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  1. Being against Islam is not racist stupid cow! Islam isn't a race, it is a sick ideology of hate and oppression that doesn't belong in Europe. It's OK Islam exist in Muslim countries only it should stay in their Muslim countries. If we don't stop the invasion now, we are fucked. When the cities are taken over and muslim armies from all over the world are attacking Europe from inside and outside, what can we do? The people have no guns, so can't protect themselves, we will be the ones you see in isis movies, our heads sliced and our women raped and used as slaves. It's written in the Quran, they just follow the doctrine. Wake up Europe! Wake up before it's all to late.

  2. Been watching these “far right” videos by BBC, Sky News and Aljazeera a lot of dislikes often outnumbering likes. People are waking up and the global Soros paid MSM is losing power and the people are fighting back

  3. Would you moronic Left wing media sources stop calling everything Right of Communist 'Far-Right' ? Why don't you look at the Pew research that shows the Right has moved very little to the right, while the Left from 1994 through 2017 has moved RADICALLY to the Left. So, the Right isn't 'far', you Leftists are. You're the Radical ones. Deal with it.
    And your politics are pretty much the same in the UK, so don't think that the research only applies to the States.

  4. Oh look, another video from the ministry of truth. You’re finished.

    Ps. Given the majority of comments are negative, I suspect you are massaging the likes/dislikes.

  5. Those who don't get adequate love and care in their own families, end up hating a target minority group as the same treatment that they got in first place… and that's how they find themselves grouping up as some savoir of the majority which is actually a disillusioned mindset, disillusioning other members of the majority in a chain reaction, and leading to all chaos while getting some love from the people in the majority, which is quite tempting and addicting. On top of this, love and hate are contagious!

  6. When you don't assimilate or associate with the native culture then that is a problem. As an American I completely understand the position of the FN. I say this as a black American whose history dates back to the nation's founding and before.

  7. France is FAR from a racist country….. anyway, loving your country and your kind, means for the mainstream media ure a racist. xD FUCK OFF.

  8. Globalisation and the forcing of Sodomatic culture are the real culprits. Because governments are not standing for the truth or looking after their countries some tend to rebel in the search to have a voice. In Britain we have people in the public sector who have lost their jobs simply for believing marriage should be between a man and a woman. So the persecution is coming from governments even though the wrong reaction is coming from far right parties. A lot of views they they falsely call far right are simply views that they are against even though they are honest and true. There is a middle road here that is being ignored.

  9. Mariam let's get this straight! It's not about being white it's about being Muslim in a Christian country. You don't and won't assimilate so that's your problem. Stop being racist!

  10. When are mp's Mep's governments going to realise there will never be multiculturalism. It dosen't happen in Iran, Saudi, or any other Muslim country so why think it's going to happen in the west?…IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO DIE BEFORE THESE PEOPLE IN POWER REALISE THIS!

  11. Take these same exact questions and present them to people living in the middle East.. what then, how will they defend them then??.. I'd it because what?..

  12. Lol, the morons fighting "against" this ideal are literally supporting Islamic fundamentalists and have zero idea they are

  13. So funny the woman saying it’s a racist country so why not go to Africa or Asia lol “ all white people are evil racist yet all poc flee to white counties lol 😂

  14. What accounts for the right? Income inequality? Perhaps standing up to the rich and powerful appears futile so amoral animals enforce an inherited pecking order and attack the most abused marginalized people until they have the power to go after everyone not identified with the top dog Nazi and eventually destroy themselves. That's the history of what they call "western civilization"

  15. The word "racist" is so emcompassing and conclusive, whereas one's atitude towards another person of different race can be so complex, the use of such word like"racism" or "racist" is no help to any discussion what so ever.

  16. I sure hope a lot of French vote Le Pen in this election….there has been too much immigration and further immigration won't make it better

  17. Frankly, I just don't mind former French colonies immigrating to France. Now French people knows what was like when French colonized other peoples' lands.

    France colonized most of North Africa, Malwai, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon, Niger, French Guinea
    Mauritania, Madagascar, Mauritius, Djibouti, Mayotte , Seychelles, Chagos Archipelago, Comoros, Réunion, Benin, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Syria, Lebanon etc. etc. But when people from the aforementioned countries want to move to France where to partake in the wealth built in part from France's colonial past people get upset? Pu-Uh-Lease. You Alt-Right or White Nationalists people are crazy.

  18. It's a shame that no one sees that unemployment and difficulties is something that most rich countries are going through. The 1% is getting richer and to diffuse attention they are paying for propaganda that pushes working classes against each other. One similar denominator I've notice across Europe is that middle and upper class don't seem to feel very populist that's noticeable within working classes across Europe. If those of working class can attack those above them who are they left with? Immigrations? And what most poor immigrates tend to have in common, being of a different race or religion. So as usual it's really all about money…. History has taught as NOTHING! Sad times for humanity.

  19. How can you have extreme far-right, and far-right. No, it's right wing, which the front National is, and then there's far -right, which is the Identity group. The only example of extreme far-right in all of history, was the Nazis. Also, parties like the Front National should not be branded far-right. They are right wing. It's like branding every single liberal party far-left. They are two very different things.

  20. People are seriously stupid to think that Europe doesn’t belong only to whites and that Islam has any place there. Complete nationalistic homogeneous nations are the only true way multiculturalism and interracial is death. Only Japanese belong in Japan, only Whites belong in Europe, majority of the different white ethnicities of European countries belong in their own country while have a minority of other white European ethnicities being able to live in different ethnic countries of Europe in addition to their own. Japan only Japanese ethnicity. India only Indian ethnicities, but with all these countries and nations have the ability of everyone to visit and tour them, just not have the ability of residency that the nation’s inhabitants have. This will keep everything how it was always meant to be full of different people of different races and ethnicities upholding their culture, tradition, heritage, ect and being truly the happiest and full of life one can be and spreading the happiness and life throughout the world by being this way.

  21. WoW ! is it really so racist to just not like another religion or should i say tyrranical ideology like islam is ? i mean they kind of look like almost the same race to me as the french are so how is that racist i call bullshit ?

  22. People dislike this? the Far Right are trying to protect Natives. The Far Left are trying to enslave them. Who do you think wants to abolish national identity for capitalism? The wealthy ofcourse. this is what globalism is. They want you to be part of their corporate culture instead of national culture.

  23. corrupt politicians – pushing one world government– no freedom of speech– no 2nd amendment- there will be a backlash– what do you expect?

  24. first think you have to Stop exployd afrikan countrys so they can have a life. second when you globalise a country you dont care.. you are selfish poeple with full of hate made by the system

  25. Everywhere that the Muslim goes they're in a "racist country".
    Your capital is lost BBC stop trying to inflict others.

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