13 thoughts on “India's Slumdog Press: The Child Journalists Giving a Voice to Millions

  1. If I were in better health I'd adopt one of these kids.  Wondering if there are any worthwhile charities that actually do something to address this

  2. Control over population ,eradication of illetracy helps for bringing about a change in INDIA.

  3. Soon enough India will have to adopt the 1 child policy because at this rate there will be more poor slum people and the country won't be able to cope.

  4. I guess none of these 'journalists' would ever say 'slum dog' to one of these children face to face. How would you feel about someone who used racist/offensive terms about group of people behind their back but not to their face? Cowardly and backward perhaps?

  5. When did it become ok to describe a group of human children as dogs in the media by supposed journalists?

  6. Slum dog: a term coined by a western white person to describe poor children of another race, now a term liberally used by sections of the media as a valid descriptive term. The sad state of humanity in the modern world/ western media. smh.😔

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