1. You can arrest politicians but they can unite and reduce you to mere thing.Be careful on how you're handling them,remember you're working for Uhuru and he remains with 3 years to quit the office. How will be life thereafter? Maybe you will run for a political seat.

  2. instead of arresting MP NJAGWA, the government should have checked whether his statement had informative substance and whether a problem really exists. If any problem is observed, then it be solved.

  3. Let him apologize to the public and please forgive him. It has been the nature of our politicians to speak in public to remain relevant.

  4. Saitoti was the best minister of interior and that's why he was silenced. This other guys are just blinding you with theatricals while they are far worse corrupt to the core in reality . You'll find out soon enough Kenyans

  5. I love our County Kenya and always pray for the prosperity of our Nation. My advice to the Government, please take these un educated Mps to school to learn Diplomacy, especially Foreign Relations. Our people Kenyans are all over the world working, thanks to good education given back in Kenya, but they are also vulnerable to attacks if we attack other nationals who are in our Country. Someone said on this page that our Parliament is only to protect Kenyans. How wrong that is. Anybody who is in Kenya regardless where they come from, our Govt. has a duty of care to that someone, this includes their security, medical, shelter, food etc. This also applies to Kenyans in other Countries. This may not practicality happen, but that is the United Nations law and we are part of it.

  6. MMATIANGI FOR PRESIDENCY 2022😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. To Kenyans shida siyo Chinese. There are a lot of Nigerians Congo in Kenya. They are also outsiders. They also trade in Kenya. There are also human beings like the Chinese.

  8. Anyway I think it's unfare to refuse those who have work permit. Unless u don't have work permit then it's another case. What jaguar did was not good 'being that is a politician remember politicians can buy youths to do anything for them. I support matiangi for that.

  9. Arrests in kenya means nothing. We need prosecutions and jail terms. Currently these are only reserved for petty offenders. Name one big fish who has been jailed in recent memory, none! Another one Matiangi blowing hot air. They aren’t afraid of arrests. In fact they score political points off these arrests. Put their ass**es in Prisons!!!!πŸ‘Ή

  10. Personally, I don't give a rat's ass about that jumuia or whatever. Tujiangalie sisi wenye tuko hapa kwanza. Our brethren are the ones in Kenya. Ugandans, Tanzanians, Chinese, etc are not our brethren, they're our neighbors. We love them but they'll not come here and give us their crap. You, the government need to see the cry of Kenyans and not the ranting of the neighbors. We didn't elect you to protect the neighbors. We chose to for our interests. You gotta get that.

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