this is the cannabis plant and for the last 10,000 years and more it was the most widely used beneficial plant for making products and medicine the world had ever known until just 80 years ago when it was taken away from us because it threatened the profits of big business this was in the 1930s around the time Popular Mechanics published an article declaring it our new billion-dollar crop that you could make almost anything with it 25,000 products at which point the status quo said we know we'll have none of that people like William Randolph Hearst with his interest in the timber industry and DuPont and his petroleum chemical company the pharmaceutical industry who wanted their doctors taking care of our health and this prohibition has been very profitable for a law enforcement agencies and your friendly local sheriff this is why we can't even grow the non psychoactive industrial hemp like 30 other countries around the world are doing and we're buying hemp products from them oh yes the corruption runs deep we know that and we're sick of it but there are many videos out there that delve into this history don't want to talk about that right now what everyone has to know is what this resource can give us those 25,000 products and I'd like to go through those one by one no I wouldn't but you'll get the picture okay so we've got cannabis hemp marijuana all the same plant two main varieties or strains sativa taller thinner and indica shorter thicker the entire plant was referred to as hemp for centuries but now the term is more specific to the industrial hemp variety cannabis sativa that's been bred to have almost no THC the part that gets you high now the medicinal and recreational and spiritual variety that can be sativa or indica bred to have high THC and marijuana that's the slang term it was used by Hurst and others to demonize the plant to get rid of it so we are getting rid of that the name marijuana it's like if you had a nice respectable name like Teresa and some guy insists on calling your trips morning like that it's kind of sleazy that name so toss it now how do you make all these products from this plant well let's take it apart piece by piece and see how it's done starting with the outside of the stalk you have to separate this outer fiber from the inner core decorticate and it ain't easy then I beat the hell out of it one of the hardest jobs for the longest time because the fiber is so strong strongest one that grows on the planet it's how they made rope forever and they used it to make sails canvas which is related to the word a decor Decatur came along in the early nineteen hundred's but the cotton gin was already on the scene and those interests prevailed over the future of hem unfortunately because this fiber can be used to make all the things we're making with cotton now textiles fabrics clothing shoes socks bags carpets towels you might ask is there a problem with cotton well yeah somewhere between a third and a half of the world's pesticides and herbicides are poured on cotton and into our soil and that's just while growing it the processing uses more chemicals like chlorine bleach formaldehyde it's a toxic river flowing out of the cotton industry and into environment whereas hep requires very little to no pesticides the thick canopy of leaves that blocks out the Sun below chokes out the weeds and it has this expansive root system that remediates the soil restores it can pull contaminants out of it they've planted hemp around Chernobyl to do just that so cotton got the jump on cannabis for use as a fiber but today's machinery can do all this extreme labor that used to require people and that's what we should be using now because in addition to these issues with the chemicals one acre of hemp will produce twice as much fiber as cotton with half the water half the water and the fiber has three times the strength of cotton also softer last longer won't mildew and it actually has antiseptic and antibacterial quality and basically I'm just waiting for someone to invent a have tampon so should we continue to use the cotton for our fabrics with all the chemicals involved the water issues or use the natural organic fiber from the head plant yes there will be a quiz on this no you don't have to study the slightest bit of common sense is all you need with that outer fiber removed we're down to the inner stuff it's called the herd or the Shearer it's a woody core with a texture like balsa wood and it can be used for so many applications in construction now you can actually build a house with it seriously mix the heard or Shiv with lime and water and you have hempcrete which is much better than what we're using now because again more chemicals used in the production of concrete very carbon intensive em Cree weighs six times less but it's even stronger after it sets up it keeps getting stronger for years and it's clean to work with I look at the range of materials out there I cannot find one to match em I can't find one that has such a low embodied energy that that locked carbon in has such a low environmental impact that can be grown locally and harvested with minimum inputs in a matter of just a few months instead of pouring out heavy wet toxic caustic concrete it would instead pour out this sort of fluffy lightweight stuff that was like sawdust and because there no power tools there are no cables everywhere it actually makes for a very very healthy very safe building site people talk about all these walls are breathable and no mildew mold or rot what we want to do in a building is create a wall that welcomes water but doesn't rot when it lets the water in and that's exactly what hempcrete does when humidity changes in the air outside the wall can take on that extra humidity and hold it until the humidity drops outside and it will let it back out the people are getting sick from the toxic chemicals in our own from things like insulation and paint drapes and furniture all these things can be replaced with hemp and you can press it into fiber board to replace plywood it makes great insulation and then it's not like fiberglass insulation if you've ever worked with that you don't want to be breathing it or touching it makes your skin is so continue to build homes out of toxic materials which can make a sick or out of the natural organic m-g I just don't know hemp also makes the best paper because it contains 70% cellulose compared to 30% for trees and the quality of hemp paper much better lasts much longer can be recycled many more times and once again requires fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process plus it makes more of it one acre of hemp will produce as much paper as 2 to 4 acres of trees on an annual basis because it can take 10 or 20 years of row trees and just 4 months for the head crop you can have two crops a year in many places even three in the tropical latitudes and here's something most people don't know about this plant that it absorbs or sequester's carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at five times the rate of trees who knew how much this cannabis plant really sucks the carbon right out of the air so the hemp Creek in this building is one building alone will sequester twenty thousand pounds of carbon that's a pretty big accomplishment so should we be cutting down trees for paper and wood anymore destroying the ecosystems of our forests and jungles when we can be using hemp and improving the atmosphere and soil it drives me crazy it makes me want to pick up a hammer Club myself and scream I am not from this planet this is not my speech now when I say composites I'm talking about things that are usually made from oil based plastics and fiberglass hemp composites cost half of what it takes to make comparable fiberglass takes less energy to produce it's a clean resource to make things like chairs tables furniture you can use hip composites for surfboards and guitars I bet Tommy Chong has one and cars all parts of the car body handling dashboards and also the frame the body like the car Henry Ford built out of hemp they say it's stronger than steel which is hard to imagine but here they are beating the hell out of it with a sledgehammer stronger lighter and we could be running our cars on a clean burning biofuel ethanol from half which is what Henry Ford envisions when he said rely use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the Mayas which required ages to lay down if we can get the equivalent of forests and mineral products in the annual growth of the hatfields of course that's what we should be doing and what else plastics it can replace plastic from water bottles to plastic bags utensils and these can be made 100% biodegradable throw them away anywhere and they're recycled back into nature so should we start making all these products out of organic biodegradable hemp or continue to use the oil-based plastics that don't degrade and clog up our landfills and fill our oceans with over 250,000 tons of this plastic every year kill a fish and what should we do I don't want to use this but I'll do it No I won't I heard that would be stupid and it was really hurt when you understand the situation here it's it's a rental it's delusional that's why we better move on to higher ground up the Beanstalk to the top of the plant and the flowers leaves and seeds of mine and the seeds going to be squeezed to make hemp seed oil and not only can this oil be used to make paints varnishes solvents lubricants diesel fuel ethanol it's also food a superfood and the nutritional benefits that come from these seeds along with the flowers and leaves make it the best vegetable on the planet yes yes don't argue with me now because whether it's sativa or indica male or female bred for high THC or low cannabis is a vegetable that contains every dietary essential that we can't make ourselves that's why they're called essential amino acids and essential fatty acids like the omega-3 six and nine fatty acids which are high in vitamins and protein and crucial for brain function and you need more of the three than the six or nine three one one is the optimum ratio as far as we know at this point and cannabis hemp like no other food contains that perfect balance and hemp is allergen free gluten free GMO free at least for now herbicide and pesticide free you can put it up against papaya Chane broccoli boy the cannabis girl is the hands-down winner they all have a lot of the same nutrients like calcium iron magnesium manganese and vitamin E but cannabis is the only one that contains all 21 known amino acids and has more protein per gram than meat and fish and chicken and body care products because these oils are so good for your skin it's being used to make cosmetics and and face cream shampoo soap and thank you dr. Bronner for your activism on this issue David Bronner locked himself in a cage outside the White House with hemp plants and sign on top let us farmers grow hemp you've got to love that kind of activism and we're learning now that eating and juicing the raw flowers and leaves no psychoactive effects if it's not eaten has incredible benefits with its own class of nutritional and medicinal substances known as cannabinoids which are intricately involved with regulating all the different functions of our body you could live off this plant alone if you had to you


  1. Newspaper companies and oil industries are pissed at Trump for legalizing hemp federally. But you know what? Trump is going to win a second term just for legalizing hemp. If he legalizes marijuana before the 2020 election, he's in automatically.

  2. President of America that so many people complain about in so many people love Donald J Trump just made hemp legal in all 50 states no matter what people think about him no one ever done this in our entire lifetimes. I'm very excited about this proposition to grow hemp in our country of America finally again 2019

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  6. I own some Royal Navy hemp ropes which have been in my family for over 100 years but they look and feel like brand new and I still use them to haul out timber weighing several tons without ever breaking one of them. It truly is a wonder product and a gift from nature to the human race.

  7. Hemp fibers are extremely durable.
    I had to toss away a section of hemp rope because it finally dried out after almost 120 years.
    I sleep well knowing it will rot and not be around 500 years from now. Unlike synthetic.

  8. hey dvmovie? do you mind as an advocate that i post this video on facebook in a channel is dedicated to follow legalization in the state of arkansas? i really enjoy your video and as an advocate i understand most individuals understand the medical benefits of cannabis long before those the apply to the environment.

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