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  1. September – Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan


  2. what i love about being an IE is how dynamic our field is, I have worked in hospitality, forestry and retail business…its all kind of the same if you see it in a holistic way…

  3. I stidied industrial engg from CET graduated in 2015 me and other 33 students didnt got a core job. All went to work for IT.

  4. My son recently done masters in industrial engineering he is in search of job he is applying but no response

  5. they came from where nobody know,they were created for this job they areee Industrial engineers.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N383QNnbHA&feature=youtu.be

  6. Functions of Industrial Engineering

  7. i'm a IE… you guy must really think quality grades such as the ISO 9000, 'cose in most "1st world countrys" thare are no heavy industry to get into… unless you really want to go to China :V

  8. Industrial Engineering – Introduction

  9. what is the best country for study ındustrial engineering? Or can you give me ıdea to what to do pls

  10. I explain Industrial Engineering as Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineering. Yes, IE has infinite possibilities to relentless work on systems to improve their efficiency. Each new design of the system to improve its performance of value to customers needs continuous efforts to improve its efficiency by reducing resource consumption.

    Industrial Engineering Knowledge Cente

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