100 thoughts on “Inside Iran As Tensions With U.S. Escalate Over Uranium Enrichment | NBC Nightly News

  1. If they are fearful of a war with the US why continue to defy and provoke? What is the need Iran has for nuclear weapons? I mean besides destroying Israel like they have vowed to do? I'm sorry but how much longer do we wait to level that place and let the people of Iran take control back from the leadership that is bringing this on them.

  2. Amazing how much we're talking about Iran these last couple weeks, if it isn't obvious by now then you people are absolutely brain washed.

  3. Here is hoping for nuclear war to put us all out of our human misery, let hope the first one hits the new media.

  4. Listen my friends, as an Iranian who live in Tehran, I hope cya all of u as a guest in beautiful peaceful history place Great Persia (🇮🇷 Iran 🇮🇷) then u'll see how much Persian ppl nice n hospitable r, we don't care what color ur skin is, black, red, yellow or white, we love all ppl same n respect all same, skin color doesn't have mean in Persian culture, but don't come to Iran as a soldier cuz Iran is big grave for his enemies, we r kind ppl but if u want see Iran as a soldier don't forget praying for urself before come to Iran cuz it could be end of u! also we never let foreign soldiers walk in our cities n streets, some ppl think if war happened they will face with stone n wood in Iran but we have enough high technology to save our ppl n our country n that's how we stand tall on our own feet frm 3000yrs ago to now,,we respect American ppl but u forget ur government is big liar n they try all these years to make new problems for our country n our ppl, as u know we save Jewish ppl in 2500yrs ago frm Babylonian empire we save their life n helped em to raise themselves that's why most of their prophets Temple is in Iran now cuz we let em live free in our land, we even give em money to build their holy temple but what they did for us?! They killed more than 27500 Persian scientists in these last 40 yrs cuz they thought they can stop us but they don't know that they can't stop our brains n also they forget who raised em when they was no one exactly like Arabian ppl,Arabian ppl forget when they lived in caves our ppl was in thier palace n also they forget that we made alphabet for em n we teach em how write n read they even couldn't write their name before, exactly when our ppl was boosting their knowledge about world n sky our ppl did eyes Surgery in 6000 yrs ago!!!! Go n read more history books then u know who rly Persian ppl r,
    ,have u ever asked urself why Arabian ppl or jewish ppl r too jealous about Persian ppl?! N don't like us n even some of em hate us?! They hate us cuz they know the truth n can't hide it,,, we helped em raised n we will finish em if they make a mistake, remember this is not ur war don't lose ur life easily cuz of Jewish money, respect ur life n ur kids life, life is beautiful so don't lose it easy 🙂😉 it's too clearly if u give hate u will get it too n if u give love u'll get love too as u know!
    Long live Great Persia ,the land who made humans right in 2500yrs ago. Goodluck my friends. 🌹🔥

  5. North Korea has Nukes and is now Trumps BFF.
    Maybe if Iran and Iraq wrote Trump a Love Letter, They would become BFFs and Trump would lift the Sanctions and allow them to have Nukes.

  6. Because pushing them into a nuclear weapon is in our best interest at least that's what the moron and chief thanks

  7. Iranians ppl are generally nice n friendly . Wayyyy relaxed in thier islamic social life. You can see in the vid. Trying to starve a country population in the hope there'll be civil unrest (aka civil war) is disgusting and all time low.
    Hats off to you americans….

  8. Iran is screwing itself. Why should we care about them? This is one situation where regime change is warranted

  9. If they wanted to talk they would not enrich uranium. Not chant death to America and not say they can do whatever they want. Plain and simple

  10. The only reasonable,sensible and logical way is that all parties keep to their commitment . JCPOA is a multilateral agreement ,implemented through UN resolution. Trump withdrawing from the deal……leaves US with NO part in JCPOA. If the E3 along with Russia & China full fill their part of the deal then Iran MUST, but if they don't then Iran is NOT under any obligation to stick to the deal . Mr Hunt is wrong to say that Iran at any stage wants to acquire Nuclear weapon , is simply WRONG. Iran don't wish for NUCLEAR WEAPON, but UK is not serious to keep the region WMD free, when it supports Israel to keep its Nukes !

  11. "Death to america and israel, oh but can we please have american and jewish medicine, thank you" AND FOOD. THEY NOT GETTING MY FOOD

  12. Julian Casablancas' report is obviously very important, as was his ancestral position in society.

    Russia has "ownership" of Japan as a new "Karluks", refer to previous posts. Japan takes the fall for Russia when assigned. Including the 19th century investigation… And WWI?

    Germany was not under "ownership" like the newly founded Japan as of 1 AD, but Germany had been "Karluked". Germany would feign fault via propaganda to cover for Russia's actual wrongdoing.

    The concentration camps covered for the Russian Science Universities opened in the 18th century. The secret wing hosted the beginning of extreme Russian Science and human experiments.

    Joseph II of Austria was still angelic. Contributing to the University under the umbrella of Enlightenment was THE factor for his later "punishment", leading to the hanging of Justice Hugo Black. The dog of Hugo Black had to figure out what seemed like a distress repelling involvement which was barely perceivable and not at all to humans; animal experiments. Thus the murder of Hugo Black's dog.

    The truth was unearthed. The bloodlines of Polita Barnes and Vladimir Putin, founders of the Karluk settlement and falsely founded Dominion of Russia, had a unique, small specialized way for an Indian Settlement. But they failed to figure things out properly before incarnating. Their pride could be volatile if imbalanced and cause a chain reaction that exceeded their growth patterns. Learning what had happened to themselves only inspired them to use the ideas of growth patterns and imbalance to "screw over" their targets via patterning for their master plan. The quintessential "Mad Scientists", "Evil Rulers", "Public Super Villains".

  13. iran prolly already has noocs. prolly paid for them and hid them. the world should have gotten rid of the problem countries by wiping them out already. no talking. like in prison you wait and wait for something to happen and try to be not seen. but eventually………….you gonnah get into it with someone. no mattr what. sitting and waiting is dumb. and when everyone watching sees you sit and wait………….they take punches at you also. so you lose all the way around. because you've given yourself a name as a punk. America is the new punk. to be slapped around. no ones afraid of America any more. because we began taking punches.
    while the little countries are taking pokes at usa, theyre all also slowly DEGENERATING America by bringing in their own. slipping them in. all with one mind from all over the world. TO BRING AMERICA DOWN. why you think those migrants are all forcing up ???????????? in America . illegally flowing in at 30 thousand a day. when they get the NUMBERS UP. that's when iran and korea will strike. and while we are in flames…………….. our CUTE LITTLE MIGRANTS we pittied …………….will take us out from the inside.

  14. @Shawn Crawford More nations possessing nuclear weapons is not going to solve anything. It will just make the world an even more dangerous place——if that’s even possible

  15. Trump changes his mind probably more often than he changes his underwear. He claims he called off the Iran raid to avoid killing 150 Iranians; a short time later he threatened to obliterate Iran, killing millions! Now he wants to “Make Iran Great Again”. Would that be before or after he obliterated it? Who can rely on anything this mentally unbalanced bully-boy says, writes, or signs?

  16. The irans government are so hard-headed we're not living in old times no more

  17. Iran could have made nukes but they didn't they don't need to they got a few from Russia and a few from North Korea and I'm sure they've got a suitcase nuke smuggled into Tel Aviv and 1 in Manhattan just in case

  18. Iran is stupid for not waiting for our next president, Trump in crazy. These tactics aren't going to work.

  19. Iran! Israel knows your every move! If you attempt to create a nuclear weapon! Israel will turn Iran into glass! Remember: "The Jewish people will never be lead to slaughter again!" Shàlom✡️🕎🇺🇸✝️

  20. Maggot trump is getting more mad on iran as iran kicks in enrichment of uranium. usa,isrea,saudies,uk,french eu and natos can bark all day and nite but iran wont listern to them any more and that's very good u cannt trust those maggots who are hypocrites and liers? SO good on u iran ? TRUMP AND WESTERN powers are cowards and scar cats who doesn't want war with iran but can only warn and warn and mourn ha ha ha.

  21. Iran never had this kind of tension from Obama.Trump should have left the deal as it was.Leave well enough alone.

  22. Iran is 3 years away from making nuclear bomb, "saying by Israel 15 years ago" is not Trump, it's Israel, Trump should attack israel for pushing america into a war we don't want .

  23. So let me get this straight! We pull out of the nuclear deal which prohibited Iran from enriching. But now that they are we wanna go to war! This administration is a joke

  24. I support President Trump's not dropping sanctions against Iran. They support terrorists, and even have terrorists in their own ranks. They are homicidal maniacs who must never have nuclear capabilities.

  25. Good good pakistan and you have a Load of trouble
    Tuki tuki ☻☻👽👽👿👹👹💀☠☠☠👽👽💩💩💩♨️♨️🌓🌚🌡📹📼📡

  26. It is US who is causing the escalation not Iran.
    Iran honoured the deal which is still called, JCPOA. 
    I think Trump does not know the difference between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.
    The Iranians want the deal to work as they've been following all the rules of the Nuclear Deal and verifications , even though the USA pulled out of their obligations.

  27. I am just extremely worried about the common people in Iran , who will be oppressed from both ends…not just the Americans but also their oppressive. government…they are the unfortunate collateral in this fight of two governments….

  28. Looks like John Bolton's murderous sanctions will lead to war in the region in which a lot of US soldiers will die in both Iraq and Iran. The Chicken Hawks are winning, the everyday people are losing.

  29. Let the bodies hit the floor. The world is over populated anyways. Come on Iran, grow some balls and be the first to strike the big kid. A dirty blow and it’s all it would take to topple us. One of these days the world is gonna fight us and we can’t fight the entire world.

  30. Obama's deal with Iran didn't work out
    No way! All those celebrities joined together in a YouTube video to talk about how super mega amazing it would be.

  31. Iran has nuclear weapons Israel has nuclear weapons everybody is playing from the same deck of cards whats the big deal.

  32. Who ever thought that the whole America MEDIA would take the side of IRAN rather than USA ! Just because they don’t like TRUMP nothing more than they don’t like TRUMP running the show ! FAKE NEWS at it’s LOWEST !

  33. South Korea might have sold Hydrogen fluoride to Iran. And then Iran made Uranium hexafluoride. I guess this is the reason why Japan government restricted the export of Hydrogen fluoride to South Korea now.

  34. If Trump is so worried about Iran making nukes then maybe It's time for him to admit to his whimsical mistake and go back to the JCPOA before it's too late.
    nobody wants another war.

  35. It's time for Iran to start some above ground nuclear tests of the devices like the NK got, obtained through the Russian/Chinese bloc.

  36. ls this the Uranium Hillary Clinton gave to Russia, then gave to lran?
    ls lran the country Obama gave billions to?

  37. Irans goal is to become the middle east bully. You have several powers vying for control in the middle east, that is why we have these problems.

  38. Notice how they went straight to their medical needs I don't. want us to go to war but it sure feels like they want it to happen he said they will in rich how ever much they want so u only dmging your logic u say it is for domestic use yet Your leaders don't let U.N in to monitor your Nuclear power plant.

  39. Tell President trump to put out that dumb fire he started and go back to respecting the original agreement with Iran, the whole world knows what trump and his rich oil tycoons are after and it's not a nuclear agreement. It's starts with an O, end with L with an I in between, and guess how they'll pay for their greed ? The same way we've always have, with our American lives and blood just so they can control all the oil in the region, that's how we'll pay for these tycoons to fatten their already fat bank accounts. – Vote for Bernie in 2020

  40. Iran may blow themselves up before they attack the world. Today there was an earthquake there. It is a warning from God.

  41. Will not have another foot war like iraq, all of sudden you will see a few flashes at once and it's a wrap, war over.

  42. Who cares. Stick the uranium up youranus.
    What are you going to do with a Nuclear Bomb… Use it? And then what?
    Human Beings are the only creatures that seem to rejoice in their own stupidity.

  43. Great idea ripping up a nuclear deal without one to replace it. This is why you don't elect fraud gameshow hosts.

  44. The U.S. made Iran did this…The U.S. should have stayed in the JCPOA Agreement and stop being this renegade bully.

  45. The wrong in the world continues to exist just because people talk only of their ideals, and do not strive to put them into practice.
    If actions took the place of words, the world's misery would very soon be changed into comfort.

    Abdu'l-Baha Paris Talks p. 16

  46. Republicans and Democrats both trying to start another war. Won’t be satisfied until all the cities in the entire region are piles of rubble.

  47. Iran will be annihilated- quite soon! Ashes and bones!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙂

  48. The US knows Iran will not agree to anything until the US lifts the sanctions, and that's why it won't lift them. The US wants to prevent any agreement from taking place. That's why it abruptly pulled out of the JCPOA in the first place. It's only goal is to force regime change and install a puppet government in Iran that would allow US oil companies to access its oil. The sanctions are collapsing Iran's economy and indirectly causing much death and suffering among innocent Iranian men, women, and children. That's an act of war in my book.

  49. I never will understand how both sides can reach and agreement and the one who broke the agreement doesn't face economic sanctions but the other party does..

  50. iran soundung like fools. Nobody cares about you upping your levels. Quit threatening countries and somebody might forgive u.

  51. If Trump truly wanted diplomacy, he could have simply contacted the leaders of Iran and the other JCPOA member countries and requested they renegotiate the deal. But of course, the US is not interested in any agreement. It only wants regime change, but it first needs to manufacture public consent in order to justify its war on Iran. Same script as Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Iraq . . . etc.

  52. Based on many facts such as; Iran's size, terrain, military capability, etc. Then take into account U.S Superpower capability, military size and strength, if conflict broke out it would be insane, and would lead to unexpected consequences. Iran's proxies too, bring Israel into this. Some say U.S coalition might need draft and 1.5M to land invade and overthrow the government. It would be brutal omg. This better not happen but who's bluffing?

  53. The 2015 nuclear deal was good both for USA and iran. Trump really made a mistake leaving it he listened to his pro-Israeli advisor. Going to another middle eastern war is not in the interest of United States. Usa should make peace with iran and start containing Russia and China. Instead USA is again stuck in the Middle East while China and Russia are making gains all over the world. America foreign policy in the Middle East will diminish American power in the world. The next ten years are crucial and will shape how our world will look like in next century only if America makes the correct policies in the Middle East.

  54. Iran doesn't tolerate B'S. America should work on Homelessness crisis. Equal Opportunity for all. What happened to that? 🤷. Some get million dollar homes. While most can't afford a one bedroom apartment. You can be wise and still make less then a not so smart person next to you. For example look at the Trumpet. 0 smart yet a billionaire who runs the country. Now he wants to decide what happens in another country. Sejtanyahu is pretty much causing the Chaos. When nothing is right and fair in the States. How can they make it any better outside of the country?

  55. Hypocrisy – Iran who have 24% of the worlds natural resources in Uranium make low-grade fuel drama – Israel who have no Uranium make weapons grade Plutonium and sell it – no sanctions

  56. At this point Iran shouldn't return to the table. The U.S. plays with human lives like monopoly pieces. Tehran needs to just go ahead and enrich uranium and work with the Chinese and Russians in procuring a few nuclear devices. With it or without it America will finesse an invasion, and if I was Iran, a few nuclear deterrents might just allow me to go out in a blaze of glory

  57. How stupid people or 5% IS a long way from 90for a bomb Don't force Iran to get a bomb. Hopefully Russia will come in on Iran's side

  58. Iranian regime is great Threat to the Region and to Israel, they are evil, how come they want to destroy Israel, it will never happen, these evil leaders of Iran are leading their country to destruction, poor people are suffering there.

  59. Russia China Iraq Syria Hezbollah and other countries will support Iran for this epic battle. That all these neocon scum war hawks on the POTUS , not one of the ….has ever served a branch of military they were draft dodgers of had bone spurs ad when their lips move they are lying

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