46 thoughts on “India election 2019: The faces of Hindu nationalism – BBC News

  1. So the BBC are now trying to portray Hindus in a negative light? But never Muslims though. No, they're just misunderstood. They're actually all super chill. Not a bad apple amongst them

  2. Just look after you own country mate.. probably we will cross your country GDP this year…
    What your ancestors did to us is repeating now for Britain.
    Karma is real
    Bharat Mata ki jai!

  3. India is being taken for a ride by a bunch of fanatics and it will, in the end, help only the elites of the country, while the powerless die for their hopeless cause.

  4. If BJP comes to power again, the undivided India will be divided into 3/4 parts politically and geographically. This is BJP motive. They are just good to rule some section of the society not India. Indian Governance fails.

  5. BBC- The epitome of lies , manipulation and propaganda. Nobody cares about you anymore BBC. Not even people of your region. You are slowly losing credibility. Love from India.

  6. BJP trying to religious nationalism, but Congress trying to Nationalism. BJP does not know India is multi cultures, tradition etc. Indian will get severse employment problem if outsoureces companies takes it back

  7. Hey British broadcasting Corporation, don't you have your own issues to report like, oh lemme think for a minute… … …


  8. Modi is not good leader.. I no agree with Indian gm.. Hindu everytime killing Muslim brothers and sisters..

  9. As one of the greatest legend in history and a highly spiritual saint once said: BBC waalo, tumhari maa ka bhosda 😂😂😂😂

  10. BBC please what are you trying to say really ? do you approve this or disapprove ? wasnt this whole idea of imperial britain ? Divide and rule ? they ( politicians) learned from british rule how it works . the only thing changed that britian was too broke too rule india so they handover country to alike minded people doing the same thing yet this day.

  11. Reading all the comments from the Hindus here, it is clear that they are all radicalised. They overwhelmingly support the racist and genocidal views of Modi's Bjp and RSS. This is an extremely serious issue as we are talking of maybe 600 million people. Maybe economic sanctions from the enlightened world will help?

  12. Bhakts mob lynching this video with dislikes and negative comments.
    Kudos to BBC for not disabling the comment section.

  13. I am an Indian atheist. But still, I support Hindu nationalists, they are the necessary evil. BBC needs to STFU and concentrates on the Islamization of Britain.

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  15. India and Pakistan used to be one country. Instead of trying to unify, they are trying to eliminate each other.

  16. They would give up their lives to protect the temple. But when it comes to paying up their taxes which would really help the country, they simply cough and look the other way.

    People need to be honest before entering a temple. Honest in every sense.

  17. All this is because of inferiority complex of a failed super power who is decimated in the world.
    Why this news channel not be banned in india? Who needs it?

  18. The biggest fools of India…..
    They win the 2014 election, but they don't realize that how their government serve the people. Now, most of the people are in poverty, there is no modi government help the poor peoples. There is no such daily wage jobs for people. Shame of you people……

  19. In BBC hindi (indian bbc) they speak 🗣 other…. Portfolio and in bbc News they speak other think just don't.

  20. I think BBCs Arabic channel created terrorist channel called aljajeera…and it's true that Hindus are suppressed from ages..

  21. Nothing new here. Indian elections are always impregnated with anti Pakistan sentiments, albeit more vocal this time around. This will only tone down once the elections are over and the winning and losing parties start blaming each other for vote fraud.

  22. Well, TAMMY, retaliation isn’t going to solve the problem. Rise above the petty minded people. Let them get on with their faith and you get on with yours. That way, we all can live peacefully. PLEASE. Only the young die as a result of this bickering. Lower your voices, be respectful, do something positive to better your country and your faith. Let the situation in Sri Lanka be a lesson to all. You’d die in vain, when you can act positive, make friends and share your thoughts without getting g angry all the time.

  23. सभी हिन्दू भाई एकजुट रहे
    पकिस्तान ,अफगानिस्तान ,बंग्लादेश मे हुए हिन्दू अत्याचार को भूले नहीं ।
    कही आपके आने वाली पीढी को परिणाम भुगतना पड़े।
    1)खरीदारी करते वक्तअपने भाई की दुकान को चुने पसंद करे
    2)अपने बच्चो को हिन्दू धर्म की महानता समज़ाए
    3)ratshtrawadi देशभक्ति movies अवश्य देखे
    4)उर्दू bollywood गानो का बहिष्कार करे ।कोई बजा रहा हो तो उसे भी मना करे
    5)जातिवाद से दूर रहे,
    ब्रम्हानक्षत्रियवैश्यशूद्र ईस माटी के पुत्र है ।बन्धुत्व बनाय रखे
    6)आज बटोगे तो कल कटोगे

  24. So they can't accept different religions in India , but then move to UK isolate themselves still hating Muslims. The Muslims do the same. we have no say in this,they come want to change UK to fit in with them but we're the racist. the things they moan about we moan about losing of culture , identity and traditions. It's not racist to question and want to keep your history your made from the past. Everyone has their roots it's about time we stopped this pc bs and have open dialogue , diversity doesn't,isn't and will never work. Humans are tribal and flawed we can't help it, instead of fighting it lets celebrate the difference's. I don't want my town looking like down town Delhi, I don't want to change Delhi . What fun will traveling be if every where looks the same? We all have same culture?

    It's racist to force immigration on people , your can't take away peoples culture, you can't do it without diluting beliefs and traditions it's impossible. You want Muslims to accept transgender? It can't happen without one cow towing to the other, you can't compromise on that issue and neither will. Sharia law isn't the same as western law . So the government is purposely putting all these barriers in place knowing it can't and won't work

  25. Hindu terrorism of RSS, Bajrangdal, Shiv Sena supported by Indian terrorist agency RAW is a threat for regional peace.
    Cockroaches like Hindu terrorists have come out all gun blazing in comments section as it’s HARD TO Digest TRUTH!!

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