i block people on social media.

i block people on social media.

[Applause] my ceremony spell see I think it's are you today hi I'm can I get a tall cinnamon Dolce latte with almond milk and no whip yeah one date with Domino and no wit yep that's hot today yes please that's all we'll see you after I thank you thanks thank you just started yeah how do i you yeah I know yeah and oh my I'm sick of the rains you know that's true thank you you too just humped up some woman someone top the right away go good morning guys another day in the world of ELISA and today in this world Saturday 7:30 a.m. and sorry swear you don't understand until L Shelly like I was saying today in this world we are going to the vet because I'm overdue on Sawyer's vaccinations so we're going to the vet so you get that done and the reason I'm absolutely is good so that I've been going to since he was a puppy it's like the cheapest bet that I found like everything's just so cheap which that's the kind of budget to open ducky in closes at 8:00 every day but it's first-come first-serve basis or based on seriousness and you're up there right at 8 a.m. when the doors open you can do it in there for hours and I already I've been the first known line before and I've already like waited in an hour and a half just to get vaccinations for each eye it's a long way no lying but it's cheap and they have all the records so my bad thing is it's like 20 minutes but 735 holding it there by movements for open like a serious race between me and other people I'm not even kidding or your last yeah so I'm here and it's 9 o'clock and we just got back to this room but he just expired to go get like my left eye and I think his vaccinations I don't know um but I'll be waiting here for an hour and we just now got back that's that's what I mean but just gonna wait here and then make room to be done okay so so you're just got down in stocks nations and I don't want this gum why you just got done and I just wanted to say hi I saw a family going there it was mom and dad two daughters and then I believe the grandma was with them and I sorry I gotta focus on driving first and they were crying so I'm assuming their dog had died or something happened and don't know no mom I was trying to control her daughter like she was only about like eight or nine but she was just crying so much and the mom like she was crying herself and the dad he was being the strongest one but then like when I soon as I was leaving they were outside about to leave because they were done and the grandma was driving the two daughters and then the mom and dad were sure except really understandably I mean you know they were heartbroken and I I understand because I would be heartbroken to her diet I'm some it was like the mom got in the car I she started screaming so loudly in the parking lot like with the windows up and I could hear the daughter screaming in the grandma's car it's so loudly and I just I felt so bad for them oh my let me not for cryin I understand what that feels like because I watched one of my dogs in high school get hit by a car died so like I understand you know how about it hurts and I remember I was screaming in the parking lot where we lived my dog getting run over and I could just hear the wailing at throughout the whole parking lot it'd just be so sad I was parked there for him and I like by the grandma with the two daughters for the two granddaughters the guy the car over they were outside waiting with their dog and he knocked on the grandma's window and he gave her a packet M&Ms for the daughter so I get notes not much but maybe it'll be something too if you don't mind off of it or something oh just the back of them and Amistad I'd just be so happy that it's a charge I'm I'm also crying I'm really okay I can't talking more about it but it's just I have such like a dog person and I don't know why I'm kidding I want to get another dog or why I have a dog because I would just lose but okay I don't know park it okay so oh excuse me I just went to the farmers market and if you guys are ever in Columbus in Worthington they have a really good farmers market and there's this one particular seller that I literally just go there for um but the brand or whatever he makes it himself it's called humma for and he has the best I think it's organic humus I've ever tried in my life but I always always always get the schmoly hummus it's like the best one it's like the best spicy hummus have ever had and I've had a lot and then I also just had to get a new one I've never tried which is that all of Oliver hummus um so I was like kalamata are the ava's kalamata olives and lemon juice and stuff it kinda reminds me with a Sabra olive tapenade one but like so much better see I got those two super super good and now I'm about to take Sawyer home and have to get a couple packages from the store cheese melts and Poshmark things that I sold and have to my sis or something and then well it's gonna get into I kind of wanna buy a new camera because this vlogging camera the canon g7x had it forever and I bought it use and it's like there's no lens on it and I just feel like it's time for an upgrade for me I don't know I might go to Best Buy and then also sorry my music was playing the background I love Osuna and then also I want to go tanning and I've already talked about it because everyone's kind of like annoying about tanning and everyone has their own views but the reason I'm tanning and I'm never tanned in my life but the reason I'm tanning is because at the end of May Sandra and I are going on a week-long trip and we're mainly at beaches and the first time this summer I get so burnt and last summer I got Sun poisoning because of Halbert I got so I'm just trying to get a nice base tan before we go so I don't get burnt because that's not fun today there we go I need something else so let's go I'm gonna take slow at home and I look like disgusting I'm not gonna shower till after I tan but yeah okay so I just until a library to print off the shipping labels cuz I don't have a printer and then I had to buy packages so I have these two Poshmark packages that I'm mailing out and then my sister so I'm at UPS about to go do that and I'm so hungry and I need to eat something before I go into the tanning bed so I think I'm gonna smoothie and then I get lunch later but I'm so hungry and I'm so early and disgusting whatever Oh hello oh my god okay and so I just showered and I was not on video but then it started to rain and I don't know I should put on my video with this mother so I'm about to actually go to Best Buy see if I'm writing to a camera because I want one so um okay hello guys so I started Kroger again some wine and I bought my camera I was going to be delivered to me on Tuesdays and having stock but can I just say that Best Buy customer service some people may think it's like 81 but it's annoying and I swear they get trained to do this and I will tell you what because this happened to me on three separate occasions now but I swear to God that I am I going I swear that Spice employees are told if a customer says that they're just looking right now and they don't have any questions to stay with them and keep talking to them because this has happened three times not like I said I went in one time he was security cameras and I said no I'm good I don't need any help and the guy just stayed he would not leave me alone and I just like it just stresses me off I can't just like freely look around a store that's what I'm so irritated and buy the Apple pencil I was like no I'm just looking he is like he's there I kept talking and then when I went to go head a camera I was like no I'm good I don't I don't have any questions right now and let you know if I do he stood there and kept asking me questions I swear what they're trained to do that and it makes sense because every single three times that I got in there and they've done that I've bought something so I must be working on their end but like really if I need your help I will I will seek you out for your help but until then please just let me look around anyways I got the camera I'm on my way home now with I my periods coming I got a bottle of wine a ice cream sandwiches which I never ever buy I've not had an ice cream sandwich in probably five years and I bought a doggie pack of a different variety chip and a bottle bleach so I just drink the bleach first and then I'll drink the wine and you might have some forget an Ice Cream Sandwich I feel like I'm losing my mind that's exactly what this feels like but I going to each police knife dinner does I want to I just can't stay away from foolish I was thought I would get a tour table it's across town and I'm just not really feeling that tribe over there you know maybe I'll hold off till next weekend but gotta get you pulled away I guess I'm still operating okay it's nice but just beast area okay I'm getting right now I was at home relaxing for a bit enough some self-care is what I would call it and starving so place second my in a row but I actually plan on getting a white drum tonight and watching the office and eating an Ice Cream Sandwich so after my whole spotty meal I just love a pill Sammy and I'm not gonna touch the camera because that would imply I'm doing something and I can't quite reverse in the lane either and I can't stop talking to myself because I think so if you want like I'm talking to myself okay it's just too uncomfortable I wish my windows what I'm dead right now she's liked her or more de la madre okay I'm gonna make this quick but sorry I'm talking chubs I saw a comment that says you just luck it's all negative comments um yeah yes I do it's my page so do you guys think that people should be allowed to block whoever they want if they don't like what they're saying I think to a sentence I believe in constructive criticism it can be helpful it can be useful but the second you start crossing some lines and you start saying some that either get shady or you're trying to dis me or someone blocked be LOC get tape but locked by no you're gonna commenting on my stuff anymore no I don't have time to absorb your negative energy or even read your negative 13 so you say some funny-ass on my page bye that's all bye because it's all that I had to say but I believe everyone should utilize the blocking factor more often because there's some trolls out there to cow anyways about go home and enjoy this life okay I am so hungry and I could eat two burritos right now I even asked for extra rice and she already put so much on the rice in that burrito I was just starved go enjoy my buttery soap and wash the office and then have a nice glass of wine after Saturday night wow that's what my life has come to Chipotle and wine up myself watching the office but you know what I'd rather have my own energy and how to entertain someone else good morning guys so I'm starting off my Sunday a little different I am actually downtown and the Veterans Museum I was honestly just looking for a place to take picture myself but it's super chilly like I have I went to put on and I was just driving around downtown and then I saw this really cool place that he would never see before and I was like okay let me just come and sit here and there's waterfalls and a place to remember veterans and I don't know it's just like a really peaceful and serene place so that's what I'm doing here for a little bit I'm sure the photo booth or some things like I'm just gonna sit here for a bit and so gonna fun and that's chilly so I just think it's safe to say a lil Burt have a tanning bed whatever I look like a lobster isn't hurt I put sunscreen on so I'm not sure anyways I'm just gonna in my vlog because I feel embarrassed um I just got done eating my fish tacos and I'm measuring some wine and prepare for tomorrow okay I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I will talk to you later bye whoa it rolled it burning lose it hit that in 2020

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  1. Hell yea block the haters! Why would you wanna see some shit or listen to someone run their damn mouth if they don’t like you? Then they don’t need to watch !!! Bye bye πŸ‘‹πŸ½ haters lol!!! I love your videos ❀️

  2. Love how you so blunt hehehe block em! Your channel your rules bye felicia. Hello from South Africa

  3. I thought maybe they made commission on sales made but maybe not? That happens every time I go into best buy too. And times I do need help theres no one around πŸ˜‚

  4. 😒 that's so sad about the family at the vet. That's the hardest part of having pets 😒 your pets become your family and hate for anything to happen. We had to put one of our cats down last year.

  5. Hi I was wondering I made an offer on your Michael Kors purse & wallet . Did you decide yet.? I would love to have. It

  6. Don't no one have time for rude & negative people too many others who love watching your channel.. Block delete gone ..

  7. You crack me up!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i guess my snuggles came just in time for Sawyer… ❀ he didn't seem phased at all. 😎

  8. You block those people all you want. This is your channel! If you only want positive vibes then you have every right to have it that way!!! Do you boo!

  9. I’m like seconds into the video like β€œis this fool flirting with her?!?! Where Sandra at” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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