Illusionist ‘The Trickster’ Makes April Fools Out of Anchors | TODAY

Illusionist ‘The Trickster’ Makes April Fools Out of Anchors | TODAY

however balcan 844 did you mention it is a for two things yes it is here to help us mark the occasion Jeff Hobson aka the trickster from The Illusionist live from Broadway currently on to a great show Jeff good morning thank you I think we all feel like we're walking into an a trick sure but no no I would like to get a little demonstration of sleight of hand how it works you know how actually you get pranked you understand what I'm saying we got people all the be witnesses over here there are a lot I don't mind you can face that could you would you write what will he come out right here little bit just so we can feel like a Batman Michael you're not the whole circuit t of my back's have you seen the daily paper Carson I'm not to know we nearly paper there you go good man if you haven't seen it I recommend a little bad luck for me right forefinger please won't be left forefinger bald area pouring Bowl toward each other and put them together mine got your paper ballot good mine for the lease take a piece of paper off that roll about as much as you'd normally use well how can I do that never mind here probably that okay yeah we can be a little bit more liberal with that wonderful Robin now you this is going to be a little sleight of hand for you hold this up in chest chin up wonderful the ball paper will disappear all you have to guess which Hansen since we're on TV could you put your knees together is it in the left hand what do you say I thought you're right maybe there may be oh good try it left or right thanks left no no it's okay I know pretty cool huh okay now everyone's seeing this how it goes don't watch this one's a little bit different this one goes up to see at least a lot of people think so do you think it's up to Sleater in this hand boy it doesn't matter look look part of it I know bigger try not to speak here we go a lower time take a look is it over here what are you saying which hand doesn't matter – I'm gonna keep doing this a little slower for you cuz obviously we want this to be right good for you my gosh you look awkward okay who the slower slower take a look is it left-hander right what do you say I'm just don't it doesn't matter look we tried again we'll do this is Louie this is April Fool's okay yes it could be take a look at one more time chin up look very nice here it is the book when it would do everyone right here looking at me I'll get this one I promise chin up there you go good man watch lefty right I have no idea it's looking that one's right there yeah don't take it out this one more time left or right what do you say I have no idea can look down who's psyched I felt like it would try and wound up here all right good good look we're gonna make a nice a nice big one here for you okay I don't think you're gonna miss this one here they're nice people you're just gonna be fun okay there it is now alright now it's gonna be in the left-hand column or it's gonna be in this one because all right I'm gonna take a look ready yeah is it in the left hander right I have no idea we just did right there left hand left hand no it's a Wow it was a left hander right what do you say you just do it – Willie I think that's how I'd spend this outside immunostimulant see what happened stuff over here when you were sitting down okay you couldn't see because he was behind you over here yeah her throat sorry it's still warm if you want to see let's forget about this I got one more trick to show you but I need to Sam ran home I take this out of the way up Danny then over here there you go you stand over here it's a little sleight of hand trick that's all you need don't worry about people be high on you and this is it baby I can actually see the magic behind take a look alright I'm on tour now so take a look at the illusionist to see where we're all that's a great show you're gonna love it it's the AEGON bag trick you see the egg make sure it's solid yes yes yes yes yes now watch nevermind an exiled I can feel the anger Sonos are there hmm yes I do watch vanish take a look at this oh the bottom of the bag inside Alison yeah no egg it's so that does it take a look the cvaa no I doubt it off your hand you feel it yes you know now don't you see it yes you're not what I'll bag like this catch it throw the bag and it's there okay a silly trick we're gonna do it again one more time in slow motion do you feel it today I wouldn't yet yes now watch this time slow motion vanish no no Rachel but does it more than that good man take a look you see it now hold if you would please the bag both hands good do you see it yes or no hold your hands together hold a little higher hold it closer to you let go with the left hand let go with that well yeah take a look do you see be a yes or no now put their hands out in front of you look in the air grab it yes throw it up in the air yes hold the right arm out to the side catch it catch it oh that's good yes go inside the bag you grab the egg is it there what it's a watch on Crowley's wrist probably a dessert Carla here whose car is this yours it is yours I know thank you very much take matter of fact I also have a few others I think I also have what is anyone else missing a watch I got this one over here yeah I know I also have this one over here I got plenty there you go dick yeah I know it's pretty wild isn't is that yours there you go that's okay I know it uses this that's yours a crazy person I got your underwear I'll give it back I wasn't wearing any the country if you'd like your walk stolen ago see hello today feds thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

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  1. 5:03 he put the egg in his hand and @ 5:05 he put it back in the bag. These guys are amazing, with misdirection, distraction, and slight of hand…it's almost impossible to detect in real time. I need to learn this lol

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