35 thoughts on “If You Vote You Can't Compain – Larken Rose on The Corbett Report

  1. Confound it but humanity is grievously undereducated and most are dreaming of starring in "Lost in Space".
    The most disgusting ones say "I would never wanna be prez" yet vote anyway!
    You can tell a voter anything, but you can't tell them a damn thing.

  2. James, will you please correct the misspelled word in the title of this video from "Compain" to Complain?.. I'm not usually a stickler for this kind to thing, but some people will look for any reason to discount a message like this… you know what I mean. Thank you!

  3. Vote 3rd party and tell every one else to fuck off. BE ATTENTIVE AND ACTIVE AT THE VOTING POLES. Jill Stein gathered more than 1% in the last election. Her base campaign was based on Sanders promises and exceeded it. 60 % of the voting areas were changed to a different location in R.I. Eliminating the ''young vote''. ''since the primary;;.

  4. Nice editorial as always. One point that was made many times in the vid is that, if 10% didn't vote, we would be free of the " ruling class". That prompted me to do some math. Going off of MSM data (washington post, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/11/12/about-100-million-people-couldn't-be-bothered-to-vote-this-year/?utm_term=.03b3ff88059d )
    Here are some numbers (I believe the numbers they give are completely inaccurate to begin with, but for the sake of argument, let's examine what was put forward.)
    327,960,750 U.S. citizens total
    251,000,000 eligible voting age
    subtract 19,000,000 ineligible due to being prisoners, felons, etc
    This leaves 232,000,000 eligible that can vote
    126,700,000 voted (breaks down to 60,500,000 trump, 60,000,000 clinton, 6,200,000 other)
    In another way to put it 18.5% trump, 18% clinton, 2% other.(total of approx 39% voted)
    less than 1 in 5 voted trump, less than 1 in 5 voted clinton.
    Less than 2 in 5 voted at all.
    61% total population (200,000,000) didn't vote at all.
    With simple math and available stats, proves the majority did not participate.
    So what is continuing is against what more than 3 in 5 agree to.
    What this points out is that , with so many tools of coercion, and by their own admission, they can only secure (allegedly) 39% of the vote.
    Keep your heads up, non voters are the majority, this sham will continue with or without consent.

  5. No, 10% is not enough. We have around 30% who doesn't vote here, and still everything is the same here. Sadly the figure should be at least above 50% in my opinion.

  6. the framers knew all this, that is why we HAVE 3 branches of checking govt. Trump is POTUS and he is NOT the final authority on every thing. You have a straw man argument.

  7. this argument is old and can be applied to the clothing you are wearing , purchased at EVIL walmart, made by CHILDREN no less, for pennies and hour !!!! Or the food you eat picked by poor migrants, or the taxes you paid and the money was spent on WAR … OMG ! So your entire argument is going to leave you a complete hypocrite or naked and starving with no roads to drive on. So you are wasting your time trying to condemn me for VOTING.

  8. The 1 percent, the corporate capitalists, love it when critical independent thinking people don't vote. They love that you guys advocate against voting and only hope you keep it up. Yes, we have very limited choices in elections under corporate capitalism, especially under the U.S. two party system. And yes, there are other venues of political struggle, particularly for those of us seeking radical change for social and environmental justice and real democracy. I don't advocate giving up any of our rights. We need to exercise all of them and use them to demand more.

  9. But this has been true from the beginning. The political coup of 1787 was just the icing on the cake. Before the Declaration their were thirteen set of tyrants controlling the sheeple moderated by the wishes of a king. All that occurred in 1776 was an elimination of the moderator and local control of the sheeple. The limitation of the Articles of Confederation was overcome by overspending needing a government with power to correct and the sheeple ate it up. Anything that allows the 80% that are the sheeple the ability to vote will always end in the same way in about 250 years. The nation that stops voting will be the free nation but for no more than two to three generations before it starts all over again.

    Freedom can only exist in a moral society, the tyranny in a society is proportional to the lack of morality in that society.

  10. Finally ordering the book after a long time. Mr.Rose is amazing at putting things into perspective and I want to one day have as good a speaking ability as he does one day if its even a skill you can learn. That part at around 6:00 where he explains that an election is just 2 bad guys offering to kick you in the groin or punch you in the face but you can choose to vote by basically not voting and slamming the door in their faces effectively taking their power away.

  11. You, as an individual, can't force your neighbor to alter the way they live…why should a majority of individuals have the right to alter the lives of others when it is not granted to the single individual? This is the immoral outcome of participating in the voting process on every level…local, state and federal. Why don't people get this?

  12. You can only have 1 master if you have 2 you will love 1 and hate the other. In America you have to choose government for your God. Your not allowed to choose your 1st religion only your 2nd. You have to obey the 1st God if not you will be caged or killed. You have freedom but there is a lot of restrictions and orders to obey to be free. True a sane person says freedom means without restrictions but your 1st God says other wise. Funny how some many choose death over government. Funny more and more hate government. People have started realizing what fools oath keepers real are

  13. Hey guys, when I told my active local conservatives I was not voting for President, I was called names that a friend would not call another. I would sick and tired of voting for the lesser of evils. I quoted 2Tim 3 which gives about 20 words of character that describe people of the latter days and to have NOTHING to do with them. Trump was described in over half of these.

  14. Simply "not paying" income-tax is not an option when your slave handler employer automatically takes it out of your paycheck. A more organized approach has to be taken. Or… the people can simply kick the current politicians out of the country (or fire them which would later be a crux) and govern ourselves. But I know too many people feel they have to nurse on the tit of uncle sam.

  15. The off off off off chance of having James Corbett show up at my house to eat a hat is the only good thing I can imagine to come from voting.

  16. more loudmouths, and gentlemen Jim and his never changing and ultimately useless argument.

    James, instead of loudmouths like him, and more quiet and subtle ones like you saying voting doesn't matter or gives consent to the crimes etc., why not just ask if it could be done differently.

    You never ask that question and that's Sir is why I believe you are as dogmatic as those who you criticize for their own unshakable dogmas.

    a true man of truth, would be more inquiring, more analytical, and less sure of his certainties; which by the way are patently 100% false.

  17. The system is inherently immoral yes, if we could all stop voting simultaneously, that would be incredible, and if there is nobody that even represents my interest in the slightest I won't vote, but if I was in America, I would have prevented Hillary from getting in by any means necessary. She is beyond corrupt and it's all on the books

  18. this time trump really was the better choice….not that this system is moral in any way and for the most part i agree, but god damn, when one option is just so knowingly already openly corrupt and fucked, how can you not support the other? People will vote…even if you don't. Canadians have poor voter turnout and look what we have now, there cannot be anything worse than trudeau seriously

  19. Where is the logic in that? If you don’t vote at all then you end up letting other people vote to make you do things you don’t want to do. Like, paying more taxes or losing gun rights. The problem is we don’t vote enough, are uninformed and we do not compel government to do the will of the majority. Anarchy is not realistic. Smaller, controlled government is as was intended by the nations founders. Yeah, many of us could handle no government but we are in a small minority. Extremism in any direction is bad.

  20. Oh and and thank for sending your children to our masters slave induction training centers and for maintaining and updated you programming though your veiwership of tv.

  21. If you vote and you think that you don't know anyone who has Stockholm syndrome you need to take a good long hard look in the mirror. Oh please master enslave me and everybody else. Oh please master please murder, imprison and extort people. I'm proud that my vote endorses the poisoning of myself and the world. I'm so glad I have the "right" to endorse my masters and shutter to think what it would be like if I had real freedom and responsibility over myself. Thank you for being my evil dominating master.

  22. Still this Soviet bashing even among dissidents. Michael Parenti has some good videos that help to apply differential object appraisal about Stalin and the Soviet Union. I also disagree about the comment about democracy being just a tool to control the masses. Democracy has never been a governmental system.

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