India’s Act East policy

India’s Act East policy

20 thoughts on “India’s Act East policy

  1. 'Missionaries from India introduced new beliefs and ideas in South East Asia'….False….There were never any Hindu 'missionaries' spreading 'Hinduism'…There is no 'conversion' in Sanatana Dharma (Hindusim). People from other parts of the world heard about and came to India, the richest land on the planet for over two millennia and during their travels took back with them, the philosophies, traditions and culture of India back to their home lands. Hinduism is the oldest spiritual practice in the world. For once, take off your Christian/jewish/muslim glasses and try to view the world.

  2. Modi government has build kilometers of electricity lines , optic fibre ,railways, bridges and roads in north east and it is also subverting militant groups by peace process and military processes.

  3. Şirvan please find a good narrator. I watch and appreciate all your videos but you sound like you whisper and we can’t pronounce English so well. Let’s face it…

  4. Love and respect from Bangladeshis to Indians.

    Hopefully both can benefit commercially with even stronger ties.

  5. Well I don't think China has influence in the SE Asia
    Mostly because South China Sea which is a trigger point

  6. India is not in really a good position to combat China in any meaningful way it seems besides cultural ties

  7. you are right about the indian position, but u are wrong about asian viewing india has a counterweight. asia is under no illusion that india is no match for china. strictly speaking asia only care about US and China. Russia, Japan and India are only regarded as secondary powers. because of India's domestic weakness, India is unable to use it domestic market to influence Asia like China can, most Asian countries export 4 to 5 time the amount to China as they do to India. India is simply to vurneable to open its market to trade, many ASEAN businesses are ahead of India's and they would crush Indian companies if they lose their home market, so while India like to extend its influence, it is really at the limit of what it can afford to bet… the Indian are well aware of it, as is the rest of Asia…

    in fact the only interesting player right now is Japan as many believe Japan will finally concede to Russia to reduce Chinese influence there…. the Japanese's "look north" policy is therefore more credible then the Indian's "act east", because what can India really do? it navy and airforce is limited compare to China. and even if India build road into ASEAN, it only intergrate NE India closer into the chinese sphere of influence than to boost it connectivity to the core of India. what is more is this corridor is actually part of China's plan for Belt Road Initiative. thus isn't it a concession that the Chinese is right about how to intergrate Asia?

  8. World democracies must support india to safeguard rule of law & democracy in asia. Rougue nations like South Korea, Pakistan , china is a evil axis which donot belive in rule of law will cause WW3. If not wakeup today.

  9. Being an Indian Citizen living the UAE, India is never gonna be a Superpower till Extremists like Modi, sitting on high positions are overthrown!

    Modi is a Hindu Extremist backed by Hindu Terrorists like RSS.

    The economic liberalisation, privatisation Shervan is talking about ws done by the Secular yet Progressive Indian National Congress Govt. Modi and all his policies have been nothing more than failures

    I urge the Community to research and critcise Modi as soon as possible

    India is dying, only the World can rescue us from this extremist modi!

  10. I'm an Indian living in New Delhi, and I can say with great certainty that India is going to go bankrupt soon if this type of governance keeps governing India.

  11. Coming from a Canadian, I hope that my country does better relations with India as opposed to China. Do business with China, but be weary of China, they are not your ally they are your enemy. The only reason they don't actively try and invade, or any other thing like that, is so that they can steal what you have over time.

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