26 thoughts on “Industries of the Blind – I just wanted to make you something beautiful

  1. I never let go, I held onto what I loved so dearly but alas, even my grip, as tight as it was, could not hold onto you…you did not want me to hold onto you…and so you let go, and my grip grew weak…as did I, and now my heart weeps everytime I look up into the sky, or lay awake sleepless at night imagining that smile…goodbye my florida sunset

  2. Currently listening to this and crying over a girl. I could be overthinking, or everything could be fine. I'll probably never know and ruin it by overthinking….

  3. Como sabria q la proxima ves q escuchara esto despues de tanto… Tantas catarsis por asi decirlo, la paz interior q anhelaba, la tranquilidad q buscaba mientras me entregaba a esto, llegaria necesariamente por empezar a pensar en construir un momento de paz y regalarselo a alguien, como alguien nos regalo esta Hermosa melodia. Gracias!

  4. It's strange, is like this song as some others of this genre make me feel good about my pain. Maybe they let the pain out of my heart and make me feel better about myself, saying "forget the sorrow, live life, love yourself."

  5. I enjoy listening to this music as I paint skies and landscapes at Werle Mountain Art Studio. 😉

  6. Everyone's with a poem here and then there's me just feeling..


    That's my line. The rest, well, you've heard it in the music. Sometimes I wonder if it means that I can't feel or I don't feel because I can't seem to convey anything. It's like I'm living in this bubble or my feelings are living in the chambers of my heart, shallow enough for me to feel the beats but deep enough to never show. I want to bare my heart on my sleeves… If only I could, then maybe I'd be able to show how much I appreciate You and everything You've given me. I love You. I wanted to give something – anything – to you.

    Thank you so much God. This one's for You. Anything for You.

  7. riding on the bus, back from a beach day at church camp in sunny california.

    "what is this?" a fellow passenger asks.

    "explosions in the sky!" I reply, over the music flowing from my speaker, "its pretty sad stuff."

    "oh, you want sad?" pipes in an enthusiastic voice from the back, "try industries of the blind. that stuff will make you cry."

    the voice belongs to a blue-eyed, blonde haired metrosexual-aspiring young sad boy of a man.

    when i return back to my room for the camp, i plug in my headphones, open up spotify, and queue up their top song, "i just wanted to make you something beautiful."

    the melancholy reaches me.

    nearly 3 years later, i haven't seen him in person since our time at camp. but i talk to him almost every day.

  8. well… if i have to say smth…aaaah….it's just…. it's just… ooh god, this song is screaming something really sad and hopefull at the same time… fuk it's a masterpiece ='(

  9. I'm a novelist in South Korea. My first novel was influenced by this song. Thank you for listening to the beautiful song.

  10. One day you must walk away from the world of the media, leaving the internet and television and all popular forms of entertainment behind. Don't be an image junkie. When the palate of the soul is jaded it must rediscover the joy of spring water. When one is obsessed with beauty and the acquisition of such through the ecstasy of animals, one must discover the freedom of high indifference.

  11. You guys should definitely check Post-rock/metal group Seas of Years. Here is to start with: https://youtu.be/8TC5a0RnCRQ


  12. 我的喉咙拒绝发声

  13. https://youtu.be/addme/9kEN5LxI-5IgmPDZwJnse0JNbrKJjA

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  14. I know I'm kind of late(all comments are from years ago) but any dreamer who sees this should know that he/she is a blessing to all their loved ones in this world.😊Remember to gaze at the stars and know that some people really care about you, from different corners of the world!

  15. Turn Now…
    Dont Look Back..
    Let us hold each others features within our mind…
    Let us Pray in time, it will not Die
    For if i have one moment left, one moment to reflect
    I want to relive this last…
    Before it has passed….
    let go, let me go…
    and Remember, to never forget
    I just wanted to make you something beautiful
    but instead, i gave you my heart….
    until death do us part….
    Turn Now
    Dont Look Back…..

  16. I'm almost certain that this song was influenced by the Swans song called "The Sound." In fact, the name of this band sounds awfully similar to Swans' album, Soundtracks for the Blind. It'd be fucking awesome if they were influenced by that album because it's my all time favorite, and I'd recommend it to all of you.

  17. music like this should be played every where to try to make people more sensitve and greatful for life , to love each other and be respectful for everyone , to live in the present not in the past or the future , just right now

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