Indicted: Rudy Giuliani Allies Arrested At Airport Boasted Of Trump Relationship, Mar-A-Lago Stays

Indicted: Rudy Giuliani Allies Arrested At Airport Boasted Of Trump Relationship, Mar-A-Lago Stays

100 thoughts on “Indicted: Rudy Giuliani Allies Arrested At Airport Boasted Of Trump Relationship, Mar-A-Lago Stays

  1. The impeachment inquiry is a political process kind of masquerading as a legal one.

    Not only did Hillary try to stack the deck in 2016 with her illegal spying on a presidential campaign, then soft coup, now we have Biden and the whole party using impeachment disinformation for the next year to influence the 2020 election.

    Of Course they want an impeachment disinformation cloud over Trump, THEY WANT REGAIN POWER.

    It all makes sense now.

  2. This guy wants to be relevant, but doesn't want to spill all he knows. He'll trip himself. He was most likely approached and pitched. Sounds as though he turned them down, but has first hand knowledge. It is so difficult to meet with a congressman directly. Come on man, just say what you were told. Republicans, smh.

  3. After all of this ……… crap ……… how can even one Republican member still back Little Donnie and remain silent as they did to Hitler !!!
    Have they not read their history books? …… little Donnie excluded, he doesn’t read !!!!

  4. Having all this madness play out could be prevented.
    After his speech Russia if you're listing where are the..
    It was a clear call for election medelling he should have be arrested on stage by the secret service.
    Case closed!

  5. One man does not change longstanding US foreign policy, even if he is the president. Trump doesn't come up with these decisions by himself. He's just a figurehead for a shift in foreign policy which is coming from the actual policymakers. Albeit, I don't even see any change in policy. Chaos has always been a weapon of US middle Eastern policy. Nothing cataclysmic is happening here. Just chaos….the way it's always been.

  6. Donald tDump is now PARANOID. He is calling Moscow Mitch McConnell 3X a day making sure that they're loyal to him.This criminal and fake president wants loyalty but he himself throw people under the bus after he used and abused them.What a F hypocrite.

  7. Men , who like to believe they are in charge , have shown us how easy they kowtow for politics.
    I fail to understand how the wives stay married to such ugly and cruel men . And daughters, move out whenbyoy can. My dad was a Republican.

  8. I think these guys are poster children for the new Russian method of “in plain sight” spying. The more obvious and blatant you are, the more you can get away with, because the system looks for spying hidden in secrecy!

    Trump is the master of this, with Rudy a close second. Both know exactly what they are doing. Crime not justbin “plain sight” but “in your face”! Because the point isn’t that Trump’s base would accept him murdering someone in Time Square, but that he would do it so openly that they wouldn’t believe it. In-your-face crime and spying is the Kremlin’s new deep cover. Be so obvious that no one can believe anyone could be so stupid!

  9. You DEM CLUCKS all talk&No Action.You PROVE NOTHING.Just HOW STUPID YOU ARE.melt snowflakes put your Binky in your mouth&Quit whinning..YOU GOT NOTHING..GOOD ALWAYS WINS GOD BLESS U.S TRUMP BEST PRESIDENT EVER..LANDSLIDE2020 Deal With It.👍

  10. Goons of Putin (GOP) hanging out with Russian operators= Current collusion and corruption. Any Questions?
    Goons of Putin (GOP) Goons of tRump (GOT) treasonous obfuscation (TO) get out (GO) 11/3 /2020 Make it so.

  11. now we know that there are Epstein clones roaming around the WH..hope these 2 don't hang themselves or by other people inside the jail

  12. Rudy Giulianus will be indicted for impersonated a government official.,..he will be in the same federal prison together with Michael Cohen

  13. Hehe
    My country first, the party second
    But but only after a tipping point, none the less
    Glad at least that they admin that they put their GOP first ALWAYS
    This is one of those rare moments when the mainstream media publishes truth

  14. Did anyone report that Paul Manaforts coconspirator and brother of Democrat chairman
    John Podesta , Tony Pdesta who was arrested and charged by Muller… was let go by the southern didtrict of New York while his partner received 7 yrs ? Equal justice for Democrats my eye hole..

  15. If Republicans need to "learn" that trump will turn on them if/when its convenient to him, they must be the dummest sh*ts in the world since donald has NEVER been anything but such a person. And as far as Republicans suddenly having to worry about themselves, again, clown, they've done nothing but take care of themselves over country. They are all afraid that trump will sick his deplorables on them come election time and encourage them to vote for whomever is in the primaries against them. I'm loving politics these days as the GOP is finally getting what they so richly deserve after playing with wedge issues for the past fourty years. Then along comes the donald, yelling this crap out loud and totally conquering the ignorant base that comprises the biggest block of GOP voters–those idiots and fools who can constantly be convinced to vote agaisnt their own self-interests because of their racism and ignorance.

  16. Whistle Blowers are folks who have prima facia knowledge of wrong doing in Govt & industry and come forward in spite of threats & personal harm. CIA spooks who've been placed in the Executive Branch of Govt to frame a President who wants to curtail the IC & military industrialists controlling this Country ARE NOT WHISTLE BLOWERS. Grow a brain kids. Mindlessly hitting the "like" key for everyone who agrees with what the media tells you is not going to improve your lot in life.

  17. Question to the new POTUS, " What's the first thing you'll do when you enter the White House ? ", new POTUS, " fumigate the entire place & scan for bugs… ".

  18. Rudy Tooty had the hotel room next to mine last night. This is what I heard through the walls:
    "Ohhhh…Rudy..what have you done. You picked the wrong team again…. ohhhhhhh…. first it was the Mets, and now Donald…oh-h-h-h-h-h-h n-o-o-o-o-o. I'm screwed, it's all over."

  19. You see how their russian or turkey crook is alway taking picture with the republican peoples or NRA or far-right-wing-nationalists peoples and giving them money at party or white house or up on the hill or Mar-a-logo ?.

  20. @Ari Melber << " A majority of Americans now say they DO support Donald Trump impeached, and removed from office….etc. etc, " <<
    These are NOT ordinary lies ! These are… miserable…. LIES ! Straight from ….. Ari Melber, ….and MSNBC ! :-)))

  21. One of the stratengies is to creat an illusion that nobody is supporting the president even if they are or say they are they are just lying… This is the CNN message. Those that speak out against the media get threatened and intimidated and if they are in office, threatened with supeona, harrassment and impeachment.

  22. Prediction – fRump endgame: fRump sez: I don't know the guy, maybe saw him getting coffee, he was just an unpaid hanger-on, I couldn't pick him out from a photo. In all honesty I had nothing to do with Donald Trump, just nothing at all.

  23. @3:13 … "I had no reason to believe they were up to anything nefarious".!!! Really ???. After so manythings have been reported with Russian and Ukrainian Lobbyists ? This is are credulous and irresponsible GOP politicians are, with no ability for critical thinking.
    Have mercy !

  24. Do any of you get even the slightest bit suspicious when you hear mainstream media talking heads all say use the EXACT SAME WORDS and deliver the EXACT SAME MESSAGE from the networks and cable news???? Don't any of you have the courage to turn over a few rocks to learn what's really going on??? Do you know how many Constitutional Rights were stolen from you by the Patriot Act??? Do some independent research – forget mainstream media.

  25. Igor and Lev look like Russian GQ models. Hilarious that these Ruskies were throwing around money to Trump PACs and passing themselves as Mir A Lago alumni. Yet these Russian hipsters are somehow naturalized US citizens. Wake up America. Register and vote

  26. What did trump say I don’t know these gentlemen . We have friends in the Whitehouse and we are good mates with Guileani really . Trump knows exactly who these rats are

  27. And now Lindsey Graham can congratulate himself for enabling Trump, and helping to create what Graham now considers to be a deplorable situation. Karma is real.

  28. Media "forgets" to mention that those men are American citizen. And to clarify: they dont work for Russia or Putin but for Ukraine.

  29. I just pray America doesn’t be stupid enough to make the same 🤬mistake twice because he’s the biggest Benedict Arnold traitor since Benedict Arnold himself 1776-2019 think about it !!!🤔🙄🙈😡

  30. Trump claims that he "doesn't know those crooks", similar to "i never met stormy daniels, the check's in the mail and i didnt know she was fourteen".


  32. All the gains they made at the bottom of the swamp. All the dems are going down, stealing from taxpayers and our allies …

  33. No defense, You should impeach!! McConnell need to sit down some where, he's being paid off. All money is not good money!! Hope nothing happen to those two guys that were arrested, if they think those two men will cooperate. See what happen to Espstein.

  34. Trump said he doesn’t know any of them but there is photo of him and one of the arrested Giuliani associates. Trump is so bad at lying.

  35. Super Max, Super Max, Super Max, Super Max, Super Max, Super Max Prison is where Trump his family and the republican senate and congress need to go, NOW😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  36. The moron say he does not know these two guys, if so, does it mean anyone can walk into the white house and take photograph with the clown?

  37. Huge campaign contributors, like to hang around Moron-Lago, eastern European origins, no visible means of support…………obviously just ordinary guys. And what is so unusual about naturalized Americans taking one-way tickets back to Ukraine? Nothing to see here.

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