34 thoughts on “India’s World: Review of Modi's Foreign Policy

  1. Political poison in a panel discussion of importance brings out the worst indigestion,as in this case, how Manish Tiwari has demonstrated himself in this panel. It should be a lesson for those who select a panel for future discussion. Politician by and large can create heat in a discussion, but seldom can shine any light!


  3. omg that MPhil student in international studies have an awful English & no eloquence at all, it begs the question as to how they got there in the first place!

  4. Recently Saudi Arabia has announced it will invest 10 Billion $ in Sunni Maldives to build navel ports and airports Jointly with China. This deal is brokered by Pakistan. All Madrasas in Maldives have Pakistani mullahs running them and last year millions of Chinese tourists visited Maldives. This development has been a major failure of Indian Foreign policy under Modi.

  5. Manish Tiwari is a disgrace in the name of foreign policy expertise….doesnt deserve to be given a seat at such intellectual forum…spewing out his venom using distasteful words…represents the termite ridden congress mindset…

  6. Why do you bring this idiot tiwari in to the debate who does not know what foreign policy is or should be?

  7. I really couldn't understand about what point Manish Tiwary was trying to make. It was all confusing.

  8. awesome discussion, but why shouldn't opposition just praise the good things going on or conducted by the government, why they become "Dhrutrastra"?
    ooo so -ve vibe coming from congress representative

  9. I categorically rejecting the view of Manish Tiwari on CPEC. CPEC can not be beneficial for India. How can we accept CPEC, it passes through our territory (Violation of India sovereignty) without our permission, for others strategic gain.success of CPEC is failure of India.

  10. Why is Manish Tiwari part of this panel? he even did not give any prudent view on policy, his inclusion in panel diminished the personality of other members. He proved that political members can not be neutral, they can not appreciate good move of any governments. you should not take political members in any such pragmatic discussion.

  11. What was the need of bringing this foolish person of political nature? I believe value-neutral discussion would have been a good one.

  12. Mr.Tiwari is a congress leader and he will tell what Sonia Gandhi allows. So don't listen to him. Moreover, JNU has become a place for
    Anti India elements. They will always see the negative side of things.

  13. Had not barath intervened,manoj would not have answered that last question also…he should understand he comes to such show,he should protray his individual views rather than criticizing the government of the day.

  14. So all this talk about foreign policy highlighting the triumphs of this govt, of which there have been a few; But no mention of the Mongolia Fiasco or our issues with Nepal, where public and political opinion has become heavily anti India. Although Tiwari was being a 'congress man' but he was balancing the Modi love from all the panellists here.

  15. All the ambassadors explained the foreign policy very well with facts where it is heading, except Manish Tewari.
    Big Cheers to MODI Government!!!!!!
    Manish Tewari had the biased opinion because of obvious reasons. I don't know why he was in a debate. All the baseless discussion with improper knowledge e.g. Russia support in CPEC. He didn't accept the facts that UPA government was not able to implement the Foreign policies during its 10 years government. Manmohan Singh policies were good but they couldn't implement those.
    NDA government made very good progress in most of the areas. This government is improving the image of the INDIA in global diaspora. I hope this government will take the INDIA to big heights with a new and innovative program like MAKE IN INDIA.

  16. It is funny…. all the intellectuals on stage and in audience… failed to discuss BRIC! ….. an acronym given by an economist about emerging economies….. BRICS borrowed the acronym but failed to address the anachronism.

  17. Wow! Finally a discussion where the journalist does not interrupt the panel members every 5 seconds. I thought all these types of journalists were extinct. Nice discussion! Keep it up.

  18. Has any1 else found questions from students more relevent??
    Hats off guys..Your observation is commendable.

  19. After listening to the last remarks by Mr. Tiwari, I thought it was only me who felt very irritated when he termed the gathering of NRI's by PM Modiji as a "Tamasha". If it looks like a "Tamasha" to him than he is missing the essence of message to NRI and it is time for him to watch each and every video several times with a notebook in his hand than come back to panel to see if he heard anything which has a positive message for everyone on this planet. For me personally his message has been consistent that of clear vision for economic development of the nation and her neighbours as well. Mr. Tiwari if you want to learn something new than do leave your e-mail and I will contact you to teach everything you want to learn about PM Modiji's vision for India. I have tons of words of wisdom and hope you are open to learn from a person who has only education upto F.Sc. I hope you will be careful before making negative comments without facts to prove your point of view. Silence is always golden.

  20. if you want to put a neutral discussion, is it necessary to put a seat there for a Congress spokesperson, because after this debate, one can surely tell he was unable to distinguish the good deeds done by PM, constantly criticising him when his own govt did nothing except dreaming and setting various goals which could not be accomplished by his govt. He seems like representing his Congress party rather than taking part in discussion.

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