Impeachment Bombshell: Trump’s Top Aide ‘Absolutely’ Admits Ukraine Bribery Plot | MSNBC

Impeachment Bombshell: Trump’s Top Aide ‘Absolutely’ Admits Ukraine Bribery Plot | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Bombshell: Trump’s Top Aide ‘Absolutely’ Admits Ukraine Bribery Plot | MSNBC

  1. Wait, why WOULDN'T we hold back money from a country that interfered with an election? I'm glad the money was held back. Would you rather we give money to such a corrupt Government? This makes no sense. If he gave the money we would say "Trump gave money to a country that is corrupt and interfered with an election"…Clean up your act then you get the money…it actually makes sense what Trump did. Tell me where I'm wrong.

  2. I love the show and I like Ari but he interrupts his guests too frequently. No one can speak more than 30 seconds without being cut off. It's kind of irritating.

  3. He confessed to holding back money from a corrupt Government until they investigate election interference. How is that wrong?

  4. If Trump goes down, he will try and take as many Republican senators as he can down with him. Even beyond that, I truly believe that Trump would (will start) start a nuclear war in order to try and stay in power. Just wait and watch, this will indeed happen if he is not immediately removed from office.

  5. Mulvaney's favorite Usher song.."These are my confessions!"…his statements were refreshing. Hearing the truth spouted like that was like draining a cyst of Trump's lies and misdeeds.

  6. I Remember When Donald Trump said that if he shoot somebody he can get away with it I do remember that if he's getting away with all of this then he right can't get away with it but if they were black they couldn't that is so sad

  7. You have to be brain dead to think that this was admitting anything that was described..Again, twisting and turning things to fit a narrative isn't news..It is poor reporting but, this is what the American public has to come to expect from the msm and newspapers..dream on sheeple and realize this is another wild goose chase..

  8. Willful blindness is a term used in law to describe a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping himself or herself unaware of facts that would render him or her liable or implicated. In United States v. Jewell, the court held that proof of willful ignorance satisfied the requirement of knowledge as to criminal possession and importation of drugs. have fun in 2 L

  9. You don't need to establish any judicial framed action like quid pro quo to draw articles of impeachment. I don't know why some of these news programs keep harping on that. Maybe it just sounds cooler, or something most Americans can understand the nature of the act but this is really more or less icing on the bigger cake which is: a sitting president merely asked for information on a political rivial from a foreigner leader. One and done. That's all you need. Mr. Butler is correct but I wish the media would get off the quid pro quo as a measure for impeachment train. By itself it is not an issue.

  10. Even if QPQ was ok as Mulvaney claims, which it isn't, lying to Congress about it isn't ok.  Trump is in even more deep doo-doo than before

  11. You just watched the fall guy no. 3 for trump admit the crime.

    And he actually thinks he can justify it with a debunked conspiracy theory. Dammit, these clowns are all insane!

  12. You wonder why all of Trump's businesses failed? We have all seen how he selects candidates on his reality shows, and he has repeated that in the White House. America is now represented worldwide by clowns.

  13. The US
    will have a civil war. The US
    economy will collapse. The world economy will collapse. The world will rebuild.
    The US
    will be denied power at all levels. Thank you Trump.

  14. Mulvaney is just another RAT pushing the Putin-Trump agenda. Any other country and this guy would've been hanging from his feet from some tree branch! He pretty much said EFF YOU to the whole country. WOW! In the 80s when I was a kid I remembered how the GOP was at the forefront in the fight against Russia and its "communism", now they're partners with Russia. I can't imagine what the old timers would say if they saw a bunch of russians in The White House and the President of the United States of America groveling at their feet. TREASON!

  15. They are all beginning to crap themselves sweet to see no one is going to go to jail for tRump anymore they can see what happens

  16. This is what happens when we lesser men are given power they don't deserve. What a bunch of clowns. I can't wait for these fools to finish their competition for a Darwin Award.

  17. This was all intentional. He’s trying to normalize the illegal behavior the way they’ve successfully normalized the president profiting from his office, paying off pornstars, cow towing to Putin, meeting with Russians to get dirt on your opponent, lying nonstop, siding with neo nazis, calling certain countries shitholes, accusing the former president of spying on you, and the list goes on and on.

  18. Mick SCREAMS of beta male. WOW! What an unfortunate looking troll, I bet he got his head dumped in the toilet bowl by just about every guy at his school. Komrade Trump is no better, he's a fat boy whose mommy had to pay off other boys to play with him. I know this type, they're outright LOSERS. LOL…

  19. trump denies Russian interference in 2016, but is ultra concern about 2016 dnc interference, give me a break. It was all about getting dirt on the dnc and biden for the 2020 election….He could care less about corruption in Ukraine. If he did care, then use the government agencies to investigate instead of guiliani and his Florida mobsters, whom have been arrested. I hope guilliani claimed the 1/2 million dollars they mob paid him on his income tax.

  20. So wait a minute. RepubliCONS made a scandal of Obama liking dijon mustard, wearing a tan suit, and his wife wearing a sleeveless dress, but Trump and his affiliates were in office committing actual crimes and they have nothing to say? 🤔🤔

  21. i think that Mulvaney is actually a mole of the Democrats, he pretended to be Trump friend so that he could compromise him with this admission,because none of Trump “best people “ could be so stupid to say these things in front of the press, right!? Uhm maybe they can (with a sarcastic tone)

  22. You guys read a lot in to this , but he is just a coffee boy and no one in the white house knows him at all, and probably a far left extremist spy for Sorros and Hilarious Clinton. signed Dennis Dennison.

  23. Oh man… This corruption is so visible, so obvious. Popcorn sales must be booming right now as political junkies like me bask in this unfolding political disaster.

  24. Everyone does it all the time. True, the US directly investigates, or requests a country to investigate, crimes in a country before giving aid of any form. Sorry, no legitimate impeachment charges here.

  25. Listen up carefully Republicans, we were lying about your criminal/ thug/ racist/ no good crooky president of the free world.

  26. Trump has repeatedly publicly admitted to impeachable crimes during his Presidency! Repugnicans still aren't going to impeach, but wait 'till the 2020 elections 😀

  27. 9/11 was an inside job. To this day you deny that. RUSSIAGATE WAS A HOAX. GET OVER IT! WE NEED TO FIND A QUID PRO QUO ON BIDEN

  28. I hate to say it but I somehow believe that you will not be able to Impeach…. trump has shown to be untouchable

  29. what i heard from the clip was about the dnc server… ala election interference, corruption… heard nothing about biden

  30. Even a public confession can’t get these criminals removed by force! Use the justice system you use on poor people and tell swat to move in and take no prisoners!

  31. Reporter – Is mick mulvaney's statement accurate?
    TRIMP – Rick Mul, WHO? I don't know who that is and I don't know what this person said. It's probably FAKE NEWS and you should be ashamed of yourself for entertaining it and asking me!

  32. fake news ,MSNBC don't show you the context of what he said,he even explained it to them,you can't just make up what you want,go watch the whole thing for yourself,not what fake MSNBC tells you . tell democrates to release his testimony lol ,. o no transparently for Democrats, what a joke , let's hide behind doors ,and leak what works for us . you haven't learned after 3 1/2 years there fake . you must be ignorant . how many fake scandles does it take? how much mis infirmation,how many lies.?

  33. For goodness sake, Ari. Stop cutting into people's comments. The points you attempt to make during your interruptions are really not that important. And please cut out the rap references; they are just vacuous.

  34. I can see Trump being removed from his office by Secret Service with or without handcuffs. I like Mrs. Warren as President, a woman….Yes!!

  35. 3 years non-stop negative Trump. "Key Stone Crooks"

    Bill & Hillary are the epidemic of pay to play. Democrats are banging their fists.
    Biden was never mentioned.

  36. Mick Mulvaney knows that, sooner or later, Trump will knife him in the back. And as the bible says, do unto them before they do unto you! Well played, Mick.

  37. Mick mulvaney quote in speech to bankers "If you were a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you,” he said. “If you were a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you. If you came from back home and sat in my lobby, I talked to you without exception — regardless of the financial contributions.” another rat in the government

  38. "That's IT." Nah nah that's the beginning of IT. The justification is staggering. What if OJ's defense was "hey husbands do it all the time!"

  39. Ari, I value your output a great deal, getting the right, top quality contributors, and asking great questions, but it seems as if you've suddenly started seriously crashing their answers. Was it always this way? I'm just getting into an answer where we are going to hear some great observation and reflection, and you then crash in and say what you think they're going to say. You're doing great work, in the most unpredictable environment, under pressure of time, but please let a whole answer out now and again.

  40. Is this program supposed to be comment or supposed to be news? Because ALL news channels in the US seem to be like that.

  41. MSNBC, The Biden's are in DEEP WATER and Biden's run for the Democrats is OVER. The challenger for the Democrats will be Warren and MSNBC need to start fluffing her up.

  42. Ari loves to quote hiphop songs, doesnt he?
    and isnt it funny that this administration can also be explained by hiphop songs?

  43. Here we go again…
    And next … Truth isn't truth… Tapes are fake news… Wait for it… Wait for it…😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁😂😁

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