48 thoughts on “Industries Expansion Release Trailer | Available NOW on Console

  1. Did you know we have an official console group for players? Come join this community to discuss the game, share pictures and videos, and more with other Xbox One, PS4, and Switch players!

  2. Anyone else on ps4 get a bs industries update ? Alk i got was toll roads and the option to make buildings historical

  3. Do you guys have any plans to add mixed-use zoning to the game? As a liberal it would be both fun and sexually stimulating to add high density mixed-use zoning to my recently bulldozed/nuked suburbs. To top it off, you could add an "open borders" policy which would rapidly increase your population as well as giving you the ability to add taco trucks on every corner.

  4. I really want this because of the cargo airport so I don’t have really bad traffic because of the cargo train and cargo harbour

  5. Cities Skylines needs a Traffic AI improvement. Is useless to have 4 lane highways when the traffic AI uses only one lane

  6. Any way to construct buildings in skylines and move certain structure to CAD or another architect program? Just saying would save a lot of time and money in draft then I can just do inner working of structure. Please and thank you

  7. It’s not working for me on Xbox one and I spent 22$ on it and I’m in Australia so please do something to fix

  8. How about you actually make the DLC work on xbox one! I paid the 25 dollars for it, downloaded it and installed yet nothing literally nothing. Apparently the core game needs an update to support the DLC which you have not provided so at this point in time ive been ripped off, paid for something and have not recieved it..last i checked this is illegal

  9. When is the full Industries Ps4 U.S store release for this? I’m not seeing it for download yet, although I’m able to add tolls 😁

  10. It’s not working on Xbox. Thought you said it’s now available? Well, I gues that’s not a lie. I just want to play the full game after all this wait.

  11. It ist working on xbox plz fix want to play the new dlc i bough it and it dosent let me play (i need to fix my spelling a gramer)

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