Impeachment Circular Firing Squad? See Trump’s Allies Turn On Aide Who Admitted Ukraine Plot | MSNBC

Impeachment Circular Firing Squad? See Trump’s Allies Turn On Aide Who Admitted Ukraine Plot | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Circular Firing Squad? See Trump’s Allies Turn On Aide Who Admitted Ukraine Plot | MSNBC

  1. trump admits the truth to his opponents in giant bombshells then turns around and lies to his base that his opponents are fabricating fake news. its a truly baffling degree of universal gaslighting. i really think his only objective is hopelessly muddying the waters.

  2. Hey guys-if you really SPEAK CLEARLY-you don't have to keep saying things like" mic was very clear"/"the president was very clear." What both of them said was ON TAPE!!!! CLEARLY, there was a QUID PRO QUO!!!

  3. This is the absurdity of the highest order. Trump and his Trumpian are thumbing their chests to the American. Exposing their crimes and edging Americans to embrace it as a lifestyle.

  4. Hillary says that Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are Russian agents now. Wasn't Trump supposed to be the Russian agent? How many Russian agents do they have in our government anyway? There is no way the Russian Collusion thing was a hoax…that would make Trump right. I'm so confused.

  5. Mulvaney turns out to not only be utterly lacking in morals, not only a boot-licking weasel, but also astoundingly stupid.

  6. To listen to the Republicans is like listening to an echo from the fallen Roman empire where the corrupt Senators lied to protect their money at the cost of the nation, where the Emperors used the money of the nation to enrich themselves. The corruption lead to a dictatorship even more corrupt. Trump can serve as a symbol of the falling American empire. Trump has muted the Republican party to the degree that they do no longer care for what is right or honorable, for what is true and deasent, nor do they care to fulfill their oaths of office, they only care for the money that will get them reelected be it Russian or not. The shame of the Republican party and the corruption within the party can now be seen by the entire world. The risk of not being invited to the dance around the golden calf has castrated the Republicans. One can ask who will be the suns of Levi and oust them from office in the next election, who will oust Trump the modern reincarnation of Golden calf.

  7. These republicans are rotten to the core. Standing there blatantly lying and are complicit in this filthy coverup
    Disgusting crooks

  8. Ackerman's giving Trump too much credit, he has no strategy, he just thinks he's invincible. He thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequence, and that's pretty much his history as a businessman. Let's hope he gets justice this time.

  9. Wife "I read the lewd text messages between you and your secretary. Are you having an affair behind my back?". Husband: "Honey, I cheated on you. Get over it" WIfe "fine, i am filing for divorce, hiring a top lawyer and I will take you to the cleaners". Husband: "Honey, on second thought, I want to clean up what I said, I didn't actually mean I was cheating on you. You're reading the text messages wrong"

  10. Being "properly prepared" is certainly not something Trump worries about. Some stupid idiots think that's cool. It's a disaster as the Trump presidency shows clearly especially concerning foreign policy. All roads lead to Putin.

  11. the light is green or red …. it’s not almost green or almost red ….
    the wh likes to gaslight which is one the most evil forms of manipulation…. and if you do it a lot it says everything about you

  12. Republican's- that's not what Mick Mulvaney said.
    Regular people- Well here's the video of him saying it.
    Republicans -Oh no he clarified it and you the fake news media took what he said out of context.
    Regular people- No but here's a video of him saying it and even telling us to get over it.
    Republicans- Well we told you never to believe what you see, read, and hear unless we say so so it's not true.

  13. Mulvaney simply said what trump is thinking 'yes I did it and its the way I've always done extortion to fill my pockets. The trump crime company has taken the Nixon position, I'm president and anything I do is legal.' Impeach the lot of them and begin the reconstruction phase. Foreign policy run by Russia is decapitating the nation at every level.

  14. As a non-American, I just can't understand how supposedly educated Senators can continue to defend Trump that there was no quid pro quo. His Chief of Staff openly admitted it. My understanding is that it is illegal according to the US constitution to solicit foreign interference in US elections.

  15. "We do it all the time, get over it !! …. wait NO ! nvm, we don't do it ever !"
    That's too long for a shirt.

  16. Ari, please, you are smarter than this. Trump do not care about anything as long as he feels he wins. It is no big deal if Congress impeach him since he will still be the POTUS. Big deal if the entire world disagree of him abandoning the Kurds as long as his base is still with him. The question is how to strategically remove him from office.

  17. What do you expect when all the 1st stringers were long gone and now the machinery is relying on 2nd or 3rd stringers?

  18. Here is what I think we are witnessing. Donald Trump has spent nearly his entire life working with real criminals and now that he is trying to make politicians and attorneys into criminals themselves, they don't know how to properly do it. This is why they look like a bunch of Keystone Cops and everybody keeps getting arrested.

  19. So Biden saying on camera that he bribed the Ukraine to fire the man investigating his son or they didn't get money is ok? Your blatant hypocrisy and covering for the left is disgusting.

  20. Just like trump's self created problems; the emergency at the border, tariff war with China and the war in Syria, the slaughtering/ethnic cleansing of the citizens and the Kurds, reporters created this mess we are in. In the same light that trump does not get credit for cleaning up the messes he made, reporters do not get credit for calling out the corruption from a candidate they help put in office. If they had done this kind of reporting on the 2016 campaign trail, if they had reported all the scams, lawsuits, fraud, not paying workers, organized crime affiliations, Russian money etc., we would not be n this mess. If they had pointed out in the beginning of trumps tenure in office, how little was being done to stop trump from destroying the government from the inside out, all the empty posts, all roads leading to trump and put pressure on the politicians to do their job, the damage would have been minimized. Instead they allowed themselves to be used as a conduit for acclimating the American public to human rights violations not seen since WW ll, and a regime of a handful of appointed henchmen of trump the dictator's choosing. I can't look at reporters and not blame them for people rotting in cages in secret locations like this is WW ll Germany with gulags. The bloodshed in Syria is on them. When they could have made a difference they sold out. They were salivating at the though of all the fodder trump, the doofus, bumbling throughout the W. H. and all the $$ they could rake in for the networks. And that cash is still rolling in. I have to ask, was it worth it? Does your conscious bother you at all? Or are reporters pretty much borderline sociopaths like the first American dictator?

  21. Not enough Ari. Not enough people standing up (Trump voters, GOP Congress members). Here's a scary thought. As of today, House impeaches, Senate acquits. The Dems blow it, split etc. Trump wins 2020. He has not yet married military aggression with the "Get-Over-It, Yeah-So-What?" hubris. Want to think about what would happen?

  22. White People have a lying problem, they lie about lying .. They lie about everything about war, about allies, and it's getting people killed.

  23. Yes, these criminals are trying to make America into that 'peeing pool'.
    Will it ever be 'disinfected/deodorized'?
    Luckily, that seems to be in progress.

  24. True Confessions in the Whitehouse. Lawyer up, Mick Mulvaney, the stink of this administration will be hard to wash off. Rudy and his pals escapades will not help either. Corrupt senate is only hope for GOP.

  25. No person working for the people (democratic governments) should ever be allowed to talk that way to his boss, the people, should be fired on the spot and be told to get over it.

  26. All those illegal Russian contributions to GOP members lol The Mueller report was 100% right. Total transparency is Obstruction of Justice according to the Republicans what a joke lmao

  27. Dont worry folks all of it is starting to come together and the Republicans are gonna look like total Commie supporting idiots lol

  28. It appeared to me that Mr. Mulvaney thought his remarks would deflect the concern around the fact that the president wanted information about the Bidens. He was trying to make the distinction that the "corruption" they were interested related to the previous election and the hacked DNC server and not related to the upcoming election. He did it poorly. And his premise was incorrect to begin with, as the lady journalist explained to him. She explained that trying to muddy the waters about who hacked the DNC server would affect the upcoming election. The DNC will be a part of that election, you see. I saw Mr. Mulvaney's face as he mentally wrestled with that thought.

  29. These republicans who are saying that there's nothing wrong with what Mulveney said and that he's cleaned it up are just unfit to serve as congress people. There needs to be consequences for people like McCarthy, Graham, Jordan ect blatantly lying to the people that elected them and the general public to protect another politician who has done wrong!

  30. It is like the Blind Leading the Blind nobody can get anything right😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  31. "He ran through the briars and he ran through the brambles, he ran through the places where a rabbit couldn't go, he ran so fast the Dem's couldn't catch him, down the Mississippi to the gulf of Mexico…and the Mexicans refuse to give him assylum!!"

  32. Is holding up the money to request an investigation criminal activity? It would be of they asked Ukraine to dig up dirt as is trumpeted in the media, but that's not what Trump asked Ukraine. Asking for an investigation doesn't mean asking to dig up dirt. It certainly could exonerate democrats or find problems. Even if that is a quid pro quo. What specifically is illegal? What is the crime? Conditioning funds is what America does. I can see the removal of the us diplomat in Ukraine as being unjust. Clearly the two men Rudy G. was mixed up with are criminals however it seems completely unrelated to Trump's request. Ari what is the specific crime. Is it just the conditional request to investigate is unethical behavior that is to be used to impeach Trump?

  33. Teflon Rudi and Donald will get away with Blue Murder with everybody looking the other way Dems andGOP😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢😡😡😡👍🏻✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  34. Hopefully now the impeachment vote will occur and prosecution of the entire crooked administration can begin…….lock them ALL up!

  35. It's like a re-make of "Get Smart"…. the boss man, Agent Orange sending out Agent 99. And these fekkin idiots are running the USA????

  36. Yeah I’m ready to get over it and see trump sitting in gitmo: assets frozen, and accompanied by all this terrorist family and cronies

  37. Anyone who thinks there is no political influence in foreign policy is really out of touch or a moron tbh. One needs to see that the aid was not released until there Trump received something tangible in return. Otherwise, there is not much there.


  39. In other words he's saying they lie all time what he means . Mulvàney can't lie in public, like his boss yeti and rest of liars !!! He's nervous lil runt

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