Intelligence Cmte.: Each And Every Impeachment Witness ‘Brings New Insights’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Intelligence Cmte.: Each And Every Impeachment Witness ‘Brings New Insights’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Intelligence Cmte.: Each And Every Impeachment Witness ‘Brings New Insights’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Why the secrecy in the hearings? As Rachel pointed out a bit earlier this week, Barr refuses to investigate ("There''s nothing to see here", he seems to say), so the House has to do so and is keeping everything quiet not only to protect the witnesses but to keep those who may be accused from getting advance notice of what they may be facing. No guessing, they must wait for actual charges. The House is acting as the grand jury that Barr stupidly refused to convene because it might harm his client — Trump. Barr doesn't care about those paying his salary (citizens of the USA) (Trump isn't paying as he's too smart to pay taxes…), it's all Trump's desires Barr wishes to protect. If Republicans want to complain, then they must direct their ire at… Barr.

  2. I wonder what the internal calculations of republicans are at this point, regarding truth, honor and integrity.
    Seems sticking with a false story and not flipping is most important.

  3. He knows that he is in deep trouble good he told true but Trump made him take back out of fear wow see how nurvise he was

  4. If the Ukraine phone call had any quid pro quo in it, why isn't the House impeaching President Trump? Instead, Pelosi, and the other do-nothing Dems, are trying to concoct another impeachable act.


  6. Let the people decide "THE WAY IT WORKS"—- pass the "Citizens' EQUALITY ACT" and put our voice BACK INTO THE AMERICAN POLITICAL EQUATION !




  9. saw a clip of Schiff walking out of a meeting with a witness…he said.."…if the info we just got bears out, then we have gone from very bad to much much worse"…..think about that

  10. If Trump said, "The sky is blue," then denied it, his cult would swear that those calling him out for lying were trying to persecute him. That cult would include the GOP Senate, much of whom has been bought off by Russian money, right Moscow?

  11. Hi Lawrence.👋☺.
    Exceptional reporting, Lawrence.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Lawrence.👍.
    👉👉Proceed democrats, proceed.👍☺.

  12. I urge the #G7 to boycott the Doral meeting until the next US president. Other countries should stop accommodating Humpty Trumpty.

  13. this, administration lied to US so many times that, they are all, no rep-sally's, in actuality they need to be under oath of penalty of prosecution to address the public .

  14. you jellyfish dem's and Rep, need to grow a spin and impeach this gang of crooks,Trump,Pence and the three amigos!then let NY federal cort put cuffs on all of them!🤯🤔😵😫💨💩

  15. The republican senate is still going to LOSE their seats in the white house in refusing to stop trump . Street talk is the republican party is stone cold corrupt and their republican party is dead to the sixty three per-cent of voters

  16. in the hands of the American trump back to strength after weak in the hands of Obama. Christianity in America is getting stronger too

    This is just a way for democrats to drop trumps by creating opinions

    Love u Trump …from indonesia

  17. That is the normal modus operandi for the uber rich, to constantly be on the search for enriching themselves. What do you expect when you elect some to the highest public service office with no credential or experience other than that. The problem is that until we see sufficient electoral reform to eliminate the money factor from election campaigning, mainly the rich will be able to afford to run for office. Trump just highlights the longstanding problem with his grotesque and egregious abuses.

  18. In the word of God Old and New Testament God only chose righteous men. It won't be the Democrats are the American people are Republicans that will bring Donald Trump down. It will be the prayers of all those who are being slaughtered either on our own soil at the border are in the Ukraine's or wherever people suffer under the hand I've Donald Trump. God hears the prayers of the trident the lowly and the hurting. Yes Donald Trump there is a God and he sees everything that you have torn down every human life that has been lost because of you. No you're not fighting against men.

  19. Once the house is prepared they must take this impeachment inquiry to the vote and begin holding open hearings to bring the American voters into the realities of the crimes before moving to the impeachment vote

  20. And then he said "Get over it!" So we know this is not going to change until that entire Mafia gets out of the White House…by now it should be called something else…

  21. What the heck ? The criminals confess before the charge and the trial. This is confusing. Neal K is absolutely correct.

  22. So what you all goin to do about it.. As usual nothing!. Trump ask russia. Its not the first time. It will not be the last. Trump is the tenant, that no home owner want to have. Thay are afraid to evict him.

  23. Trump wanted more transparency, you cant get more transparent than Mulvaney's comments, We can see right that bullcrap. #getoverit

  24. Truimp never asked Ukraine President to do what he's being accused of but who would be if they knew the conversation was being monitored. even Donald is dumb enough to do so but lastly, who would speak like Donald did in that conversation. Who would call up somebody who they're providing fanancial aid to in assisting in their defense and who is the main contributor when it comes to the income that they're receiving for their defense.

  25. Emperor Trump got this idea while he was et the last G7 meeting and he just does what he wants. This is a blatant emoluments violation. Impeachable act DeJour.

  26. Trump is, in various different ways, daring the Reoublikkkan Party to convict him in the Senate once the House of Representatives passes the impeachment articles, which it will. He is gambling but he would not gamble like this unless he was fairly sure of the outcome. Since the GOP Senators are his creatures he knows that his plumbing of the depths of his egregious behaviour, however profound, will not lead to his conviction. He had decided not to try to hide, which is a show of weakness, but to brazen it out and he will undoubtedly succeed with this strategy.

  27. trump put Mickey up to it… to push up the impeachment vote… before all of trump's more serious crimes are uncovered, and removal from office is a certainty.

  28. Follow the additional unexpected $140 payment to the Ukraine. I'm certain a portion of it went to an offshore account on behalf of the Trump adm.

  29. Just seen this on mbsn
    Trumps previous lawyer who knows Guiliani says Guiliani kept a book containing all Trumps activities with him…

  30. Great point its not a shadow foreign policy! That would require a thought out plan for how the country could benefit from changes in international relationships. This is just CORRUPTION in the manner of a banana republic. Apparently this is how 39% of U.S. Citizens believe we will make American great again.

  31. 52  years  old  and  still  relevant  for  Mr.  Mulvaney :   the  song  by  Ms.  Sandy  Posey :  I'll  take  it  back –  I  didn't  mean  it  –  Please  forget  the  things  I've  said.   54  years  old  and  still  relevant  for  Mr.  Trump  and  his  assistant  Mr. Cohen :  the  Castaways  song :  Liar ,  Liar.   50  years  old  and  still  relevant  for  any  voter  believing  what  Trump  tells  him :  Roy  Drusky's  song :  Such  a  Fool.

  32. We don't have a working president, instead an orange bozo who has been scheming favors to prop up his businesses everywhere. A dozen of his associates have been jailed, many will follow, eventually so will the twitter-in-chief himself. Someone should tally actual productive hours and work done that benefited the citizen of this country; compared to our past presidents.

  33. OK, they have the high crime, now they need the misdemeanor. Get Missy to visit the White House and we're in business!

  34. Murkowski will again side with Party. She has no loyalty to the Law, Constitution or People she represents. We have seen this from her before.

  35. .If you are predicting President Pig Face will win in 2020 you better notify the Board of Health and the CDC (Center for Disease Control). On second though you should also notify the Board of Health in the state that houses the Trump Dorral Golf club before they host the G7 Summit. They had a very serious bed beg infestation at that club in which people were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. (Google it and /or Snopes to verify). Where did this infestation start?? No one knows for sure but I suspect at Trumps home Hence the orange cast to his skin applied as pancake makeup to cover the trails(sores) left by the bugs under the skin. Stay at any of his resorts at your own risk I say but that orange cast to his skin is a dead give away to me.

  36. They made such a big deal about the Mueller report finding. Cohen went to jail for his part he played in a criminal acts …what about his partner? NOTHING happened. Now again, all this information about trump & he's still Americas #1 Enemy squatting in the white house.

  37. I would love to see the Republican Representatives introduce an impeachment article of their own – perhaps based on actions in Syria.

  38. At some point in our future you hateful Democratic idiots are going to get the broken America that you want. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you figure out that you've destroyed yourself and your family too..

  39. If Trump is a Stable Genius
    then Harpo Marx should have been made POTUS
    after his ride in A Day at the Races (1937)

  40. It's gonna be hilarious when traitor trump finally realizes that the only way to avoid further disgrace, removal and jail is to blow his one brain cell out

  41. Trump is an evil gangster and has ruined the reputation of the USA all around the world. We must get him out of the Whitehouse and into a Federal prison cell where he belongs!

  42. Secret proceedings, and secret oaths, and not a single crime by the President has been brought forth…bring a vote to the house floor or shut up. The American people are going to send these vile Dems a message that will reverberate for decades…2020 is going to be the coup de gras for the democrats.. they are DEAD…

  43. The interesting part is, they don't even need the whistleblower any more.
    And that is exactly how the Whistleblower Legislation is supposed to work.

  44. I know I will be so relieved after this Impeachment is over. It's very disturbing overall and I will be hosting a party the evening it comes to a end for sure. I know for a fact being young that I never bothered watching Bill Clinton's Impeachment at all but this Impeachment be has be glued to everything. The fighting between the parties is rediculous as well. I am republican myself but not a trump supporter. I am supporting Bill Weld who is in turn supporting the Dems and wants Trump charged with Treason as well. Trump deserves to go down as the worst Criminal president of all time .

  45. The GOP is a gutless group of wusses who don't have the balls to do what is right. Lying has led to committing criminal acts. Vote to break the cycle.

  46. Let me 'splain this, Lucy. An "Impeachment Bill" is brought before the House, is voted on, and if passed is sent to the Senate where it is treated as a trial, with the Senate as the jury. The current INQUIRY is a theatrical WITCH HUNT, fomented by Great Granny Nancy and led by Lil' Adam Schiff. No Bill, no Trial. Lil' Adam's Intel Committee can hold all meetings in secret. Lil' Adam may leak what he will and hide what he will. The President has no legal re-course, as long as Great Granny Nanny allows no votable BILL. SHOW TRIAL.
    Which is why I can only beg for Auntie Maxine or Al Green to bring a Bill of Impeachment. Please. Cry havoc. And let slip the dogs of war. Let Trey Gowdy, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow call witnesses. Let them cross examine Quid Pro Joe and his boy Horn Dog Biden. Bring Comey, Clapper and Brennan to the witness stand and swear them in. Let all of their testimony be in open court. Let them speak truly, lie or Take The Fifth. Better yet, let the Bronx Bombshell bring the Bill of Impeachment. Nanny will stroke out. What Joy.

  47. I'll give you money if you give me what I want, and if you give me money I'll give you what you need! Hey, it's just good business! Congress knows all about that! The lawmakers have rigged the system to get legal bribes! Foreign countries? Just give the money to go betweens like the NRA or some made up company! Trump just sells them an apartment for five times what it's worth! Simple! Russia and Saudi Arabia jumped on that bandwagon!

  48. So we know without any doubt that Trump and his. Minions are guilty they have confessed and removed all doubt now let's talk about Trump insisting over and over and over again that we should let PUTIN back in the G7 after withholding aide to Crimea the very country that Putin invaded to get kicked out of the G8 in the first place What would you all call that little move . how bout calling it what it is … TREASON,

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