48 thoughts on “Industrial Control Panel Basics

  1. Great video. Straight forward with clear explanation. I'm going to open a panel now to identify the components. My electrical instructor sent me this video. Thanks Harry.👍

  2. Totally unsafe the panel should have external isolator to switch out power to panel before the panel door can be opened.

  3. Very good video. Best yet I've found. I work in an industrial plant and was "thrown into" this sort of electrical stuff. I started as a contractor on site doing HVAC work. So I am "reverse engineering" my knowledge, so to speak, of the stuff upstream of the machine. This helped.



  5. I was in Plc sampling section around 2years Yokogawa after loong time do you explain beautiful Sir, completely BOM for DCS assable and testing panel Side FAT.

  6. Not bad, my opinion to improve it would be –
    power rail vertically at the bottom left; analog in and out TB on their own track; digital in and out on their own track. Making the power outlet at the bottom left is ideal for service calls if you need to plug a laptop + digital inputs should be like the output; phoenyx relays with led indicators and eliminate all these annoying fuses you never have on you.

    i would move the plc + ethernet/fiber at the very top; moving it out of the way because these area tend to get messy or bulky and have a dedicated wire tray just for them so they don't get all tangled up with power wires. What i see often for design of fiber based setup is this panel coupled with a 2 inch nipple to the fiber patch panel next to it. the fiber can terminate/patch in his own insulated panel then send the feed by the nipple directly to the normal plc panel by the top, avoiding all others wires so it stays out of way and won't get crushed by anyone working on it.

  7. A really nice video. I am currently working for a company that builds those and other electrical panels.

  8. This channel is fantastic. It's really helping me understand a wide range of material that I employ daily at work, where training can be insufficient at times. Excellent videos! Keep them coming. The simplicity and professionalism makes it easy to follow, and when you want to learn about a particular item/subject those videos are available.

  9. Can anybody in the comments explain to me why all electricians have that same receding hairline? Is it caused from something in the wires?

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