31 thoughts on “Ingraham on holding the media accountable for frenzy over Mueller

  1. They are right… Let the russian breath economically. Russia can be a great economic. Power to fight socialism. This continued strangle hold is what creates socialism fascim .

  2. Ppl don't TRULY know what to believe. THEIR ALL LIARS…from media, who are paid to lie, divide, & mislead the viewers; to the govt that sell out it's OWN PPL by accepting payouts to fill their pockets.

  3. During the Lincoln presidency there was a political party (American Party) that became known as the "know nothing party". Today the Democrats are known as the "do nothing party!” In the last two years the democrats have accomplish nothing of substance and utilize smoke and mirrors to try to manipulate the American voters.Despicable!

  4. WHEN: does freedom of the press not cover media outlets???? Answer: when they receive funds and or favors by Government agencies foreign or domestic. They immediately become government employees and a rebellion when reporting false anti presidential propaganda. Aka treason

  5. The left has to pay for everything they concocted. If it had not been for Trump being elected, we would most likely have NEVER found out about what has really been going on in the swamp. A perpetual SUPER bright light HAS to remain on these people so we NEVER allow this to happen again.

  6. Think of how many STARVING kids could have been FED on what the DEMOCRATS demanded Mueller spend on an ILLEGAL investigation of TRUMP. Something like ( 23 MILLION ) dollars. How dare they. They will choke on it

  7. To see what is really going on you have to step back to see the whole picture not just the spot in front of you

  8. In the OT in the Bible an eye for an eye is a punishment for a false accusation. Until Leftist are arrected and procecuted or there is a civil war this wiil continue to escalate.

  9. Trump is very corrupt, regardless of the media. Including fox news. With their voluntarily partisan hosts.

  10. Hey Ingraham you little shrink, did you ever won a Pulitzer prize in journalism? Oh, never mind you are not a journalist, you an unlicensed shrink with a Foxtarded mic. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. Thier entire coverage of Obama was a hate mongering fear mongering smear campaign lol

    N they have the fukn balls to project this bs on other media lmfao woooow

  12. Once I hear the phrase "deep state", I am off thinking FOX is full of conspiracy nuts. I agree with them a lot but this phrase really reminds me of mental illness

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