culture) but if the video is intended to appeal to an international audience, the passengers should reflect the target group.

    That aside, Qatar Airways offers an spectacular service. I've only tried their economy cabin and it's the only airline on which I remember economy travel with pleasure.

  4. Wow! Thats amazing! My first international flight was with Qatar Airways in economy but I have my own bed coz I was a baby at that time! 😂

  5. I recently experienced the Q-Suite and it was exceptional!! The crew were fantastic and so friendly and the food was delicious. The cabin is such good quality with comfortable seats and a great amount of privacy. Can’t wait to use them again this summer, Qatar is changing the game!!

  6. I have been flying QR business class for five years long haul, and have always considered them the best. But man , the qsuites product is an improvement on perfection! This compares favourably with first class offerings on most other airlines. Of course this would not happen with their absolutely impeccable service standards and their magnificent staff. Kudos! I recently flew Jakarta to JFK via Doha, with Doha – JFK – Doha in qsuites. Magnificent!

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