I mean I'm gonna watch also this mo legend is mo legend yeah it was such a man welcome back to another video but you boy more Legends yeah and I appreciate to him back to my youtube channel I look at the article Chris man I finally got the Jew met so be going on a Jew Mex today you hear me at home well I'm talking go ahead like this video for me cuz I know it about to be a little video of you but yeah other than that many but again to Jew max alive in my coffin Jew next Billy Ellis and Jew max Ilona my first time ever we – zooming so are we gonna see we talking about you watch my videos you know what we like to do we like to eat drink or chew cuz I be having my work Oh mukbang gin got the little corner car going and I just worked out and pastas real good for weight gain after working out so you know I thought that running and stuff you know go ahead get on the pasta what I'm drinking what am i drinking oh man you know I'm trying you know I'm drinking water [Applause] she's just so very good some water hi I'm Holly shit it's go ahead get this joint over with and we're gonna start with Jim exa laughs my car birds going hey hey hey fuck that I owe you like an industry plant or some shit are they playing with toys on alive in my coffin sided I sorrow sorrow I don't know the diet here is just a static the press that has do doing music know just like everybody else hey I'm joke abusing depression as a motherfucker with young kids ain't it damn he don't want some shit right now I poke his head music music in a bag let's go bang blow and the bag does my sorrow it's a dangerous honor this would by yourself make you feel sad as shit compress the video is good and the song is dope reduce but ain't my taste what hurts is a song y'all know the hurts is like bad hurts and positive hurts like you tell me put on the music and shit just got to be the bad oh you got the cardboard zone okay no song well he's not screaming jus makes essentially fire he screams ooh they say you always trapped in this video fake the pressure and drug and 100% my hero academia zippy yeah depression in drugs that's what I really got from that like he say you want to meet his girl and a half they like to be with her like be what it now like I don't know this yacht sakes man whatever y'all won't listen to all right now we got Jew max Billy Ellis and it is just the audio it was only two minutes off let's go again too [Applause] my son you're free to do whatever you want because there's your life but I hope y'all know like pills and drugs and sure that's just a temporary like that's a temporary healing but in the long run it makes you more depress and makes you don't help you at all just let you know but you for you do fuck you it's okay with me different school right here at projects from you thing is the sound like the sound of it is actually really good I'm not the biggest fan the message but the sound is really good but he's real relatable to be young and stuff so he's like really talking and like people around that age and younger and stuff but it's only to like seem like juice pop he'll do cocaine he like but as is my opinion I thought the sound of the song is good all right we going to Jim Mitchell owner never depressed song obviously I am and got to listen to it got 5.7 million views scalesi was talking about another thing the worst thing for depression is a isolation alone like Iceland yourself I've been told before so that's shit don't make no better actually fuck what is there we smoke stay with the food try to keep it on the tracks coming – thanks again this is not my taste in music and I know like I like rap and R&B but specifically rap I know rap nowadays they really don't talk about much but at least that's my shit like that's my sound that's why I mess with but just being not my sound and not really my taste like on say as far as what he's saying they both not meshing well but the same time I the sound sounds good it sounds sounds really good all three songs what are they talking about kids at the krietor a Simpson edit why doesn't he look like one fun dip well you xbox francais I'll be back in a few I'm just having dinner just do a little bit damn it just talking shit fuck yeah man that's the end of the jumex reaction let me know which I'm gonna be here at 2:00 next let me know if young one more do max let me know whatever my love I need you to like the video I need you to leave a comment up under the video I need you to subscribe if you're new to the channel I need you to hit that Bell so you can get every video now dropping so you get that notification I need you to share the video if you really like it you know featured I like the video man so I appreciate you for watching thank you love you have a great whatever

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  1. There's a song called wish me dead by him listen to by yourself if you want to I think it's really good i don't know what it is about it bout it but u should check it out

  2. You can check out BVDLVD – I.D.G.A.F (Feat. Hen$haw) official music video if you like more rapping stuff

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