Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

20 thoughts on “Identity politics and the Marxist lie of white privilege

  1. 1:45:00 – "I'm gonna go for five more minutes and then I'll wrap this up."

    Video is 2:32:42 long. God bless JBP

  2. I'm 51 yo and have been bombarded by BS guilt trips by the left my entire life for being a white male. From Phil Donahue to Oprah. From commie school teachers to sensitivity training in the Navy after Tailhook.
    I've never treated anyone badly or felt superior to others based on my "whiteness". However I do hold the right to judge! I judge people by their appearance and body language. I judge people by the "content of their character". I am not ashamed of this. And I am not ashamed of being WHITE

  3. Don't ever be jealous of a CEO's "golden parachute". It is a bribe to keep them from EVER working for that company again. – Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell.

  4. White privilege is not just a lie, it’s a conspiracy theory that the people in power don’t question.

  5. @52:50 Why didn't Orwell get along with Socialists? Because Socialists were all talk and no substance, EVER. Just. Like. Now.

  6. The 'White Privilege' narrative is about shaming white people into redistributionism, and nothing more. 'You have an unfair amount of privilege and that makes you a bad person. To be a not-bad person, you have to redistribute your privilege to those people over there, and that will make everything more fair, and then you'll be a, ahhhhhhh . . . not bad person. SOCIALISM!! YAY!!'

    The left hasn't had any new ideas for 150 years. It is always and forever about REDISTRIBUTIONISM. They change the narrative, re-package it, put a new wrapper on it, but it always comes down to 'If we take stuff from these people over here and give it to these people over there, things will be awesome!!!'

    Look at it this way. If all white people in western culture admit their 'white privilege,' WHAT THEN?? Do we all group hug, and everything is magically better? OF COURSE NOT. The whiteys admit their privilege, and then REDISTRIBUTE THEIR PRIVILEGE to all the non-whiteys. (Mostly black people.) It's not like an apology ceremony is gonna do it lol!!

    People be like 'It's important for white people to understand their privilege because blah blah blah.' LOL!! OK, and THEN WHAT? There's always something that comes next. There's always a 'get.'

    It's 'White people need to understand their privilege, then gibs me dat!'

  7. So if Adam and Eve were the first two people in earth then how could they feel shame and vulnerability. They were most likely beautiful and perfect specimens and would not comprehend shame or what being naked means. Adam, you are stark naked in front of your Creator. Adam responds, So what! Whooopty friggin doo.

    I understand a little about myth and metaphor but this is prime, so is not metaphor moored in reality.

  8. Interesting is the number of dislikes of this speech. The only reason I can figure is that the bots are really at it, or we are much more Marxist than I thought. That's scary, because Marxism is a failed philosophy.

  9. When POC person say White Privilege – 1) Black is actually the absence of color – 2) White disperses into all color. Who's POC again??

  10. I used to work as a camp counselor with developmentally disabled teens.. They loved to "play" and be thrown into the air while in the pool. They knew there was no danger… PS – Now, 40 years later I am a psychologist in schools. The importance of Play is the most important aspect of socialization.

  11. 44:30 a little correction to Prof.Peterson : after WWI, the rest of the world knew exactly the nature of the people, who took the power in Russia.
    They called them ‘well organised, international criminal gang of bandits’.
    Boy, weren’t they right about that.

  12. Affirmative action is state sponsored racism. Hiring quota's in the workforce is just as well. The open discrimination going on against whites by the rabid LEFT is unlike any discrimination we have ever seen in this country. This is going on in schools and universities.

  13. Too bad someone like Jordan Peterson will never be the President or Prime Minister or whatever of a whole country. Brilliant thinker…. I doubt he, or anyone like him, would have any clue how to give a campaign speech. Try putting Jordan Peterson thoughts on a bumper sticker… and good luck with that.

  14. GPS is not Miraculous and anyone aware of American history would know white privledge is prevalent in the US.

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