I TRICK HACKER LEADER in Real Life Experiment Challenge with Funny Prank Like a Spy Ninja Superhero

I TRICK HACKER LEADER in Real Life Experiment Challenge with Funny Prank Like a Spy Ninja Superhero

what's up spine ninjas I think we should figure out where the project circle leader lives remember when that hacker stole my phone yeah me and via we took it back from the hacker yes cyber I was thrown at your face so I noticed that there was a phone number on here the hacker that stole his phone had called somebody so let's call that number right now I think he might have been calling the pz leader hello who is there it's easy lympha I can't hear you but that was definitely the piano leader yeah that's definitely him okay guys I know exactly what to do remember when we were in projects or ago we had this app on our phone and we can reverse lookup phone numbers find out where people's addresses are really so I can find out where the pressures or the leader lives ok I think I'm doing it I hear whistling guys get out right over there yes what around whistling I don't think he sees us no yeah his answer his phone can you cast your what he's saying no I can't put on speakerphone but I can't hear that's too quiet oh yeah you know what I have my listening device right here nice okay putting in the camera here ready did you just pull my phone it's the practical leader on the phone with you can you bring me chats phone today he said he held our phone but I got my phone right here's that sure yeah he's lying yeah he's looking for the phone yes see he doesn't have yeah I knew you'd lie to us they lie to each other easy members cannot be trusted oh no can write pz4 no leaving where's he going he's gonna be in big trouble so what should we follow him or what should we do let's just look up the phone number to the fighters or go leaders house okay I was so close to finishing it okay I have an address really okay yeah it's it's one three three seven richard bunker ass here in las vegas what is he doing here he lives here Wow I thought he lived at the headquarters yeah yeah that's a little weird actually let's go okay guys guys so what's the plan once we get to project serve a leaders house like are we prepared for this what did he have with a ton of hackers with him like PV members if we challenge him to a battle royale and then the leaders gone like producer goes done forever right it's too powerful huh wait a buncha you spied ninjas have been saying in the comments that projects are go uploaded a brand new video maybe maybe we should check it out they'll give us some information on what they're up to right now okay yeah let's do it I'll quote my phone you got it ah here it is Oh attention projects or votes from the leaders we have been hard at work developing a brand new method of destroying the spine injures a virus so he's like building a virus or something at his computer there yeah on his own personal computer maybe that's at his house yeah we can't like stop the virus or something it's a virus for all non projects or NGO members that's us that's Oliver you spy ninjas too I mean a computer virus could like destroy people's computers in like Vegas so you can't go on the internet anymore so we got to go to this leaders house maybe you can hack into his computer and stop the virus yeah yeah yeah you're a professional hacker well the GPS says the house is further up that way so how are we getting closer to project our whole leaders house yeah we're getting really close there's a lot of buildings over there maybe one of those is where you live okay like way down there right man there's lots of houses all around here yeah how are we gonna find out which one is his we can't go into the wrong one and I wonder if he has like bodyguards or something at his house we got to be careful when we get in there what was that cuz you're that yeah we just heard something over here wait wait look the footprint right here I knew it yeah it sound like someone's foot somebody trip that wasn't me this time swear yeah usually it is you tripping but anyhow I did bring the peephole reverser once we find out where he lives I can use it to see if he's actually inside that house or not guys were getting close actually maybe you might be here this is it yeah hide behind me but when I looked up the phone number it said the leaders address is at 1 3 3 7 2 D that anywhere I see there's a there's a 2014 up here I don't see it look at these doors like what you guys yeah that definitely is the practice or go leaders house right and who else we write an enthalpy has gotta be so yeah should we go in there right now okay we need some people like stay out here Keep Watch I think the only one of us should go in although in you guys keep watch no I'll do it easy for your wife are you gonna get me to prove myself cuz this is fine injure I could do this guy's and you are an expert hacker so if his laptop isn't there you can hack into it yeah stop that Harris be very light it's a security camera oh no we should cover this up so they don't see us we suffered up with yeah we don't have anything to cover it up with what could we use this Daniel three all right yeah well no they can't be a second what does this even say I wonder yeah much better closer look at it guys if you know what that is you do decoder wheels there's a people right here Daniel V do you have your reverse people of your it's right here let me see if I can see it oh he's not tall enough I'm going to be jealous okay Chad top spy ninja oh I'm too tall I can't see it oh yeah take a look with the camera it looks like there's nobody home so I think I think we're good okay oh I think mean to be 150 percent sure the prior two zorga leader isn't in there what if we call him one more time it's raining you phone ringing in there nope that's ringing out here by God hello oh the answered Dear Leader this is pcs 73 okay if you're home right now can you come to the door oh I'm not home right now PZ member we're on the way to the headquarters for today's meeting okay yes I'll get ready for the meeting goodbye okay after time said the PC leader he's not in there nobody's home I think you're good to go in there now sure no one's in there I knew I didn't see him for the people he said he wasn't home so and we didn't hear anything in there but here's some walkie-talkies to communicate just in case you need someone this okay awesome let's go down over this way and keep guard all right remember pz4 destroy the laptop destroy it destroy the virus yes multiple laptops pack all them okay everybody wish her good luck give her a thumbs up let's go Keep Watch you talk to pz4 here okay okay guys pz4 here taken over I gotta destroy the projects are go leaders laptops let's do this wait a minute I have to figure out how to unlock the door they just left me to do this isn't be a master lock picker g/b yeah you guys just left me here take this lock all that myself I don't have experience in this oh you're right oh okay might be locked it okay yeah maybe just like I don't know wiggle it or something maybe you're lucky sometimes if we don't lock the doors okay I'll just wiggle it around although I think the pleasurable leader would lock their door oh yeah I mean he's all about security in stuff all right this isn't gonna work that but the hack what kind of projects are gonna member leave their doors unlocked okay really nervous I don't think there's anyone there let's just be really quiet I'm gonna lock the door so no one comes in after me that's what you should be doing locking the doors I don't know what's wrong with this guy so I'm looking for laptops here oh there's green light okay bb2 35 th 40 can you get these two doors they're closed shut so I think I'm just gonna avoid that for now I'm just gonna try to find a laptop hopefully it's out here in the open interesting guys this house this looks like a normal person's house I mean they have an Xbox they have a plant that's really surprising I didn't think projects or don't care about any other living things other than themselves yeah I don't see any laptop so far wait did you just see that on the television screen did something flicker on that or am I just seeing things right now thanks guys guys I'm really scared the I think I just saw something on the TV like I like popped up on TV but it's okay okay don't don't worry about the TV he's a hacker who knows what he's doing this TV who's just stay on mission yes look for the laptop stay focused look for the laptop oh yeah okay I'm kind of a laptop here I seriously there's no laptop here what broke that open what does that ice oh gosh guys doors just open by itself that walkie-talkie them back to us there's a door here and it just opened okay this so could be very quiet be careful it could be the projects are a leader in there okay I thought nobody was home but maybe we were wrong so I maybe was hiding feet can you come and check it just to see if anyone followed me back into this house after I came in oh okay all right since you're scared I'm gonna go grab the camera and come back check the door just make sure it's locked bangle let's check it out he's it for I think it's good I don't think anyone followed you no one's home so I think this is the perfect chance to destroy the laptop thank you I just need to have a hundred percent assurance that I'm all alone in here okay about talk on to his computer yeah yeah keep quickly I think like a big happy happy and we're getting closer guys 90 percent 95 I mean Warren 100 percent okay that's weird that was a little too easy to get into for products ergo especially the leader I would think the encryption would be a little bit better for a hacker all his files are just out here in the open alright let's get out of here let's do this quick scared all the file names there's a bunch of file names let's say Suzy Collins hula Suzie maybe maybe one of these guys now hey do any of you guys know a person named Suzie Collins Suzie Collins Suzie come calling I know a Collins key not a Suzie is it his sister baby Suzie is calling Keys sister maybe or maybe this Suzie Collins person is like the hackers next target no justjust keep hacking pz4 don't worry about it we don't care about his personal life a haka troll cut them down here let's destroy this laptop with this it's called the destroyer drive what it does is if I plug it in it overclocks the CPU causing the laptop to overheat I'm gonna plug it in in three two smoking my laptop will slow game but look does that I just destroyed laptops Oh who's smoking and the lights are flickering yeah it's definitely destroyed all right you get out of there yeah yeah we'll meet we'll meet up with you yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh a shower what so weird I didn't know he showered oh gosh I gotta get out of here they were wrong the spine itches were wrong there was someone in here all along I knew it that's got that there's definitely someone there's someone there they're literally showering right now in the taking a shower oh yeah out yeah just just get out of that run okay I don't want to leave yet because there still could be laptops out here with the virus on it you don't know how many laptops this projects Orgel leader has I'm gonna wait for him to get into the shower to make my move all right let me get a closer look okay whoa that's so weird I've never seen project circle members feet before maybe peasy twos once in a while yeah he's definitely still walking around so we gotta wait until he gets into the shower what is he doing why is he pacing back and forth why isn't he getting into the shop she just dropped a bunch of like wipes and a curler hill in uses feet to pick it up at this point instead figure out that I'm here and that's not good good but you get here the water just up my sleeve is under here to kick it out

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  1. There’s a hacker in the house I don’t song in the house one quick stop hacking and get away stop talking get away quick I think he’s coming

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