100 thoughts on “Internet melts down over Pelosi photo

  1. Pelosi is a hero with her finger. wasn't the same for the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer with Obama. hypocrisy.

  2. so many kids on here today. how do i know that they are kids? their stupid responses give them away. no facts, all delusion.

  3. Everyone in America knows she's an evil petulant infant that throws herself on the floor and scissor kicks the ground when ever she is told no ! 💩🤡 News network KAG ♥️🇺🇸👌

  4. Pelosi has unknowingly put herself into a position where she can now be sued by Trump and this is going to turn out very bad, Trump has actually tricked her.

  5. Please…she cant even keep her teeth in her mouth..isnt she the one that said…"Trump will never be president and you can take it to the bank.." ??? Well Trump will be president again with your banking…😂

  6. No 1 told pelosi when she points a finger there are 3 pointing right back at her.
    I'd take her finger in my face over stinky butt fingers Lemon. Fredo u suck. Potus thanks for exposing Baltimore, California et al. Thanks for exposing the Biden family also. Great rally in Texas last night. Hillary accuses Gabbard of being a Russian asset. Hillary is 1 to talk. No one has forgotten your 145 million dollar sale of our uranium to the Russians you hypocrite. Killary colluded with Russia, the FBI, CIA, Obama and many others to win the election and she still lost. Hardy haha, ha! Karma baby, enjoy it like we do seeing her hubby in her blue dress and red high heels, awe you sickos.

  7. Nancy P is a BEAST!!! LOVE her. She's the only one that he fears. I'm wishing for the pumpkin colored troll and his homophobic VP get impeached and removed. That badass bitch needs to take over.

  8. 52 percent of Americans support Trumps impeachment but unfortunately the Republican Senate are afraid of him and the massive support he has among his base. Its utterly sad that we have to drag along these morons that are only concerned about their gas prices and the economy and dont care about how this Presidency affects the rest of the world.

  9. No one's looking at her cause they don't take her serious and the ones that are are worried she's gonna fall over drunk.. still have my vote Mr. President

  10. Crazy Nancy becomes unhinged and leaves another meeting? Say it isn’t so. Yet Dems stayed and continued on….chuck chased after her like a good little boy lol

  11. we are way past impeachment, this is criminal and treasonous that all roads do lead to Putin…time to start building ti Gallows andIi will bring the wood… and the military generals that have been disrespected when you give the orders to defend the constitution..

  12. Trump only talks about money. Not about lives or honor or security or international affairs. He's the most disgusting president in the history of the USA

  13. Seeing Trump's hair on fire made me spit my covfefe everywhere! Aqua Net hair spray is highly combustible. The quintessential mysoginist doesn't like strong women, who don't kiss his fat, orange ass.😂

  14. That was a fake and premeditated. Action of this old drank bitch. They were a lot of people I including 4 honored and respected generals. Who will believe those corrupted make up actors in frame?…. only retarded stupids globalist-communist hypocrites.

  15. Those who look will see. Americans are being divided everyday and it seems no one is ready to tackle this deadly division. Divide and conquer.

  16. There are trade deals unsigned by Congress that would make everyday Americans lives more prosperous. Nancy wants political theater and to destroy Trump,even if it means that the nation suffers. I will remember that shit,when I dont go to the polls. BITCH!!!!

  17. So Silly. You liberals are so easily entertained! Pelosi is hated even among democrats. Just because you hate someone doesn't mean they're Russian.

  18. Clearly Pelosi is the boss and dominate figure in DC. Trump has his tail between his legs.. along with his colleagues… 😂 lmao

  19. Pelosi whopping Satan like the climate change she melt him down they called her third grade hell from I hear that third grade is on that ass lol Trump

  20. This lady is embarrassment to government. She should step down as speaker because she is ineffective. President Trump runs circles around her

  21. This ugly old bitch looks exactly like a motherfuker witch. Give her a motherfuking broom and watch her fly to the motherfuking moon. Wrinkly old cackling hoe. Democrats can't stand it when a republican stands up. Nice thing is, most of America absolutely loves him. His rallies are amazing! Any of you morons ever see a dumbocrat rally? As boring as it gets

  22. That ugly old b** is slowing a lot of progress in the world. Trump has already made America great again. We want to keep going, become even greater. No ugly old b** like that it's going to slow us down. She may try, but we try harder. We push through and get it done. Truck Nation, biatches

  23. Lol and Trump and republicans tried to spin this as Pelosi having a meltdown. This is the most epic photo of all time. Pelosi is about to have higher approval ratings than the president for the first time ever.

  24. I'll tell you what this picture is it shows her getting up and leaving ten steps away from being out the door another fucking 20 steps Auto parking Washington she's a stupid cont

  25. Nancy do America a favor and get on with the removal of this crazy unstable genius. Do it while you still can cause he's going to try and take over all our democratic institutions. Hurry!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Nasty Nancy will be remembered in history as a tool of the corrupt Washington swamp. CNN will always be remembered as fake news, Cuomo will always be Fredo! Biden as a crook, Hillary as a crook Shift as a liar, Nadler as the fool who changed the committee rules to attack the office of president and Don lemon as an Oreo! And the squad! Let’s hope they are not remembered at all ! What a mess the democrats have become!

  27. A powerful woman putting a serial sexual assailant in his place in a room full of otherwise only men is perhaps the finest moment in this presidency.

  28. Nancy preferred to throw a tantrum at two meeting and leave.
    instead of staying and discussing how the Kurds can be saved.
    I hope she feels good now.

  29. Someone put lightning on Pelosis tantrum. Doesn’t change the fact that they stood up, yelled like fishwives and then took their ball home.

  30. Nancy Pelosi is the only ones with the BALLS to stand up to Criminal Snowflake Trump!!! Not even then cowards men with him WILL NOT STAND UP TO CRIMINAL TRUMP!!!

  31. Only someone having a meltdown could never admit to having a meltdown when they are caught on camera having a meltdown and witnesses testifying they heard her shouting at the President and acting like a bully and walking out with a temper tantrum and once outside with reporters, all there by previous arrangement, saying Trump had the meltdown. Sure Natzi Palsi. Like all the other times you had a meltdown. The last time you were on video for all to see your meltdown. You denied that then as well and then say Trump lies. What a lying sack of shit Natzi Palsy is. But maybe it's her dimentia. Maybe she doesn't remember what just happened 2 minutes ago. After all she can't remember the name of the current President. She called him Bush one time. Her feeble mind srits in and out or reality constantly. Classic dimentia.

  32. President Pelosi?💡 It may actually happen! 😳

    Now that Pence has revealed himself to be even more intimately involved in this Ukraine extortion scandal (Pence was one of the guys who literally traveled to Ukraine, a trip he now claims he knew nothing about – yeah right, I’m sure the VP goes on random, unknown trips all the time).

    After the President and VP are both removed from office, the Speaker of the House is the next President according to the Constitution.

    And guess what position Nancy Pelosi happens to currently be holding???😃

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