44 thoughts on “Install and use a drywall anchor

  1. After about installing about 6 curtain rods. Today i finally did it the correct way kinda one was to close. But i was so proud of myself. Thank you

  2. Yes! I love women teaching me stuff!! A woman on YouTube is how I learned how to change a tire! This was helpful. Thanks! YouTube is great.

  3. When you drilled into the wall, were you drilling with the screw at the tip of the drill? This point was not clarified. Also, what did you put into the wall before putting the screws in? Unclear video for a clueless person like me.

  4. Thank you for this video!! I got a ruler personalized for my daughter. And I've had it for 2 years and never put it up. Now I can. Yay thank you so much!!

  5. Well, using a drywall anchor is probably a very elementary thing but no-one ever explains it and I have been completely intimidated from doing so many things because I didn't know how it was done, and am so grateful for your video explaining it in such basic and clear terms! I actually feel kind of relieved, I can definitely go places after this.

  6. For those who wonder what drill size you need for your screw size here it is:
    Screw #6-8 x 1" requires drill size 3/16"
    Screw #8-10 x 1-3/16" requires drill size 7/32"
    Screw #10-12 x 1-9/16" requires drill size 5/16"

    *Screws are usually categorized by numbers or sizes as seen above and your drill size can be seen engraved on it, and of course the bigger the screw the heavier the load it will support.

  7. Use an awe instead of a screw and drill. This way you can control the hole size and use a level when making your holes

  8. quick dumb question i did it step by step was able to get one drywall anchor in the wall no problem but when i try to continue to hammer another one in it was like it tore it apart i kept tryn needless to say i went threw six of em before giving up where did i go wrong? do i need to get different ones? was using the ones that came with the curtain i bought at the dollar store

  9. Thanks for showing me how to do this. Iโ€™m only 13 and now I can show my mom how to put in the drywall anchors.

  10. You can also learn how to Buy It Use It Break It Fix It Trash It Change It Melt Upgrade It here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8K90hX4PrE

  11. Thank you so much for this video! Just put up some small shelves and didnโ€™t know how to use drywall anchors until I searched this ๐Ÿ’•

  12. See my issue is with 75lb drywall anchors u either end up drillibg to big a hole or you strip the anchor because the whole is to tight

  13. I have a really hard time getting the anchor inside the wall!! And it seems like it shouldn't be too hard looking at this video.

    Any tips? I managed to get a third of it in the wall, but the rest just won't go in! I used a 3mm drill bit to drill the hole, and I am trying to push in an anchor that fits a 3mm screw. It just seems like the anchor is too big for it!

  14. Do you have a suggestion when you overdrill (over size) a drywall hole for a small plastic anchor? I usually switch to a larger plastic sleeve, but I can't always do that because of larger screws don't look right on the fixture.

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