‘I Barely Knew The Guy’: President Donald Trump Brings Back Familiar Refrain | Deadline | MSNBC

‘I Barely Knew The Guy’: President Donald Trump Brings Back Familiar Refrain | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘I Barely Knew The Guy’: President Donald Trump Brings Back Familiar Refrain | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Jim Jordan was placed there solely to disrupt the process. I wish the Sergeant at Arms will be asked to escort him out, after he shows his butt to America.

  2. This is the Republican party for you: They all took a solemn oath to protect WE THE PEOPLE, OUR DEMOCRACY & CONSTITUTION but instead they chose to protect a vile man that is destroying our nation's values that our forefathers established.

  3. Anyone who challenges Trump is a "never Trumper"according to Trump.
    Hopefully the majority of us are never Trumpers and not support racist, lying con artists for President in 2020.

  4. Oh my goodness the rich kids have it so rough in America ! And they don't know nothing about real America maybe someone should do an experiment on them and let them live homeless for about 2 months and let them see how life is in America.

  5. Someone said I shouldn't call the President a "Tweeter-Twerp".
    But after watching the hypnotic history of the President's absurdist commentaries for several hours I had an involuntary intellectual immune reaction.

  6. Giving 1 million away just to get more trouble and being denied that the receiver hardly knew you. The giver must be regret now. What about all trump followers who have not gave him anything…they think trump would care about them? NO NO NO. THIMK AGAIN AMERICANS. ARE WE THAT STUPID?

  7. Jimm Jordon should resign. Don t need pigs in government. He is under investigation for ignoring children being sexual assaulted, Jim Jordon is bucking for a pardon from Trump after he is found guilty

  8. why you think trump is so nice ot NK? hes got NK doing investigation and in return looks the other way when NK does missile tests…wake up ppl!

  9. He will be impeach as OUR Constitution demands but the corrupt Senate will NOT remove him. When they fail the American people the people will fight back in Voting them OUT in 2020!

  10. Bribery & Extortion. Donnie claims he "doesn't know the guy" who he appointed Ambassador AND who have him a MILLION DOLLAR DONATION! LOL! Sondland?? Who's Sondland?? Oh yeah, that guy…I may have spoken to him once but don't know him! Sound familiar? Hey Donnie….THE JIG IS UP!! No transcript needed! Your boy straight up outted you! Threw you under the bus to save his own skin from being hit with Federal Felony charges like what's about to happen to you! LOL!

  11. I do hope that Pelosi & co. have a good strategy to keep Donald's rabid dog Jim Jordan and his buddies Gaetz and others from turning these public depositions into Cohen-like circus of republican screaming, interrupting, distracting, crazy conspiracies, whataboutisms, fake accusations, insulting and generally disrupting the procedure to keep the public from hearing and understanding the truth. Because Jordan is not been "temporarily installed" to ask genuine questions or to do his job and search for the truth. Last time, continuity was almost impossible, so I do hope they've changed that 5-minutes-each turnus as well. The Republicans know that this is their all or nothing moment, and their absolutely last chance to prevent the public from understanding the magnitude and depth of Trump's filth. It is about their party's survival. And a desperate zombie with no soul, no moral values and his life at stake is the most dangerous one. Not looking forward to this at all. Let's hope that this time, the American people will have enough intelligence, perseverance and wisdom to understand and distinguish the truth from the lies. Their future literally depends on their judgement.

  12. If this trend continues we're going to see bone spurs turning round and round in a room alone, saying, "I don't know myself, I barely know myself." Hopefully by then the love-me jacket will be snugly around his body so he can't access the nuclear codes.

  13. And I thought he was saving it for Amerikkka crazy grandpa " Giuliani ". TRUMP: "He barely does any legal work for me" you know good old tRump

  14. djt – gaslighting narcissist and pathological liar. A real mobster. Gaetz, Lindsey Graham and Moscow Mitch – all just mobster enablers. Shame on them.

  15. Didn't Joseph Stalin employ the same tactic of throwing people under the bus that once supported him ? djt must be taking lessons from Stalin's playbook.

  16. Jim Jordan, the man who, when young teenageers disclosed sexual abuse by a colleague of his and asked for his help, turned his back on them and walked away. Jim Jordan shouldn't be allowed in a dog house never mind anywhere near the White House.

  17. You know you are dead when you thought you were in the Trump inner circle and Trump claims he has no idea who you are.

  18. Jeez. Trump went to his alter personality John Barron. Said he hardly knows the guy. But he does know about MONEY $$$$$.

  19. AGAIN, like we didn't see this coming from Chump! He is so stupid, we already know what LIES he's going to spew before he opens his big fat mouth!!

  20. Gym the enabler Jordan, in his favorite role: contemplate his friend conducting crimes without doing anything about it. The gymnastics that takes to defend our criminal president require an expert of gym coverups like Jordan. Off you go, boy!

  21. one hears chopper engines, how old it gets to hear trumps whine distract from the pleasant hum.trump is telling the truth, he doesn't know any of the people he's dealt with because trump by his own admission never listens to anyone but his self.like the forever two year old he is,its always trumpworld.

  22. An old cliche, how can you tell when trump is lying ?
    His lips are moving !!!
    I just watched 4 videos
    where everything trump said was and still are complete lies, multiple ! I honestly believe the man is not capable of stating anything without lying or dramatically embellishing !
    Not capable !
    He thinks he is a stable genius ??? He thinks the majority of us are stupid.
    This is the only way I can rationalize it. I can’t do it for another 4 years !

  23. Rump on TV saying I don't even know the man well here we go the first sign the bus is being started but I was glad to accept his 1Million dollar donation the presntial campaign committee then he gets an ambassadorship but he does not even know the man right?

  24. Trump should be removed from office on this statement alone. How does a President appoint someone he barely knows to be the Ambassador to the EU. How incompetent of you Trump.

  25. Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. Frat Bros. Bigots. Noisemakers. Embarrassments as elected officials.
    If anyone hasn't earned "fall guys," it's Donald Trump.

  26. Trump, the narcissist forgot about the “PERFECT” phone call? ☎️ Narcissists have no loyalty, but expects total loyalty from his minions and they are cowards, all bark and no bite.

  27. I didn't do it
    There is no proof
    We do it all the time
    The evidence is fake
    I hardly know the gentleman
    The witness is a never trumper
    It isn't illegal if The Donald does it.
    I did it, what are you gonna do about it.

    Trump Impeachment Bingo is a hoot…

  28. I hardly know the guy. Must be nice to receive a million dollar donation from a guy you hardly know and then appoint him to a government post, and still barely know him. Spin Ghouliani must have never informed Dirty Don of Sondland's nefarious schemes in Ukraine. Yeah the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale for a few beads.

  29. Shame on all the sore losers out there who are believing any of this hearsay. All of this is speculation, attached to no facts at all. Trump works twice as hard as any prez and unlike Obama he isnt even taking a salary for it. Your welcome America!

  30. I remember how Watergate unfolded day by day over a 2 year period. When they finally started airing public hearings, the pace picked up significantly. Witnesses started telling the rest of the country (on TV) what actually happened. Once that happened, Nixon’s house of cards collapsed. I also remember that a lot of Nixon’s men went to prison.

  31. Republican party is trash after the orange Trojan horse. Has Lost All Respect! Trump hands👌👏🙌👇👌👋 so sad!!!!

  32. They're gonna need one helluva long POTUS bus if they're gonna run over all the bodies POTUS keeps throwing under there…

  33. Trump doesn't know anyone. That probably includes Melania. All those witnesses need to get on the record, before trump creates a narrative for them.

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