22 thoughts on “Industrial Revolution

  1. The main cause of Industrial revolution was the exploitation on colonised countries

  2. inclusive of that,Britain had colonies..ie Zimbabwe , this provided raw materials and in addition to that,the Africans would trade their minerals with the finished products made in Britain

  3. Industrial Revolution could not have occurred in England unless Robert Clive occupied Bengal in India, from where all the capital to build factories in England came. But the British historians do not mention that at all. The money came from the exploitation of Bengal in India since it was occupied by the East India Company in 1757. India also provided the market in the 19th century and as a result industry in India was wiped out due to the free trade with Britain.

  4. how can people dislike this? it will save my exam tomorrow and consequently my life xD thank you 😍😍😍😄

  5. That's not how the Watt steam engine works. What you have drawn looks like an Aeolipile. If you ever remake this video maybe sketch out a Newcomen steam engine. They are pretty easy to draw and are closely related to the Watt steam engine. Otherwise, pretty good summation!

  6. I don't think the speed of the rivers was much of a factor. Wouldn't the size (depth/width) be much more important? Actually, I would argue that speed would have a negative effect on growth of cities because boats don't just go downstream (50% of the time they are going upstream).

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