Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Update For October 12, 2019

Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Update For October 12, 2019

The story of the first confirmed interstellar
comet, comet C/2019 Q4, or now designated 2I/Borisov, continues to develop. Unlike Oumuamua which was caught on its way
out of the solar system leaving not much time for study, Borisov is on its way in and the
observations are well under way already, with more planned for it’s closest pass to the
sun on december 8, where it will pass between the asteroid belt and Mars. The first paper that’s come to light recently
is an observation of the surface chemical composition of the object. Done by scientists at the Gran Telescopio
Canarias in mid-september, links to all mentioned papers below, a low-resolution preliminary
spectrum of the comet was obtained. This showed that the object was surprisingly
similar in surface composition to solar system comets. As more detailed spectra are taken, we’ll
get a more detailed description of the surface chemistry of the comet. But, at first glance, it looks more or less
like something you’d find in the outer solar system. And it’s also been determined that the object
is similar in age, coming in at about 4.6 billion years old, perhaps only a little older
than our star system. The similarities were bolstered In another
paper by Alan Fitzsimmons and colleagues, where they detailed the detection of cyanide
gas coming off of the comet, which is not unusual for regular solar system comets. In fact Halley’s comet exhibited it. All of this suggests that the process for
forming comets is likely to be very similar in star systems across the galaxy. This is not surprising, natural processes
generally can be expected to happen in a similar way all over the universe, but there’s probably
still room for surprises regarding the composition of this object. The other development is more tentative, but
still interesting. Borisov’s trajectory is not perfectly zeroed
in yet, and there may be minor changes to that as it’s studied more in depth, and
that could change this part of the story. But there is now a tentative candidate system
for the origin of the object. This is usually very iffy stuff, it’s basically
working the object’s trajectory backwards is like trying to reconstruct a game of pool,
at some point it becomes impossible. But in this case, the researchers,link to
the paper below, seem to have compelling evidence that the object did not merely pass through
that system, but rather originated from that star system Known as Kruger 60, the star system in question
is a binary system and it lies just over 13 light-years from earth. The system consists of a pair of red dwarfs,
a situation which could certainly kick material out of the system. Oddly, if Borisov did come to us from that
star system, it’s not the only thing that’s coming our way from it. The star system itself is expected to have
a close encounter with the sun in about 88 million years where they will pass just under
two parsecs from us. If humans are still around and had continued
to advance, it’s easy to imagine that we’ll be that far out in space exploration by that
time and may well visit, or even colonize Kruger 60. As far as Borisov, we should get an unprecedented
detailed look at this object, and it seems like the scientific community will try to
make the most of it. For example Hubble Space Telescope imaging
of the object begins on October 8 when it moves out of the sun’s glare enough for
the HST to observe it safely. This should give both detailed views of the
comet, but also allow scientists to constrain the size and shape of the comet, as well as
details on the evolution of the outgassing as the comet passes its closest point. After that, the object should be observable
until about September of 2020. Unfortunately, even though Borisov was discovered
by an amateur astronomer, it will likely never get bright enough to be observable with the
naked eye, but should be visible in at least larger amateur telescopes,and many of those
folks will likely be photographing the object. But it does bolster the idea that we are bombarded
by interstellar objects regularly, and we only just now have the equipment to discover
them. But the study of these objects will open up
a new window into the milky way and it’s star systems, even to the point of visiting
these representatives of them as newer more powerful rockets come online. Imagine being the first person to set foot
on an object from another star system. Thanks for listening! I am futurist and science fiction author John
Michael Godier currently informing the listenership that I will not be the first person setting
foot on an interstellar object. I’m needed here on earth for such things
as helping making sure the world’s coffee supply doesn’t get out of hand, along with
management of the granola bar population and thinning the pastry herd. And then there’s my involvement with the
utterly fruitless attempt at spray can nacho cheese eradication. It truly is a labor of love and be sure to
check out my books at your favorite online book retailers and subscribe to my channels
for regular, in-depth explorations into the interesting, weird and unknown aspects of
this amazing universe in which we live.

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  9. Considering the preliminary observations of it’s composition and age, once again, couldn’t this just be an Oort cloud object that was disturbed, and sent toward the inner solar system?

  10. An interstellar comet doesn't feel right. Consider this. Our own solar comets lose mass as they near the sun. They may pick some back up on their apogee, but not enough to rebuild the loss by the passage. Consider Halley's Comet. A site from Vanderbilt calculates that a comet the size of Halley's can last about 95 orbits or roughly 7,220 years.

    Granted an interstellar comet isn't getting heated by the Sun or any star it passes. However, the solar system is a veritable Garden of Eden compared to the interstellar medium. I find it hard to grasp that such an object could survive the interstellar medium without being eroded long before it got to us.

    Omuamua is different, it's a solid chunk of rock and doesn't outgas or shed mass like a comet does.

    Perhaps another explanation of the orbit is that it got a gravity boost by a KBO or Oort Cloud object that increased its velocity to seem that it is from another system. We do it all the time with our own probes.

    I'm not saying they are wrong, only that it doesn't feel right.

  11. If we start detecting interstellar objects like this on a regular basis, what does that mean for interstellar travel in the future? One or two objects every few decades is no big deal, but one every year or so means interstellar space is full of debris.

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