Illidan Novel Summary – World of Warcraft Lore

Illidan Novel Summary – World of Warcraft Lore

Hello guys, this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be giving you the summary of the Illidan novel. Giving you the most important information
about the book in the shortest amount of time possible. So without further ado, let’s get
into the lore. During the second invasion of the Burning
Legion, Illidan is freed by Tyrande in order to help them combat the demons. Previously
he was imprisoned ten thousand years ago for creating a new Well of Eternity and feigning
allegiance with the Legion which granted him the title Betrayer. He initially does help
the night elves, but due to his long imprisonment he owes nothing to his people. Eventually
Illidan splits and absorbs the Skull of Gul’dan which grants him immense power and the memories
of the fallen warlock and after that he travels to Outland. While there, he allies with the
naga and their leader Lady Vashj and the blood elves and their leader Kael’Thas. During this
time he was kind of torn between worlds, he was forced to serve Kil’Jaeden but at the
same time he despised the Burning Legion. So his goal of going to Outland was to establish
a stronghold and form a defense against Kil’Jaeden. His first step is to close the Legion portals
in Outland that are already there and take over the world by defeating the current leader,
the pit lord Magtheridon and taking his base – the Black Temple. By allying with Akama
and his broken draenei, he is successful and without too much effort he becomes the new
lord of Outland. However Akama was not happy with this as the he expected the Black Temple
to be returned to his people as it was once the sacred Temple of Karabor before the demons
came. Illidan promised him that he will get it in due time but currently he had to deal
with much more important issues such as defying the Burning Legion and escaping Kil’Jaeden.
Unfortunately though, Kil’Jaeden tracks him down and confronts him, reading his mind.
Illidan knowing this, warded his most secret plans far from his reach inside his brain,
although he was forced to serve him by fighting the Lich King back on Azeroth.
He fails this mission and returns to Outland determined now more than ever to establish
a big defense as he knew that it was only a matter of time before he incurred the wrath
of Kil’Jaeden again. He uses the captured pit lord Magtheridon to create an even stronger
fel orc army and soon enough he has a pretty formidable force on Outland. In the meantime
while this is happening, Maiev Shadowsong, his jailor for ten thousand years, is also
in Outland, fanatically dedicated to hunting him down. Her Watchers are in very bad shape
from constant fighting and bad conditions, but hope comes as she is contacted by Akama
who said he could help her get Illidan. Akama at this point is not very happy with the Betrayer
and he feels that his people will never get the temple so he forms a relationship with
Maiev, giving her information on Illidan’s whereabouts.
Meanwhile Illidan is hard at work at establishing a defense and a force and the center of this
entire thing are the demon hunters. Many recruits show up from unknown places, blood elves and
night elves who are ready to fight the Burning Legion. The protagonist of them in the novel
is a night elf named Vandel whose family was murdered by demons and ever since then he
had been seeking Illidan. We learn that the demon hunter initiation is extremely brutal
and only one out of the five initiates survive. At first they defeat a demon, eat his heart
and drink his blood, trapping his essence inside them. Later on they are tattooed and
they also get a vision that a very few people do. They see the Burning Legion destroying
world after world, seeing no end to it. The vision is so strong that Vandel even when
closing his eyes can’t seem to stop it so he resorts to ripping his very own eyes out.
Initially he is blind but later his vision would be better than it ever was, being able
to see almost as before but also sense magic and demons. This was the ritual process but
the process after they become demon hunters is the hardest as most of the initiates lose
their mind or commit suicide but Vandel managed to get through it. Illidan’s best weapon are
the demon hunters and he trains them consistently with every moment being of the essence.
Some months later Illidan detaches his spirit from his body and travels directly into the
Twisting Nether. There he encounters worlds completely destroyed until eventually he reaches
what he was looking for, the world of Nathreza – the home of the Nathrezim. He marks the
world and returns to his body and as he returns he senses that Akama is working against him
and he detaches the evil from Akama’s mind in a form of a shade that he could manipulate
him with and also trick Maiev in the end. Akama then contacts Maiev and tells her that
Illidan will be preparing this big ritual where he will be vulnerable and she brings
her entire force that she had been recruiting for years on the world of Outland. As expected,
this turns out to be a trap and everyone but Maiev is slaughtered and their souls are siphoned
in order to power up an immense portal. Maiev is then put into prison and the biggest portal
there ever was is opened in Outland and it leads directly into the homeworld of the dreadlords.
Illidan, together with his demon hunters, goes through and completely destroys the initial
demonic defense. He then gets inside the city into the archive that contains all the information
about the Burning Legion, every world they destroyed, every race they exterminated and
their location and date. He only takes the disc that mentions Argus and shatters the
entire archive, casting all this immense information into oblivion. Then he escapes and as he does,
a giant ripple is created that gave Nathreza about the same fate as Draenor had received,
almost destroying the entire planet. A hundred times more demons are killed than the thousands
the demon hunters have already slaughtered and this was permanent as it is inside the
Twisting Nether, so all demons that died that day, died forever. Illidan is victorious and
for the first time in many millenia, the Burning Legion is the one to get invaded.
As he gets back to Outland, he directs his demon hunters on various missions, smaller
and bigger, to disrupt the Burning Legion. However, eventually a Doomguard called Kruul
shows up and confronts Illidan and his demon hunters. He is very powerful but Illidan eventually
channels a spell and hurts him, forcing him to retreat. Later Kruul opens a portal to
Azeroth and countless demons start pouring into it. Illidan and his demon hunters watch
on the hill as the forces of Azeroth push through and repel the demons, taking more
and more ground. Unfortunately Kruul plans to flank which would mean that the Azerothians
would most likely be fully defeated. So Illidan and his demon hunters prevent this by killing
Kruul and his force, saving the invading forces. He knew that he couldn’t reason because anyone
from Azeroth would hate him but at least he thought they would be a distraction for the
Legion while he puts his bigger plans into action.
He then goes to the Throne of Kil’Jaeden and once again splits his spirit from his body
and travels into the Twisting Nether, eventually reaching Argus. He finally sees the world
and Kil’Jaeden, but is almost captured by Kil’Jaeden until an unknown voice, that of
the light, saves him and returns him to his form. He now realizes that he needs to invade
Argus and is fully and completely dedicated to it. Unfortunately though the Horde and
the Alliance go against his expectations and start attacking his forces, firstly destroying
Lady Vashj’s mission and later the Hellfire citadel and Magtheridon. This at one point
was crucial to his operation on Outland but Illidan just didn’t care anymore, he didn’t
care about Outland or any world for that matter because he knew that if he doesn’t invade
the Burning Legion, all worlds will be destroyed by the Legion, sooner or later. His first
part of the new plan is to go to Auchindoun and harvest the souls of the dead draenei
in order to power up the portal. Akama completely despises this decision and this leads to his
ultimate defection that would force him to free Maiev. Later Illidan once again detaches
himself and travels to Argus in order to create a point for the portal, but all of a sudden
his spirit gets captured by an unknown force. Luckily for him it wasn’t Kil’Jaeden but instead
it was an Elder Naaru who tells him that he will be the hero of the Light in the battle
against the void and that his role will be crucial in the future, but a price will be
paid. He then returns to his body and is completely shocked about this experience, but nevertheless
he continues on his work with the portal, as now the Azeroth forces started attacking
the Black Temple directly. In his battle against time he manages to open
a portal and send his demon hunters, while one of them, Vandel, didn’t manage to reach
it and was knocked out in a battle against Maiev who was hungry for Illidan’s blood.
Eventually the invaders push through to Illidan’s chamber and face him as he didn’t manage to
escape because he was holding the portal for the demon hunters. A huge battle ensues but
at the time with the help of Maiev and Akama, and Illidan being weakened by creating the
portal, he is finally slain. The attackers cheer in their victory while Vandel wakes
up from the blow and hears the voice of Illidan telling him to be prepared. He doesn’t know
where it is coming from but he feels like his spirit is still somehow out there. Currently
the fate of the remaining demon hunters is uncertain as they walked through the portal,
however Vandel travels into the night as the only remaining demon hunter. Alright and that is all I have for this video. Now do leave your thoughts and don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel for more content like this and also like the video as it really
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day to watch this video and see you next time.

64 thoughts on “Illidan Novel Summary – World of Warcraft Lore

  1. Just a quick note.
    This video includes some footage from the Legion alpha. Mainly from the demon hunter starting zone.

  2. Illidan Novel Summary – Illidan was being a bad ass, fighting Legion saving our asses then we arrive on Outland and kick his ass for that. Yay us!

  3. So killing Illidan during outland was a big mistake. Well we just screwed up a chance of stopping the burning legion forever since the Legion is now coming to azeroth destroying everything in their path.

  4. U forgot to say the fact that when he was prepering to invade Argus he lost a portion of his soul and got weakend and that is how the armies of Azeroth were able to deafeat him.

  5. About him becoming the champion of light as foretold by the naruu he meets within the book.

    Alot of people are going ape shit about him becoming a light user and becoming an Angel from a demon and stuff.

    Guys… You can fight for the light, without using it… His redemption is simply that He will fight for the right side, against the legion. not once did the naruu say he will USE light magic. Just be its champion which to be a champion is to fight for what side you believe in.

  6. Hero for the lighta gainst the void, So we kindly can assume, Illidan will be the hero he always was? hopefully others will see that too one day.

  7. This is close to propaganda.
    He still accelerated the blood curse on the orcs.
    He still lied to Akama and abused his trust while further abusing the land and it's denizens.
    He wasted unwilling souls for portals that could have been powered through other means.

    He may not be 100% evil, and his motives may be good, but his methods were extremely selfish and destructive to those around him.

    He still has to take accountability for his actions. The ends don't justify the means. Both the means and the ends have to independently be justifiable.
    That's why the real world has standards like due process for suspects.

  8. Damn, they weren't kidding about the redemption. Illidan Stormrage, warrior of the Light. Never thought I'd say that.

  9. So dear Doron, here i come again! Thanks so much for the video summary and the obligatory question "how much this book retcons WarCraft 3 and Burning Crusade?" It doesn't see it retcon anything at all, but i am not the lore master here 🙂

  10. I can't understand why Naaru helps Illidan and at the same time
    A'dal(aka another Naaru) goes agains him? Does that make A'dal and the
    others Naaru's that helped him fight Illidan bad? How can such a
    powerful beings like Naaru cannot communicate with each other but some
    communicate with Illidan only?
    *insert mind blown gif

  11. Hi Doron, I asked this on your how to RP a Druid video but It was an older video and didn't get an answer but I understand you can't reply to everyone and I know this is off topic from this video(by the way great video as always)but I wanted to ask if the Malferion raid armor set from vanilla is considered to flashy or out of my league so to say for a new RPer transferring into an RP server. I just feel I wouldn't be taken seriously in that armor set because of the fact I'm a new RPer and not yet established myself in the RP community of that server so I wanted to know your thoughts on it?

  12. Sir, thank you for this beauty! This story puts my perspective into a different level ! Always loved Illidian Stormrage and his role in the wacraft universe, never believed that he 's a true villain, finally you summarise the facts about our new "saviour"! cheers – by the way…you definitely deserve more subs! 🙂

  13. The wise Malfurion thinks Illidan is no good even though Illidan is his brother
    A naaru saves Illidan's life meaning the light must show some interest in him
    screw you malfurion you're dumb
    the naaru are much wiser than u so listen to them(and you too maiev before you go off trying to imprison illidan again!)

  14. You know I loved your videos for a really long time, but seeing these things these days has really been making me sick. Blizzard is not a good company anymore and it breaks my heart that your popularity based on there success. So I wish you the best, but unsubscribing now.

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  16. Well, that sums it up, Possible next expansion will be us invading Argus to conquer it.
    – illadin will join our ranks during legion. He'll tell all about how to kill deamon forever, as he totally owned Nethrozen's world.
    – This would also change the whole visual, from dark theme of Legion, to beautiful world of Argus.
    – Argus can host many new races, maybe two of these can join Ally and Horde.

  17. Bas sam trazio kanal po YouTube-u koji bi me nekako na brzi nacin upoznao malo vise sa lore-om,s obzirom da sam se nakon filma bas zainteresovao za samu pricu,a dugo sam WoW igrao,samo nikad nisam toliko posvecivao vremena samoj prici. Kanal ti je odlican,molim te samo nastavi da radis,prezadovoljan sam onim sto sam uspeo da nadjem 🙂

  18. Illidan is probably going to be more famous than Arthas, all he did was for his world.. he even wanted to assault Argus the Homeland of the Legion, even after that, still being hated and attacked…
    Illidan is good !
    Illidan will stop the Legion !


  20. Just to be clear, as Illidan is part demon of Burning Legion, he couldnt be killed in Black Temple, the only place he can die is Twisting Nether like rest of Burning Legion demons ?

  21. Anyone else with the urge to vomit? No? Just me? Illidan's storyline in Legion with Xe'ra is so bad it makes Me'dan a lore masterpiece….

  22. What do you think about the book anyway? because for me it was one of the worst book regarding to the lore i mean


    What do you think the fact that Mardum is never mentionned in the entiere book?

    What do you think the fact that Vandel dont take the portal to mardum in the book but if you creat a demon hunter you find him in mardum….and about vandel how he just entiere in the outland in the first place? they never give the answers

    And how alliance and horde defeat gruul, kael, vashj and illidan in only 2 month?

    All of these things made me hate this book

  23. About a chapter into the book I finally understood what he meant by “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!”

    Thanks for making this vid too mate, really appreciate it. Need to finish that book now.

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