India Alert | New Episode 363 | Gulabi Parlour ( गुलाबी पार्लर ) | Dangal TV Channel

India Alert | New Episode 363 | Gulabi Parlour ( गुलाबी पार्लर ) | Dangal TV Channel

What happened, son? Why are you crying? Hey! Hey! I will take you! Come. Don’t do that, son. I will take you. See what is happening. It’s okay. Hey! Hey! Come. Come, son. Son. What happened?
Why are you taking the child? -I was…
-Child… -Were you kidnapping the child?
-No. No. He was kidnapping the child. -Beat him.
-No. No. I was not kidnapping the child.
I was not kidnapping the child. No. No. Take him. Come on. Take him to police station. Come on. Come on. What drama is this? Madam, he was kidnapping a child. He was kidnapping the
child from the street. No, ma’am. No, ma’am. He is lying. Shut up. You kidnap children. Will you kidnap children? No, ma’am. All of them are mistaken.
I was not kidnapping the child. I saw that the child is alone. So I was trying to find
out where his parents are. And why he is crying on the road. He is lying, madam. It’s an absolute lie. I saw him taking the child in his arms. And the child was flailing
his arms and legs. Had we not saved the child,
he would have kidnapped him. Hold on. If you felt
he is kidnapping the child why didn’t you bring
him to the police station? Why did you take law in your hands? Madam… I got angry at his action.
What could I do? Fine. Now leave. We will handle the rest. Go. Yes. Yes. Come on. Raman, arrest him. -Ma’am, I didn’t kidnap the child.
-Keep quiet. Ma’am, believe me. -I didn’t kidnap the child.
-Come on. Ma’am, I was not kidnapping the child. Son, what is your name? Come on. Sit. Don’t cry, son. What is your name? Don’t be afraid. I am aunt Aditi. Who? Police aunt. Do you know what I do? Son, I beat all bad people
and put them in the lockup. So that they do not trouble
cute children like you. The way I put this uncle in the lockup. Wasn’t he troubling you? Did you like my cap? Do you want it? You look smart. Are we friends now? Sure? Will you tell me your name? What is your name? What is your name, son? Tell me. What is your name? -Raman, do one thing.
-Yes, ma’am. Check all missing reports
in our police station. And nearby police stations. Maybe someone has
filed his missing report. Okay, ma’am. Oh Lord! My Sonu! Oh Lord! Return my Sonu! Quiet. Don’t cry. Your son will be found. Keep quiet. Don’t cry. Hello. Yes. I am Komal. Yes. Sonu cannot speak. What? Fine. Fine. I will come immediately. Yes. Seems like Sonu has been found. I will just come. Wow! You draw so well. Very good. Sonu! My son! Is she your mother? How did the child go missing? Ma’am, we live in Pratapnagar. I was sleeping in the afternoon. I didn’t come to know
when he went outside. How did you not come to know? Aren’t you his mother? So you should be careful. Someone else is paying
for your irresponsibility. Take him home. He shouldn’t be lost again. Go. Take him. Take care, son. Go. -Thank you, ma’am.
-Welcome. Raman, release that man. Why, madam?
Wasn’t he kidnapping the child? The child went missing due to his mother. That man saw him on the road. If he wanted to kidnap the child,
he wouldn’t have approached him in front of so many people. Okay. Hello. Yes. Sonu has been found. I brought him from the
police station just now. No. No. The police didn’t suspect anything. I brought him home easily. Now hang up. Don’t call me unless I tell you. Okay? Give me gloves. Ma’am, this is the house that was reeking. Check here. -Raman.
-Yes, ma’am. Check this. Look. Did anyone say anything? No, ma’am.
Some people were passing from here. They found bad odor
emanating from the house. And they informed me. Whose house is it? The owner of the house
died three months ago. Since then the house is locked, ma’am. Fine. Send the body for postmortem. Fast. Search the house thoroughly.
We might find some clue. Okay, ma’am. The woman is 22-25 years old. She was not raped. But she was sexually active. -So it means she was married.
-Perhaps. What do you think?
Did she die due to her throat being slit? No. She died due to poisoning. After which her throat was slit. I think the murderer was
not a professional criminal. How? Because the way he has slit her throat it seems like he has
done it for the first time. Another thing. There is a tattoo on her hand. -Can you show me?
-Yes. Sure. What happened? Raman. I want details of all missing
girls in the city aged 20-25. To find out whether she is one of them. Right. Yes, Raman. What! Fine. I am coming. Thank you, doctor. Ma’am, it’s a girl’s body. And her throat was also slit. Where is the body? She was also brutally murdered. Ma’am, it seems to
be the same modus operandi. It seems to be a serial killer. How, ma’am? The other girl’s body was
also found in a bag like this. She was also killed brutally. The house where the
girl’s body was discovered isn’t far from here. Raman, do one thing. Send the body for postmortem. -Yes, ma’am.
-And yes. Get me missing reports of all girls. Okay, ma’am. Doctor, it means both the murders
were committed similarly. Yes. She was killed through poisoning. Similarly,
she was also killed through poisoning. Her throat was slit. Similarly, her throat was also slit. But she was murdered 20-22 hours ago. And she was murdered 15-18 hours ago. So it could be the same murderer. Yes. It’s possible. Raman, find out who made this tattoo. Ma’am, how will I find out? There are many tattoo artists in the city. There are many tattoo artists. But everybody has a unique style. And everybody recognizes their work. Show it to all tattoo artists in city. Find out who made it. Fast. Yes, ma’am. Did you make this tattoo? Yes, ma’am. I have made this tattoo. Nobody can make such
a beautiful tattoo besides me. Who got her hand tattooed? It’s difficult to say that, ma’am. Because many people come to me for tattoo. Name? Number? Address? They must be providing some details. Do you make a bill for all this? I always write in my diary. Wait. I will check and tell you. I had created this tattoo last month. You see, ma’am, I introduce
a new tattoo design every month. Do you want a tattoo? Just say the name and address. Sir, last month four
girls got the tattoo done. I want everybody’s name and number. -Okay?
-Fine, sir. Raman, the other three
tattoo girls are alive. Let’s see how much luck favors us here. I think it’s locked. Break it. Raman, it looks like more
than one girl live in this house. See the clothes’ size. Check and see if you find anything else. Ma’am…diary. Raman, do one thing. Check thoroughly whether
you find a girl’s photo. And yes, find out from
the neighbors whose house it is. -And who stays here.
-Yes, ma’am. Hello. Hello. Who is that? Yes. I am calling from flat number 98.
Pratapnagar. I told you not to call me. Why did you call me? I am at home. I will contact you. Now hang up. Hey! This is a police inspector
from Ashoknagar police station. Come and report at the police station. That means, one girl is married. -Mister.
-Yes. How many people used to stay here? Two people.
They were PGs. But they are not to
be seen since two days. -Who is the owner of the house?
-Mr. Kuldeep. -Do you have his number?
-Yes. Please give it to me. 9821 23658. Which one was married from these two? Both were unmarried. Ma’am, I have called
the flat owner Mr. Kuldeep along with the girls’ agreement details. Okay. Ma’am, may I come in? Who are you? Ma’am, you had called me. You had called up from flat number 98. So it’s you. Tell me. What do you know about the girl? What do you know? How much do you know? Tell me quickly without
asking any questions. Ma’am, one girl’s name is Sonali. And the other girl’s name is Kirti. I met them at the massage parlor. Yes, sir? What kind of massage would you like? What kind of massages do you have? Sir, head massage. Body massage. Thai massage and glow massage. Any other massage? Sir, I will tell you once you come inside. Come on. Which massage parlor? Gulabi spa. I see. It means, Sonali was a prostitute. Yes, ma’am. And so was her friend Kirti. I used to meet her sometimes at the flat and sometimes at the lounge. Who had this tattoo on her hand? Sonali had this tattoo. Don’t leave the city unless we permit you. -Now leave.
-Okay. Raman, that means
Sonali and the other girl who I think is Kirti,
were both prostitutes. Yes, ma’am. The other girl could be Kirti. Because their missing details
doesn’t match with any girl. Ma’am, can I come in? Tell me. Ma’am, I am the owner of flat number 98. Since when were the
girls staying in your house? Ma’am, since one year. What do you know about these girls? They used to work in a nearby office. Which office? Here… Here is the address. Raman. Find out whether those girls
were working in this office. And from the cheque copy
find out details of their bank. -Right now.
-Yes, ma’am. Tell me. Were any of the girls married? No, ma’am. Both of them were single. They were good girls, ma’am. They would pay the rent on time. Ma’am, the neighbors also
never complained about them. Ma’am, there is no such office. And ma’am, I will get
their call record in some time. Here are their bank details. Seeing their bank account
details it seems like besides their salary from
the massage parlor where they worked they didn’t get cash from anywhere else. And the rent was also
deducted from this account. Besides these two transactions there are no other
transaction in this account. But ma’am, we called all the
numbers that we found in the diary. They said they paid them a lot of money. Exactly. Where did the money go? We didn’t find money in their house too. Look. If required, we will call you again. Yes, ma’am. Let’s go to the massage parlor and see. This story started
with Sonu going missing. People made the same mistake
that nowadays public are making. Taking law in your hands without knowing the complete story is also a crime. We don’t have any right
to take law in our hands. If someone has committed a crime there are police and government
whom we should inform. So that they can investigate and find out what is true and what is untrue. Hello. I am Girish Jain. In today’s episode of ‘Crime Alert’ we have brought a shocking
and complex case for you that had confused even the police. But the police were working
tirelessly to find out the culprit. Finally, those two bodies were identified. They were killed in such a way that their bodies couldn’t be identified. Sonali and Kirti were
in prostitution business. Besides them nobody else knew. But was the reason
of their death the same? Or was it a coincidence? Were they related to Gulabi spa? The place where they worked. Were these two the only
girls in prostitution racket? Or was this business being conducted in the guise of spa? Come on. Let’s watch. Yes, ma’am. May I help you? I want massage. The ones you make the girls do. What? No need to feign innocence. I know what you make girls
do under the guise of massage parlor. What do you mean? I mean…you make girls do prostitution. Sometimes you send them outside. And sometimes here. Sonu. Son, you and here? Do you work here? Yes, ma’am. Did both of them work here? Yes, ma’am. But our madam
is not doing any wrong business. If Kirti and Sonali did it on their own,
then I don’t know. I have been working here since many years. Was any one of them married? No. No. Their family? No. Both the girls did prostitution. They earned good money. I don’t understand
where they kept the money. Where did the money go? Ma’am. I have got details of Sonali
and Kirti’s phone records. According to which Sonali
would call a number quite often. And she would talk for a long time. Call that number and find out. Ma’am, it’s switched off. I have asked for call
details of that number. Come. I knew you would come. Sonu, how are you? Sit. Would you like to do drawing? Here. Tell me. What do you have to say? Ma’am…Sonali was having an affair. With whom? Manu. That’s all I saw a while ago. I don’t know anything else. Please, ma’am.
Please don’t tell anyone that I told you. Fine. You may leave. Bye, Sonu. -Raman, call Manu.
-Okay, ma’am. Ma’am, Manu. Come. Sit. Tell me. What was going on with Sonali? We were having an affair, ma’am. But we stopped talking one month ago. Why? Because I found out about
Sonali’s business, ma’am. And I told her to quit her work. She broke off with me. Since then I never spoke to her. And she was not going to
the parlor since past few days. Are you speaking the truth? Is it that there was
a fight due to marriage? I found a nuptial chain from her house. No, ma’am. It’s nothing like that.
I didn’t marry her. If she got married to someone else,
then I don’t know. Ma’am. Sonu…Sonu has been kidnapped. Calm down. Calm down. Here. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water. Calm down. Ma’am, please save him. I had gone for work. He was playing with the mobile phone. And then he went missing. Someone called me up. And he said that since
I have told the police everything that’s why… He…he must have done all this. He must have done all this. Because I told you everything about him. What are you saying, Komal? Why will I kidnap Sonu? -Ma’am, why will I kidnap Sonu?
-Shut up. Sit quietly. Don’t open your mouth
unless I tell you to. And you…tell me. Where did Sonu disappear from? I will find him. What’s the kidnapper’s number? Give me the number. Raman. Ma’am, it’s the same number
that Sonali used to call quite often. It’s registered in Jagan’s name. Jagan? Do you know him? Yes. He used to work in our spa. But he resigned 15 days ago. Along with his two friends Raju and Viju. What does Jagan have
to do with all of you? That’s what I don’t understand. What does he want from me? He used to come,
do his work quietly and leave. Yes, ma’am. He wouldn’t talk to anyone. I don’t know about that. But he did talk to Sonali a lot. We will have to go to
Jagan’s house and find out what was his relation with Sonali. Raman, put him in the lockup. Go with Komal and see
from where Sonu disappeared. Yes, ma’am. Komal, your phone. -Ma’am.
-Come on. -Come on.
-Go. Ma’am. -Come on.
-Please, ma’am. I didn’t do anything, ma’am. Raman. I want footage of every corner of the area from where Sonu disappeared. Yes. Immediately. Jagan was somehow related
to Sonali and Kirti. Maybe he was the one
who killed both of them. But if Jagan kidnapped Sonu,
who killed Jagan? And where is Sonu now? Who is Jagan’s murderer? Did that murderer kidnap Sonu? But the biggest question of all will Sonu be saved? Will Aditi be able to catch
the mastermind of these conspiracies? Come on. Let’s watch. Come. Sir, here. He was playing here. Sonu must be around.
Don’t worry. We will find him. Let’s go. Come. Come. Komal…go home. I will find Sonu. I think Jagan murdered Sonali and Kirti. Why do you think so, doctor? Because traces of the poison
that killed Sonali and Kirti were found on the money
and on Jagan’s fingers. -Yes, Raman.
-Ma’am, see this. I took CCTV footage on my phone. Isn’t this place quite
far from that place? From where Komal said Sonu was kidnapped. Who are these two people? Ma’am, they are the same people who were Jagan’s friends
and who worked at the spa. What is Komal’s connection
with both of them? Why is she lying to us? Where is Sonu? Raman, find out Komal’s call details. Let’s go to her house. Come on. Ma’am, your suspicion was right. Jagan and Komal used
to talk to each other. She feigns innocence. -Come on. Let’s go and show her.
-Yes, ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am, you? Did you find Sonu? We will find him. Where did you send Sonu? What are you saying, ma’am? Why will I do that to my child? I will find out. Raman. Ma’am. Ma’am, what are you doing? Ma’am, listen to me. Old stuff is lying here. It’s quite an old stuff. Isn’t this your, Sonu and Jagan’s photo? Will you tell me here?
Or will you tell me in the lockup? Yes. Yes, ma’am.
Sonu is Jagan and my son. -Are you his wife?
-No. Sonu was born out of wedlock. I told Jagan to marry me. But he didn’t heed me. And he started an affair with Sonali. He cheated me. He was going to marry Sonali. So you killed both of them. No, ma’am. I didn’t do that. Why will I do that?
Will I spoil my own child’s life? I only threatened him
that I will tell everyone. So he kidnapped Sonu. But Sonu was quite far from the place where you said he got kidnapped. Well…ma’am, I was really tense. I couldn’t understand
from where Sonu disappeared. I didn’t know Sonu won’t return. Who were the two men you were talking to? Jagan’s friends? Yes. I went to seek their help. To explain to Jagan.
He was threatening me. Please, ma’am.
Find Sonu. Find my Sonu. Fine. Don’t worry. We will find Sonu. Take care. Let’s go. Ma’am. Your suspicion was right. She will definitely leave the house. She has made Sonu disappear. Now she will take us to Sonu. Come on. I…I am leaving the city. The police have found out everything. Both of you also leave. Catch them. Catch them. Don’t run. Come on. Will you tell us your story? Come on. Start. Yes. I killed Jagan,
Kirti and Sonali with their help. Sonali and Kirti gave their
money to Jagan for safekeeping. Jagan became greedy. When Sonali and Kirti
asked him to return their money Jagan flatly refused. They became persistent. Jagan played a charade with
Sonali and promised to marry her. Both of us poisoned her. Kirti saw all this.
So we killed Kirti too. In this chaos Sonu ran away. Yes. I did all this. I did all this on his saying. Because Jagan told me he will marry me. But he refused me. In the greed of money
he deceived me as well. I joined hands with both
of them and hatched a plan. Because he wanted to deceive me for money. I killed him. Now you will be finished
when you will go to prison. Raman, take all of them. Take them. Ma’am, come on. Son…your mama will
return after a few days. Till then…will you stay with your friend? Komal was the planner
and executer of the conspiracy. She played the role of
a helpless mother really well. What Jagan did with Komal was wrong. But that doesn’t mean she
should take law in her hands. If she wanted justice for Sonu she could have gone to the court. She would have got justice. But unfortunately, she didn’t do that. Jagan committed a crime in
the greed of Sonali and Kirti’s money. And he left Komal in the greed of money. But there is a limit of treachery. He got badly stuck in his treachery and he lost his life. In the entire case Sonu suffered the most. His father didn’t give him his name. And his mother became a criminal. But Aditi took his responsibility. And kept him in children rehabilitation
center under her supervision. ‘Crime Alert’ salutes Aditi’s
humanity and efficiency. With this,
I, Girish Jain, bid you farewell in this episode of ‘Crime Alert’. See you again with another new story that is a fitting reply to crime. Till then, be alert, be safe. ‘Crime Alert’. Voice against crime.

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