32 thoughts on “In practice: How strict is the new Ryanair luggage policy 2018?

  1. I hate you Ryanair! You are just greedy company looking for easy many. And flying with you is like riding by crowded bus in the city centre at rush hours.

  2. RyanAir updated this bags policy in November 2018… so they may be a bit stricter. The Priority Pass Price has increased too – so I'm reading between the lines that they may start to be a bit stricter at the front line. I spent an hour researching last night for travel with a family of 5 – and decided in the end that although an additional £40 – having the two extra cabin bags as carry on (as part of the Priority option) will prevent headaches on the day. Was 10% of the total price. It was close though – as we would have all had the free 'Cabin Bag' option and we had 2 x 20kg bags in checked luggage (in the hold).

  3. I have a Quechua forclaz 50 L that I won’t fill for a 12 days trip to Europe. Will I be able to get in without problems ? I can make it fit in the test thingy

  4. Thanks for having the courage to identify yourself as a cheating cheapskate ignorant, no I won't use the word, but it begins with c. You are the type of person that makes the Ryanair flying experience poorer. Show a bit of decency and manners next time you fly Ryanair.

  5. Thanks for the video. Starting November, all passengers without priority option have the right to bring on board only One small hand bag. they still can bring in cabin a small hand bag AND a small 10Kg luggage if paying 6€ on time of the reservation, or 8€ online after.
    so confusing Ryanair, thanks.

  6. Easyjet Cabin bag
    Maximum size 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels. Cabin bags should be placed in the overhead lockers or if small enough under the seat in front of you. No more ryanair for me…..

  7. So you can take a decent sized 40 l rucksack onto the plane as hand luggage but your additional 55cm spinner suitcase has to go into the cargo hold?

  8. Ryanair your new bag policy I’m not going to moan about it it’s easy and straightforward to understand pay for priority is about £5 or £6 it’s not a problem nor any issue

  9. very good idea.stops crushing on plane and stops squeezing bags into overhead compartments when there is no room,,

  10. Shit company. Most of the time flights are delayed. Regardless of the low prices I will never fly with them again. Last time I was delayed over 3 hours, just a month before that, over 2 hours. Too much time wasted in shitty airport lounges waiting for flights. Life is short, time is money. I rather pay more. It seems that they are treating their customers the same way as their employees.

  11. I'm going on Ryanair tomorrow with my mum and my two siblings. Do I have to pay extra if I bring a backpack(school backpack) and a suitcase

  12. But what about safety? It just seems to me that the bags taken on 'hold' are more likely to get lost? Do they mark every bag when they do so? First time using Ryan Air and I'm taking a small bag with a 50L backpack, and I'm nervous out of my mind.

  13. You can actually bring two bags on the plane without the priority ticket. As it says on the sign at the beginninng, there's 'in hold – no fee' on the hand luggage. You can bring your smaller cabin bag with you on the plane and your hand luggage will be stored in the luggage area of the plane together with the bigger suitcases right after boarding. Ryanair is so confusing.

  14. Personally I wouldn’t put this to the test if you’re keen to have your luggage with you in the cabin and enjoy peace of mind. For the price of £5 you have the reassurance that your bags are safe & accessible, with the added bonus that you won’t have to wait around at baggage collection. It also avoids the possibility of any of your luggage going missing.

  15. The comment from Lerxst94 is personal and cruel – totally irrelevant & irreverent…….. what a callous & vile person

  16. Ok. Lets say they marked my hand luggage and tell me to put into the hold, does somebody control me after I cross the gate? Will somebody notice If I unstick my baggage and take it on the board?

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