23 thoughts on “Industrial Engineering: Reality vs Expectations

  1. Thank you man! It is very detailed and descriptive logically and how actually things work in companies. Here I'm subscribing you and keep adding these kind of stuff.

  2. This sounds boring as hell. Procurement??? I don’t need to go to college to do a manager’s job at Walmart.

  3. Hey, I have a question. I'm applying for IE masters for fall 19. My question is, can I get into financial engineering via Industrial Engineering?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. This is an amazing Episode .. I am an Industrial Engineer (just graduated).. I feel very privileged. Still actively searching for an Internship in the USA.

  5. I'm currently studying B.E in industrial engineering.. shud I do any certain coarses or masters to get gud job .. plzz sm1 do respond

  6. I just have a question, if you're an Industrial Engineer, do you work alone or you work with other profession?

  7. IE graduate and work in IT so yeah pretty broad, good thing is that you can try and then decide the path to follow

  8. Would you say that is IE is the major to pick if I’m interested in entrepreneurship in the fields of software and mechanics?
    I have a few ideas in these fields that I want to pursue so I’m not sure what to pick… Maybe IE as second degree and CS as first degree…?
    Would appreciate your help 🙂

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