look about those two beggars oh hey what are you go shoot what do we do we need to get him out of there he's getting beat up right now yeah a passion no problem whoa hey oh oh oh my gosh they're taking him to the headquarters come on guys I'm on your side I'm on your side I guess I got a plan I'm gonna go jump in the DeLorean I'm gonna drive over there I'm gonna pick up that Mass that took off of him I'm gonna pretend to be a hacker go into the headquarters you keep watching his spy pen I'll put in my earpiece so I can hear you guys you can communicate with me through this microphone into my earpiece okay let me get you my spy pen all right here we go seat belt first I'm gonna get that mask and I'm gonna get him out of there no problem I'm coming hold on geez yes it's me I'm on your side guys it's gonna be very silly once the leader comes in and tells you that I'm really on your side I don't know why you guys don't think I'm on your side but I am you sit tight in Ganga no go I am at the park I know Daniel got pushed up to a tree and his mats got ripped off by the tree there's a lot of trees around here which tree was it listen guys I think that's the mask right there I'm gonna go grab that and become a projects or go member no no I'm just coming to get that mask all right this mask let's go let's go all right guys I've got the mask and I got a head the project circles headquarters before something bad happens to Daniel let's go man good thing that hackers don't know what a spy pen is guys I'm in a huge pickle right now they brought me back to the headquarters and they said they're gonna bring in the P Z leader and then they're gonna hook me up to a lie-detector test and they're gonna be able to know that I'm just being a double agent right now and I'm not really on their side what do I do don't worry Chad is coming your way he's coming to the headquarters to help you right now you sure that's a good idea guys the leaders gonna come in any moment now and then me and Chad are both gonna be in trouble me Regina we're gonna try and plan something oh shoot guys they're coming back in all right okay spy ninjas I'm about to go into the project circle meeting Romero I've got the mass that I picked up in the park I don't know if this is gonna floor any button I'm still learning this so I try to find some other clothes I think see fizzing Happy's I'm gonna fuck a spy time right here on the shirt I'm gonna kick around the leader should be here any second I don't know what my plan is that I'm gonna do oh oh quiet cool just pretend you're like a projects are Goldmember again yeah do the thing oh hello friends or go leader Daniel Daniel it's me it's Chad I'm just wearing a mask what are you doing here man I got the bass for the party I'll pretend to be the leader and get you out of here oh really well okay yeah but you don't look like the leader at all we gotta make it look like a hacker or something from the top part I thought you were the leader for a second but this definitely not okay I mean is there any hoodies or anything around here yeah maybe so these boxes or something there's yeah it's gotta be something boxes yeah look there's a bunch of stuff in this box here what is it uh yeah black pants that'll work perfectly okay yeah I'll put these on okay great that's better than jeans fuck you here's the gloves the leader wears red and yellow gloves but I guess I'll have to do yeah close enough there's a hoodie yeah put these on right now okay do it Virginia how could you like the camera yeah yeah okay well thankfully I still have access to the project sort of a headquarters security camera so we could keep an eye out I'm on it okay awesome there's a security camera over there okay how's it looking am I looking like the leader bill uh kind of can you like talk like him because he has like this weird British accent I'll punch in charge of Google numbers not that great huh but you kind of do the like him you're tall the leaders tall you might be able to convince them I got an idea Daniel I've got an earpiece in V Regina I think we're in trouble I was gonna pretend to be the leader but I can't do the British voice what should I do Regina may be gettin back into chats five and a speaker on it then we can like look up some British accent guy great idea yeah there is a speaker on there okay see if you can do it okay yeah gotta use two hands for that okay I think okay anything I type onto here will come out of the spy pen objet so it'll sound like he's like the hacker man watch this let's try hello yes I'm ready hello I don't think that's a British accent Regina what Wow there's code of some pluck of it that sounds like an Australian accent okay attention old project salgo members oh I don't think that leader sounds like that close enough try to find a more British voice if you can come on Oh better than his real accent in his real accent oh my gosh I'm questioning your hacking skills right now there's people coming anyway okay I'll come out of this doorway over here okay yeah and like you're supposed to be mad at me I guess so I just aren't here hey hey guys welcome back you lucky little backstabbing geek we couldn't find the leader you're wasting a lot of people's time unit oh I know why I already talked to him he's right over there we uh yeah he would see here to talk to me and I told him that uh I'm on your guys inside tell him yourself practice orga leader listen here projects all guy members how many two right here Danielle has rejoined projects Olga you guys doubted me but I really am you sound different no I am currently testing a new voice modulator for my mask yeah yeah he told me all about it it's really interesting stuff Daniel pc1 is now in command he will be your superior you should listen to what he has to say yes see how do you guys feel right now huh a little silly I bet right I can see that our mighty Daniel is really really really telling the truth he will be a great colleague again me and project soccer leader we go way back you know he knows me like the back of his hand I all I wear for a friend you can't just let a traitor back into the team again ok ok ok let me channel the project circle leader shame on you for not believing Daniel shame shame on you for not believing in Denny he is spying on the spy ninjas for us very smart well so what will you have a school leader or PZ one Oh what do we do now um well type this okay the next thing you should do the next thing you should do this that you can be huge he's funny right he's totally making a little joke you guys I think that's funny I don't know Regina must have typed something wrong something came out weird hey guys we're talking about here I'm PZ one you got to let me in on these conversations what could you possibly be talking about just go to the default go hack Chad wild clay and equate attention old projects all guy members it is now time to hack Chad wild clay and be quiet to your computer yeah listen to the guy go to the computers and start hacking roblox without a machine the computers were right over there weren't they oh no oh my gosh did that cost me Chatham Daniel we all hit that and completely trashed it that's really weird and if somebody like took it or maybe the lead leader did you put him somewhere else no okay how about you guys look over there and I'll talk to the leader and see if he knows where the stuff went you know when you put the computers in the bag right now and they destroyed them all we threw their computers over the edge yeah they're definitely all smashed know what we were trying to figure out where is all the laptops and hacking devices went I think Anjali really just good this is weird huh I don't know yeah he's gonna we got to tell the others about this Regina the baskets bugging out why'd you do that you did a blower car well gosh Chad Chad I'm so sorry the thing like glitched out well let's use my normal voice in the meantime if anybody else comes in here hopefully I can pull it off but I think we're gonna get the leader now the real leader oh yeah what now I really don't know what the heck is going on but they're definitely suspicious and what scares me is that the real leader is here somewhere they could bring him in any moment or if he comes in here and sees me then they'll know for sure that I'm not the leader I had definitely so Regina and B they gotta figure out a plan okay fine I'm the leader still okay all right and you just you sit tight okay welcome transit little members gosh here comes the leader your spine engine ah you don't have to do that anymore I am the one true leader of this organization you are the impostor no I am not true leader he's the real one guys who are you I am the project Zuko leader he not believe him he is an impostor I am the true particle we are foolish take a close look at my iconic gloves your gloves are those of a new member yeah well I think the Honda was I think that's the real leader right there zorga leader you do something about this imposter guy right should we like battle him or something leader definitely need a different job you're right if he's defending Chad the leader will know that you're on our side Oh Daniel stop stop defending Chad just go against him listen to the leader Hey yeah wait a minute this you don't look like the real leader actually oh my gosh Daniel III didn't you just have to do it just just prove your loyalty to projects or go he's the real leader who the heck are you you're right that is an impostor I'm sorry it's been a long time since in projects or ago I forgot what you look like and that is definitely an imposter Chad will understand we know what the truth yeah Chad can take a punch yes just do it Daniel or rather peasy one you will be in charge to prove you are with us take the impostor to one of our oxygen control Tesla's this is even worse they're gonna trap Chad new Tesla where they can control the oxygen so that means he can run out of oxygen what do we do okay we have to go to the headquarters and save Chad right now okay let's go finish him sorry Chad


  1. I like how they get one to carry the foot and i dont think they are going to catch you looking around.

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