Indian Defence Updates : Tejas Drops Tank,Electric Drive Destroyers,IAF Conducts Massive Exercise

Indian Defence Updates : Tejas Drops Tank,Electric Drive Destroyers,IAF Conducts Massive Exercise

[Applause] the pages light combat aircraft has dropped its 1200 litre external fuel tank during a routine sortie and the fighter jet managed to land back safely at the Solar Air Force Station and the Air Force is conducting an investigation on the incident the tages fighter jet has flown more than 4,500 sorties during various tests and this is the first incident since the fighter jet first took to the skies in January 2001 the tactics and air combat development establishment of the Indian Air Force is trying to increase its combat capacity and has started exercise from today which will be conducted for the next forty days over 40 fighter jets combat helicopters and cargo planes will take part in this exercise in which both the air crew and ground crew will be engaged in different exercises and combat practices the Indian Air Force will display air-to-air and air-to-ground capability from the su-30 mirage 2000 upgraded Jaguar in mig-21 and this exercise will help to study various tactical procedures for different fighter jets and their implementation in the form of standard operating procedures the flag officer commanding in chief for the Southern Command has said that the next generation of Indian naval ships will be powered by electrical propulsion systems and the training facilities have already been created ahead of construction programs for new ships he also said that the new landing platform ships will be the first Indian Navy ships fitted with an electrical propulsion which will be followed for its next series of destroyers and aircraft carriers of the future which will enable better stealth due to significant noise reduction lesser fuel requirement improvement in speed and also an increase in maneuverability Chinese media has reported that China could purchase additional batches of su-35 fighter jets from Russia as a second batch could help to further modernize the Chinese Air Force and the purchase could have political and economic elements demonstrating close ties between China and Russia the Chinese President and Russian President Vladimir Putin have pledged to do more business in their respective national currencies while Russia has also signed on to the Chinese belt and Road initiative envisioning hundreds of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure projects across the globe the Union budget 2019 is expected to be announced on the 5th of July and the Indian Armed Forces expect an increase in the defense budget and this hope is also fueled by the fact that the newly appointed finance minister was in charge of the defense ministry in her last role and she would be well aware of the challenges and requirements of the forces the former vice chief of Indian Army had said in 2018 that 68% of the Army's equipment is in the vintage category and a fund crunch will also impact the serviceability of the existing equipment even though the sanctioned strength is 42 the Indian Air Force currently operates 35 squadrons and the stage is all set for the procurement of 114 fighter jets under the twenty billion dollars MMRCA tender while the acquisition of fifty ships and six submarines have been approved to be procured over the next ten years the Indian Navy needs a fleet of 200 ships and 500 aircraft by 2050 Oh Rajat

31 thoughts on “Indian Defence Updates : Tejas Drops Tank,Electric Drive Destroyers,IAF Conducts Massive Exercise

  1. I trust Modi's government will do everything needed to overhaul and take our military to a whole new level

  2. What’s the latest for the $20bn MMRC requirement? Are we still going with the remaining 114 Rafale? What sort of time frames are we talking about? Or has the baseless Congress mudslinging stalled this deal as well? This children, is why we can’t have nice things…

  3. The Chinese purchase of additional Su-35s from Russia could be indicative of its inability to develop a cost-effective knock-off domestically.

  4. China always Increases fighter jets but last 6 yrs India people demand for to complete MMRCA 2 but unfortunately our government couldn't approved

  5. Why would tejas pilot jettison, on purpose, only one of the fuel tank which is already full? That fuel tank will fall straight under the carpet if PR is competent in spin control. A newspaper quoted AM Anup Raha in 2009 that he will not let his pilots get anywhere close to that aircraft.

  6. I think our army and airforce going to conduct another surgical strike inside pakistan .Because of more excerise and more defence buying and R&D massively increased .

    if Yes 👍 or comment .

  7. India should buy more Rafale or make indigenous #AMCA & #Tejasmk-2 aircraft fast track procedure as our fighter aircraft decrease year by day & Chinese modernized it's armed force by buying SU-35

  8. India needs a separate entity working in complete secrecy to develop at least 4 engines for out fighter aircraft fleet requirements. This project should not be given to HAL at any cost.

  9. Russia cares about itself. Russia doesn't care about what happens to India via military hardware it sells to China.

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