Inquisitr Highlights Tulsi Gabbard's Impeccable Leadership

Inquisitr Highlights Tulsi Gabbard's Impeccable Leadership

an article posted on a quiz etre titled Tulsi Gabbard says us leaders are more concerned about themselves than they are about the people highlights another reason why Tulsi Gabbard would make a good president she is showing leadership and going directly to the leaders of the nation and asking them to do a moral and ethical inventory of what drives them as leaders is it all about themselves or is it about the people because if it's about themselves they shouldn't call themselves leaders this is written by Tyler McDonald so tasse took to Twitter and quoted at the heart of many problems today is that many leaders in government business and health care are more concerned about themselves than they are about the people unquote she tweeted that's great she is asking again people to take an inventory of their principles of their priorities and this is at all levels of government business and health care she says we need leaders who find their happiness working for the well-being of others not their own personal gain and we know what that really means really ultimately it means money it means getting ahead it means getting away with things she has not been shy of you even going to the top and criticizing president Donald Trump and his administration she took to Twitter on Independence Day to accused Trump of disrespecting and dishonouring the US military with his fourth of July celebration criticism from former military leaders such as David Barr no a retired and army lieutenant general who commanded u.s. troops in Afghanistan under former president george w bush he said the celebration was more akin to a Republican Party event many other critics echoed Burano and pointed to the politicization of the event in celebrations history of leading politics to the door Gabbard also claims that war between Iran and the u.s. is highly likely unless Trump's falses pride and re-injures the nuclear agreement with the Middle Eastern country she also addressed the 87th annual US conferences of the mayors and said that's why it's impaired that every mayor every leader at every level of government take action to stand up and speak out about this danger of nuclear war that we're facing speak out against these wasteful regime change wars in this new cold war that's sucking money out of our pockets and our communities the nation reports that cities can have an effect on the global stage by the way they approach issues that extend to other countries for example u.s. mayor's have connected with urban leaders around the world to tackle climate change in the absence of concrete plan from the Trump administration they have also spoken up about international human rights abuses so this is great this is what a true leader looks like they don't just call the shots for everybody but they ask the leaders to do what they're supposed to do and be there for the the people and she always says service to self but service to the people so again I like to share not only the criticisms against Tulsi Gabbard but also the positive media coverage of Tulsi Gabbard

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  1. watch 'decoding the Weather Machine' to understand the history of how we got to today, and why it is so important to end regime change wars & begin to tackle the Climate Emergency- Tulsi is the best hope of that IMO


  3. The Michel Brooks Show just put out a video about Andrew Yang vs. Meghan McCain. They were talking about how Andrew Yang's UBI plan is regressive and a better implementation of UBI could be done. Would be awesome if you could make a video discussing what you think about they're take. Thanks. You're awesome.

  4. I have heard that Gravel will endorse her on the debate stage should (when) he gets a spot…

    Oh… Are you doing a breakdown of the new Maddow-Sanders interview. I hear he did very well… and the full video has been pulled from YouTube (domestically), for copyright control reasons… And for now only a short (30sec ?) clip is available from the network. I am hopeful you are planning a piece on that… as it may be the only way many of us will see it… 🙁

  5. I like Tulsi too, but she is one of the five female candidates who left Marianne Williamson out in Vogue photo shooting. She also didn’t say anything about violence happened on Andy Nyo. I am worried that she is one of many politicians thinking more about herself and be quiet about certain truth. She needs to show some leadership and bravery on things other than military.

  6. New Progressive Voice. Nothing progressive. You are all self loving faggomancers who like to conjure up utopian bullshit.

  7. While Bernie gets working to galvanize the people, Tulsi works to call out and motivate the leaders to be better… Awesome two pronged strategy

  8. 🌎☮️Tulsi speaks from the heart and people can feel that! We need to keep telling people about her and what she stands for. The truth shall set us free! I know we're underdogs in this fight, but that's fine. I'm not giving up, we need to fight until the end!🤙💙😎

  9. #AMLO viva Mexico, stop unfair tariffs on Mexico's agriculture… its really obvious that marco rubio is mad that the Mexican president did not support the government overthrow of Venezuela and now they are using the tariffs to punish Mexico, think about it, marco rubio isn't fighting for agriculture, he is fighting for the rich and wealthy enterprise's that benefit from the tariffs and maintains the tomato pickers at a minimum wage with minimum benefits.

  10. Donate $1.00 to make sure she gets the 130,000 unique donors for the Sept. debates

  11. Send Tulsi a buck if you haven't, she's closing in on qualifying for the next debates, around 30,000 more unique donors needed.

  12. Let's be honest until the people grow a brain Stand Together and unit against the corrupted government nothing's going to happen and I hate to say it nothing will happen this whole situation will get worse until it gets so bad that maybe people will wake up it's unfortunate but that's the truth good luck everybody

  13. Tulsi is rising she now 2-3% in most polls after the debate. She’s gonna rise with every debate cause her message is powerful!

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