5 thoughts on “InsideClimate News: Celebrating 10 Years of Watchdog Environmental Journalism

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  2. Funded by divested Oil Money Rockerfeller, they and their other big oil buddies
    are the creators of the scam that is global warming, as if we're all stupid and don't
    know the weather and climate is modified.

  3. Please realize InsideClimate News, that in the EU there are 4 Digital Newspapers in operation, successfully financially, where the journalists write among other things, about climate. The Dutch one successfully have queried Shell, using Shell employees and other information. This publication (De Correspondent) causes occasionally question in the government deliberations (Questions in the Chamber). All four are paid for by subscribers and that is all the money they get. There is no printed paper, no ink. Comments are possible under every article. De Correspondent gives a feed back when you make a comment, the German (Krautreporter, the Swiss (Republic), the Belgian (Apache) are not that far yet. The Krautreporter and the Republic are owned by the subscribers. Between the four I have lots to read and I know more about the EU, where I belong, than the Times ever will know. (I forgot, there is no bullshit news and advertisement in those publications, no Fake News either).

  4. This story should convince everyone about the risk we have living on our precious planet. Great video that communicates that message!

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