Hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped Syria after Turkey’s invasion: Report

Hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped Syria after Turkey’s invasion: Report

100 thoughts on “Hundreds of ISIS prisoners escaped Syria after Turkey’s invasion: Report

  1. Everything Trump does ends up shitty, criminal , discombabulated, unlawful, incompetent, impeachment, failures, stupidity, Manafort, Ukraine, Russia, Resignations, Investigations,

  2. That doesn't invoke a lot of confidence in me when I see guys loading their guns by picking up bullets off the ground…

  3. Trump's decisions serve only one purpose: to advance Russian interests. Putin is pleased and will not show the tapes for a while.

  4. This is terrible…My heart goes out to the children my god they are hungry need of water and especially” PEACE 🙏

  5. Impeach that orange idiot. He doesn’t know politics and he’s making things worse and I would even like to see him in handcuffs for all the laws he broke!

  6. erdogan bomp on perpus the prisons of isis and relesed them because his is work together with isis they are come in to us wake up

  7. ISIL hid lots of the stolen gold that they used to bribe Turkey for transport to the Turkish border, under the pretxt of "humanitarianism"…now Turkey is coming to get the rest.

  8. Thank you TreasonousTrump for giving everything to Russia and Iranians while turning America’s back on allies because you are a weak…weak…

  9. More media lies. Our troops are still there. If them being there would detour Turkey from attacking like they said. Tell me why is turkey there. We have not left yet. I would rather believe Trump. Turkey was going to attack didnt matter if we was there or not. The only way to stop them is another endless war. Get our troops out before congress democrats vote us into another one of their endless wars just so they can raise taxes again

  10. it was not a war until trump took our trooops out; then what happeneed? turkey invaded syria to take out the kurds; the kurds had to abandon their guard duty of the prison camps full of 12,000 isis fighters to defend their lands; syria is now going to get sucked in , erdogan strengthens his position as turkish dictator, and all the while putin is laughing at us because trump set this whole clusterfuck off , on his orders, and yet fox, the GOP and trump losers wil lsomehow blame biden or obama or clinton or some one else!!! this is ALL TRUMPS FAULT

  11. I say let him battle it out we've been there long enough bring our troops home. They've been fighting for hundreds of years. Let them have their Bloodbath..

  12. Oh look. To my surprise Turkey freed people who should have been executed on the battle field. And look!, they're going to start fighting again and probably plot on the U.S. Palmface. And lets see. Oh yes, Iran probably has taken this as a god send.

  13. Where the hell is Europe? Why must the US do everything? Why should only our troops get killed or maimed? Why must our dollars go to other's causes?

  14. 6 million

    Refugees from Afghanistan, ıraq , Syria and Iran continued to the end.transit

    immediately go full europa :D.nice


  15. अमेरिका ने दी प्रतिबंध की धमकी

    ट्रंप प्रशासन ने तुर्की पर प्रतिबंध की धमकी दी है। वित्त मंत्री स्टीवन म्नुशिन ने कहा, राष्ट्रपति ट्रंप एक नए शासकीय आदेश पर हस्ताक्षर कर सकते हैं। ताकि वित्त मंत्रालय को बेहद महत्वपूर्ण नए प्रतिबंध अधिकार मिल सकें और तुर्की सरकार से जुड़े किसी भी व्यक्ति को निशाना बनाया जा सके। उन्होंने कहा, ‘ये प्रतिबंध प्रत्यक्ष या परोक्ष दोनों होंगे।’ इस बाबत वित्तीय संस्थानों को आगाह किया जा चुका है।

  16. This people are far away . They aren't not fighting any more.they want the food and fresh water the USA ware provide.

  17. Our Soldiers died capturing those isis people and now they all escape. I hope they can’t get to our country. Maybe we should send birth control to the women and they can stop having children until they all stop fighting and hating each other. No more American Soldiers over there. Keep them home protecting out Country.

  18. Isn't it strange how every time they announce they are pulling troops another attack happens. Seems a little to coincidental. Especially given the fact the troops haven't left yet. I could see if once we left they attacked but this makes no sense. Someone wants us there

  19. So go after TURKEY!
    they've been fighting the curds for hundreds of years…..
    Thank you trump for removing our men from sure devastation along the border….sorry about the Curds…but they wee warned too!

  20. We Are NOT privy to all the facts! therefore we have no right to be second-guessing any decisions made !!!!#
    Who the hell are you to be telling our president how to run or protect our country ???

  21. Big mistake for an incompetent it's no big surprise he could bungle the job before its completely finished. George W. Did the same thing announcing all major combat operations over in the middle east a few decades ago. We are now in a secret war in Africa bringing the front lines closer to us. Falling back is not winning.

  22. Turkey made it quite clear that they prefer ISIS on their borders than the Kurds, yet the liberal media still see Assad as a "foe" because he doesn't follow the West's dogma of human rights. It's time for the Kurds to cut a deal with Assad. As much as CNN hates it, Trump, Assad, and Putin are on the same side.

  23. If the so call watching world is concerned let them step in and do something about it. But none of the European countries will who live right at the border of this mess. I’m glad the USA is getting out of the region. From Persian – Ottoman Empire. Thousands of years fighting over that real estate.

  24. Yesterday that it wasn't meant to withdraw forces our forces weren't there to prevent turkey from coming in they were there to help the Kurds keep control of Isis not the US control Isis but help the Kurds do it

  25. “Blessed is the one who does NOT walk in step with the wicked … or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD” – Psalms 1:1-2.

  26. How can anybody keep track of all this ? The US needs to defend it's own borders just like North Korea does and stay out of the middle east. The US has no friends in the middle east,or anywhere else for that matter. The US gets along better with some than others and that is about it.

  27. Fox(ABC owned) News is trying to make Trump look bad for pulling out. They are the NeoCon network that loves war(Bush family boot lickers). I am not fooled by your bullsh!t antiTrump narrative at Fox News. All this BS rhetoric after he strays just barely away from what your military industrial complex elites tell you to do overseas. Trading American lives for brownie points with foreign Caliphates is not a great strategy for America.

  28. Trump betrayed the Syrian Kurds…plain and simple. He has created a situation of chaos. ISIS is claiming that they are regrouping. What a complete mess…thanks Trump. I cannot wait until he is goose stepped out of the WH in cuffs.

  29. What kind of dingus ball drop was this? Turkey was bracketing U.S. Troops with artillery, Kurdish fighters were trying to pull U.S. troops into the fight. We do not have any, LEGAL, responsibility to the Kurds. However, if Turkey asks for help from NATO we may have to fight against the Kurds. This confrontation is morally twisted in so many ways. 🤔🧐

  30. All the BS Trump spews about Obama starting ISIS when we can watch in real time on the news as ISIS is reborn and our former Kurdish allies are slaughtered thanks to Trump following Putin’s orders.

  31. The worst of humanity is unfolding today in Syria as President Trump tweets. I have to give props to Fox News when they tell the truth. This is coming from somebody who would vote for Bernie if I was a US citizen.

  32. Notice how the news is going back to the old CIA created boogie man. Loom for the newa to start blaming events on ISIS again.

  33. Just a few hours ago it was confirmed via photos and eye witness accounts that THIS report presented here is….FAKE!!! Eyewitnesses have indeed confirmed, and POTUS Trump has thus acknowledged, that the YPG Kurdish forces (a.k.a. the SDF) let loose the ISIS prisoners, and according to Trump, to trick the US into direct military action!!

    The media in the US for some strange reason is pouring out a lot of innuendos and hersey stories without actually checking its validity!

  34. Great Job republicans …💪
    You made the World a safer place…💪
    Allies will turn to the US for guidance and wisdom…💪

    (Sarcasm OFF)

  35. Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney said Turkey Invaded Syria Because Democrats Launched Impeachment Inquiry. Seems Liz Cheney has gone a bot screwy in the head… LOL

    Liz Cheney claimed in an interview with Fox News on Monday morning that Democrats are to blame for Turkey's invasion of Syria … Yeh: whack-job Liz Cheney! LOL

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