100 thoughts on “Impeachment, Ukraine and whistleblowers: Are Americans paying attention?

  1. I could believe that Trump was trying to stop corruption in Ukraine, if he actually mentioned any other corruption in Ukraine besides the Bidens and the Democratic Party hacking. All you hear in his talk with Ukraine and from all of his followers like Giuliani is about corruption involving Biden and Democrats. That is from years ago. If he was trying to stop corruption there today, why not discuss problems that they have now and not just old issues. I am not against investigating the Bidens, if there is a reason, but to say he was against corruption in Ukraine now is hard to believe.

  2. The majority of those people interviewed were definitely the deffinition of "Dumbing Down"
    I normally don't make negative or insulting comments, but these people were pure stupid except for a couple..

  3. the beautiful dark haired women and the smart well dressed older black man are for Trump and the crackhead is voting for a Democrat, seems about right.

  4. When it was Republiturds investigating President Obama & Benghazi…all you suck ups thought it was great.. just like you all seem fine with trump's kids doing exactly what you're falsely accusing Biden's son of … SMH…

  5. Is it Jesse Watters i.e. ' Just Watters goin on?' or 'Just Wanker'?
    You get to pick and choose the street interviews that go to air. After Barr spoke to Fox, two days later Shep Smith is leaving? I know most idiots don't look at history and/or past events to determine what might happen if you take a certain course of action but remember John N. Mitchell? Nixon's AG. He had a small holiday in Montgomery, Alabama. . . . . . prison!! Well  . . . . . guess what F*cks News someone 'in house' is going down too, one way or another.

  6. Biden is only a small part of this corruption… the DNC was heavily involved in setting up election tampering and a network of crime for the expected Hilary white house. when Trump won they had to scramble to cover it up.. so years of investigation nonsense. and now impeachment nonsense.

  7. So if your "Blue Lives Matter" but find fault in the FBI/CIA and other intelligence agencies..you, are a hypocrite. And if the only way to make a point in any of these types of segments, is to mock, and not teach..you are a false patriot just the same.

    Find ways to bridge information vs perpetuating division.

    Carry on!!

  8. I guess we are going to see a lot of tears because we are impeaching that SOB whether they like it or not….We have what trump and his followers don't have.. a pair of iron balls…

  9. I love it. The irony is palpable. You ask a huge number of people questions, take the stupidest takes, imply a connotation that they are the majority, then sell it to your viewers to downplay the real issue. The twist is that to pull such a trick you must actually think your viewers are the idiots. Everyone loses cause all that matters is money! HAHAHAHAHA! fantastic, well done, 10/10.

  10. Trump is not going to be impeached what the hell they think they're dealing with he's the man that sat in the Oval Office and he will be president again and I hope there's a third term I will vote for him again Trump 2020 keep America great again we love you President Trump keep up the good work the great work the wonderful work

  11. Trump is the whistle blower, that was funny and true🙂. His big a brain is his worst enemy next to his ego. 🦇💩🤪🤡 2020

  12. thats why they got ride of shep so fox can continue defending drump cause half of americans are really stupid most are the ones that watch fox news

  13. Some of those people don't have a clue. It seems they just repeat everything they hear on Mainstream media and those leftist shows like The View.

  14. Alright answer a Question. If this is true then why isn't Ukraine talking about Impeaching their President anyone who supports the Impeachment should answer this Question.

  15. I used to be a Democrat but all Democrats want to do there’s nothing for the American people I’ll be voting Republican next year

  16. We're paying attention to fox getting caught misrepresenting poll numbers of the amount of ppl that want Trump impeached! Fox news is now fake news!

  17. My guy with the curly mustache was the only one knowledgeable about world politics. Props & respect to him for not being a sheep.

  18. Do you really think society is going in the best direction or do you feel society is truly lost and the hammer needs to fall instead of drawing it out

  19. The Young Girl, Who said Trump WAS The Whistle Blower Looks like A Young Ivanka !!! I Wanna Know where Her Mom Was 9 months before Her Birth….And If She was At A TRUMP HOTEL ? !!!

  20. With all the social media/ news access available, you'd expect more accurate responses to world events. I'm sure if the questions dealt with more important topics like: the latest Hollywood breakups, the top candidates for the MTV music awards or the worst fashion faux pas nightmares, etc., the answers would be on point!

  21. Freedom is for intelligent people and unfortunately this is why politicians steal and do back door deals. Americans have become dependent on welfare and have dumbed themselves down. What a waste!

  22. the founding fathers never meant for every citizen to have the right to vote, and this is exactly why.
    out of all these people, only 1 or 2 of them were (somewhat) up to date on politics. the rest have no clue what is going on.
    who do these people vote for? whomever their friends are voting for. whomever they are indoctrinated to vote for. Not good.

  23. no matter how the dem investigation turns out, i fear they will come out with a guilty verdict HOPING to stir up protests all over the US. It's a trial by publicity "hail Mary" stunt to avoid facing Trump again in 2020!

  24. Omg!! And these people are going to vote. Im Swede and now more about US poletics Than these idiot. Om Thinking Biddin, Jesus $##%

  25. Replace Juan with the guy and the cool beard. Also, best editing on the blond girl not knowing who the vice Pres was. Wink. LMAO

  26. THIS video SHOWS why Trump got elected. The average American citizen is a moron. There are very few intelligent and educated persons in USA …..

  27. How is it that reporters always find the stupidest people on earth to interview ??? Oh yeah because you go out in the middle of the day to talk with losers wandering around aimlessly because they can’t get a job !!! Because snowflake isn’t a qualification !!!

  28. HObama and Joe "The Hoe" Biten learned from the Clinton's on how to sell influence and cash out on political favors.

  29. Hahahaha this completely contradicts Fox’s own poll that says 51% of Americans want the president impeached and removed.

  30. Because they haven't been educated properly on the extent of Trump's corruption in Ukraine. Nice try on targeting the wackiest looking people you saw to represent your opposition. Really an obvious and dishonest tactic to make democrats look stupid. This is starting to look grim for you.

  31. Quite Amazing the answers people give, especially, the young people don`t have a clue on anything. The school system and the media are doing a good job in that way.. Glad to see that One person was updated.

  32. I'm gonna say it. I liked these random citizens. Even the ones I disagreed with. They were polite towards Jessie and didn't just try to shout their opinions over him.

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