INSTAGRAM EXPLORE PAGE UPDATES & Hashtags Secret [July 2018]

INSTAGRAM EXPLORE PAGE UPDATES & Hashtags Secret [July 2018]

hey guys is Mike here welcome back to
this channel so today is an another Instagram video so I just want to talk
about the new Instagram explore page it’s actually added different channels to the
explore page so that is what they say as topical channels so basically it’s now every single
post has a specific category and what is interesting about this is in the explore
page there’s nothing much changes in terms of the UI it’s actually the same
the only thing that’s add-on is at the top that has a category right now so the
first category is for you which is for you and that’s basically tailor based on
your activities based on your engagement with the other posts based on who you’re
following the rest of the different categories that are showing you it’s actually
based on your interest as well or maybe the percentage of how many posts that you’re
engaging with for example to me art photography nature traveling
architecture are like the most interactive you know categories I am in so they’re
showing me first before the rest like comedy music lifestyle I mean like when
I’m logging in my personal profile is actually give me a different category so
the categories things are very personable is basically customly tailor
for everyone and so here is a little reminder if you really wanted to rank in
explore page keep in mind that everyone’s explore page is totally different
it’s totally custom-made and unique so you don’t have to be over fuzzy about
that why you’re explore and the other one is totally different so the next
thing I’m going to talk about is that what exactly these changes of explore page
could actually affected your post performance it actually show up the
related hashtag in each of the explore section in each of the topical
channels about I think eight to ten of them I didn’t really count it so you
probably can do it for me each of this category is actually showing you all
the related hashtags so it means the hashtag are super important to decide whether
you can rank in the explore page for that category or not I would say hashtag is
more like the smaller category and now you have to lead to the bigger one way to
compound everything together in one big theme and that is the explore topical
channels in the past you probably think I can use any hashtag trying to rank
but probably now you need to be a little concerned because it’s a little bit
tricky that Instagram is using this way to detect and actually decide whether
they will actually showing up in that category but you know using the right
hashtag you may actually follow the right people like I do in the past now
hashtag strategy just getting a lot tougher but if you really do some
research on that it wouldn’t be that tough as long as that you actually
understand why the hashtag why this hashtag belong to that category belong
to the channel not belong to the others or maybe this hashtag belong to
more than one category but another hidden feature you probably don’t know is
called you know well don’t show this for hashtag well I actually write it down
because for some reason I’m brain freeze easily
this feature is hidden down in each of the post when you scroll down in a hashtag
basically when I scroll down the hashtag feed either in recent on top feed but
there’s one photo that just doesn’t feed to the environment so what you can do
right now to help Instagram to decide better for their algorithm in the future
is the tap on the three dots and then there is an option for you to select
don’t show this for this hashtag something like this so basically you’re
helping Instagram to actually getting better in terms of detecting the images
and the posts to actually decide whether they will show this post in a specific
hashtag or not obviously they’re not going to you know wipe off completely
from that post instantly right you after like reporting them but it actually
triggers it actually gives a signal to Instagram
algorithm you know this image doesn’t tell me (anything related to the hashtag)
a few weeks ago they’re actually kind of testing something like you know when you
post it for example like a New York City skyscrapers or skyline they actually
know that is New York City so they will auto detecting whether this image
belongs to which location and what hashtag they’re doing something like you
know like Google basically drop an image and then like they show the
similar images maybe in the future that is what we got so now everything is in
category and in category we have little little hashtags and all these
related hashtags more related hashtags but how to actually have a better
Instagram experience you as an user I mean we as an user we human actually
gonna help the algorithm to do better so I don’t think algorithm is gonna outsmart
us so what do you guys think about the new explore page the hashtag thing that I
mentioned do you actually know throw a comment down below I will check you
guys out in the next video I’m gonna talk about how to rank on Instagram
hashtag pages so this is like a follow up from this video so if you want to see
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this out and I’ll be really grateful if you follow my Instagram as well
so I will see you guys in the next one peace out goodbye

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  1. Its cool but for some reason the humor category disappeared and now all I see in every category is just nature and I never pressed on a nature acc before.

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