Impeachment Preps Underway Amid Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Admission | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Impeachment Preps Underway Amid Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Admission | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Preps Underway Amid Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Admission | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. ”We do it all the time in foreign policy”

    Oh, I’m sure you do. Such a rare little nugget of truth coming out of this administration.

  2. What's amazing is how easily trumpists change their excuses for trumps criminal behavior. First it was "There was no quid pro quo.". Now its "There was a quid pro quo but it happens all the time.". Just goes to show you that trumpists only believe what they are told and never bother to learn for themselves. Then they have the audacity to call the left "deranged".

  3. Stupid moron. What would this “mediator” report if Trump asked them to look into corruption dealing with a Republican? So many presidents in the past sent billions of our taxpayer money to corrupt countries only for their top officials to keep most of that money to themselves. News is so biased. If you’re a Democrat that wants to impeach Trump tell me what your going to do to make our country better and ACTUALLY DO IT! Funny thing is…what happens if they found that there was corruption involved around Biden? Then you get impeached for rooting out political corruption. And even in there wasn’t corruption that’s ammo in the Democrats pockets. So short sighted.

  4. "If you want to destroy an organization, any organization, you destroy it from within, you destroy it from without and then what you do is you convince everybody that you're doing the right thing," McRaven. Trump is destroying America!

  5. Bush war crimes, torture sites all over the world is ok But collecting dirt opponents worse than war crimes evil you think not

  6. No pence, his no good, that's what his waiting for to finish his amigos work, dont u learn. Nancy or hilary the real president, which is the gods honest truth, stolen land stolen election and killing our president JFK, regime change inside job. Wow good people 666

  7. Need to be covering Rand Paul committing treason in front of the Senate. He and his father are Russian assets, and need to be arrested for treason.

  8. sux when you and your boss are so corrupt you cant keep the con's straight.
    we are gonna be finding plots and scams for decades after trumps gone.

  9. I believe mick. He is an extremely credible witness. He was trying to be an asshat and stuck his foot in his mouth. There are no backsies in this impeachment game. IMPEACH and REMOVE NOW.

  10. By far the most ignorant President & administration in American history.
    By far the most corrupt President & administration in American history.

  11. Lmao!! Hello President Pence? Do you honestly think Donny boy will leave Pence standing? Rest assured when Trump realizes his goose is cooked, you best believe Pence will be cooked with him.. Hello President Pelosi

  12. Trump 'there was no quid pro quo' Mulvaney 'There was quid pro quo and you all just need to get over it'

    Wow its like a parade of pre schoolers. The problem is you can't keep a lie straight, the more that try the more ridiculous it becomes.

  13. When Andrew Yang said that the foreign countries meddle with our elections and we meddle with theirs/ours, he was right

  14. Impeach indict , remove the filthy lying trashy tricky trump , his corrupt family , administration immediately or resign loser conman trump .

  15. Are there 20 Republicans who will hold county over party for the sake of what this country should stand for ? Not holding my brearh.

  16. president pence? Mike pence's in this up to his eyeballs. that good white Christian boys is as dirty as Trump at this point it's better to remove all the corruption

  17. We've had, "he's just baiting the press" and "I have no obligation to be honest to the press". And now we get, "I didn't say that".

  18. This is great. We're finally getting rid of the cheese puff middle schooler from office. It's about time. And to everything who said he wasn't going anywhere. All I have to say is… HA!!!

  19. This is Why Rudy Giuliani is So Hard Set in Defending trump because he Knows that if they Check Tax filed, Building Permits and Any other Legal Paper Work it's going to lead to Giuliani Helping trump with Illegal, Corrupt, Bribe, tax evasion when Rudy Was MAYOR of NY…. What did trump & his presidency Promise Syria, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, UK to Go along with what he says to the American People just like He told the Mexican President to go long with Mexico paying for the Border Wall, when in fact it was going to Be The American Tax Payers who we're going to be paying for It. M.A.G.A = Make America Gullible Again..!!?? Like in the Good Old Day's..!!??

  20. HOW many times are you EFFEN idiots going to watch this Dumbster clown set something on FIRE and expect to be praised for putting it out???

  21. We do it all the time.We break the law all the time.Yes we know.That's not foreign policy, it's extortion,and it's against the law.Just because you commit a crime over and over doesn't make it acceptable or any less illegal.

  22. Does this smell like a trap to anyone else? Or, like someone is being made out to be the sacrificial lamb to stop the inquiry for more information?

  23. Uhh the fkin impeach inquiry has been going on for what 3 weeks now and absolutely zero has happend.. yeah.. a little bit of info here , trump cant be Impeached, why isnt anyone smart enough to understand that?? He can and does get away with anything…u people just dont have a clue . Go back to 4th grade

  24. * * * "Oh Canada,"
    The USA will trade you a T. for a T. Please, Please, Please ? On second thought I have many friends in wonderful Canada and sending 🐷 Trump 🐼 there in exile would be dreadfully cruel as Donald is the "ANTI-CHRIST"
    PS: Also Trudeau is handsome and possibly dishonest, while Trump is definitely a dreadful, lying, bigoted, racist, psychopathic, BUTTE UGLY CRIMINAL MAGGOT.
    OI vey !
    Impeach Trump at: Change. org
    * We MUST do this for our children.


  26. This is not quid pro quo because a item or a service has not been traded in return for something of value. No crime has been committed. The only quid pro quo the President is innocent of was releasing imprisoned americans from other countries.


  28. Let’s open this can of worms and tell everyone how not only Biden’s son was on a board of a Ukraine gas company but so were Pelosi ,Kerry and other democrats sons ! Dems have fallen into another trap !

  29. GOP can get their party back by doing jail break on Trump and impeaching him. Where is his base going to go?

  30. Ari, you know the answer to your question. All men and women going to work for trump were all most likely honorable. By the time they leave, they are criminals waiting indictments and eventually prison. The difference is trump. Trump dishonors and pollutes everything and everyone in a 10 mile radius.

  31. Honestly I think we've been played, I think these guys wanted pence to be president but they wanted to do it the easier way by making trump win so he can screw up and get kicked out of office in order to enable pence to be the president. pence has been quiet all this time.

  32. MSNBC is fake news.

    They don't care at all about the real corruption on the left.

    Illegal Hillary servers, destruction of evidence.

    Biden pay for play. Corrupt payoffs to biden's son in the form of board memberships and huge money.

    Democrat voter fraud…

    MSNBC doesn't care about dem coruption.

  33. MSNBC. Democrats had 3 YEARS of doing NOTHING. The speaker of Evil, Nancy Pelosi refuses to take a VOTE. While Biden's trip to the Ukraine has just burnt any chance of him running as a Democrat Candidate.

  34. 95% of you people will be disappointed..Trump for sure will make it to 2020 if not all the way to the next election. If he makes it that far…he has a mighty base.

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