get the sir Myles Lawton Flay table pinchy plush toy and swimsuit now available at Dennis it isn't blocksberg again I'm just kidding I love this came and apparently he has been flooding my comment section it got into you Chuck Kate that's right sir meows a lot the biggest update in a very long time apparently no no we look at what they have to say in the description here a vision zero point six point five they haven't even hit version one yet guys the game still in beta it's not fully released that's crazy expanded and overhauled the map improved vehicle suspension and handling all I know we don't care about all the little things what's the big stuff added two new cars out of the gas station campsite and Observatory added street and traffic lights okay their parent apparently there's a lot of new stuff obviously so let's hop into the game and we'll go in and check it out yeah okay okay so far everything seems pretty much the same I don't know if they changed the little intro menu segment thing maybe and then into Dennis's diggy dome we're gonna be expanding on the house if if we manage to see all the changes and we still have time but it's taking its time a load in the meantime go ahead and check out the new pinchy plushy available at Dennis telecom link in the description below as well as dis all-new pinchy all over shirts go ahead guys it's all on sale right now but anyways the game finally loaded oh my goodness I forgot about this alright well one of the first things on our agenda is to go and fix ourselves we are disgusting right now let's see they did add street lights that's very apparent immediately I guess I've never really noticed that there weren't street lights before but I guess that's just not really one of those things that you notice or need but they still added it anyways why is there so much smoke a hole right sir Meow's lots of smoke machine I keep forgetting about your smoke machines from outside it's causing a huge ruckus in the house like really it's very bothersome every single time I enter but you know what just for you just for you I'll keep it I know I know how much you like partying is there any way we can just like turn this off easily no you can't it's either on or it's gone well into town we go she would take the mystic motorcycle I almost took the car but that's pretty lame everyone knows motorcycles are way cooler but there's a little street signs so on you give me on different roads so say you're playing with your friends and then one friend goes hey obviously Carol see I'm on the blocksberg Boulevard or Block C Street is that though those the two only ones like is there actually a point to telling people what street you're on no oh this is a nice house whoa this is a nice house a lot of windows lots of windows is this a premade water did they make this because if they made it good stuff I kind of want to check it out I'm gonna go inside hello knock knock I can oh I can ring the doorbell Oh galaxy unicorn come quick I want to see what's in your house sorry I just kind of parked my motorcycle right in front of right in front of your door hi hey there oh I want to look at what you have I'm just gonna run in this is probably considered breaking and entering oh very empty house so far I guess she was probably taking a long time to work on the outside but looks very good I gotta say I'll be on my way now don't worry I just wanted a quick little peek and she locked me and we're getting kidnapped that's just great who knows maybe she's all kinds of crazy should we call the cops we don't have a phone with us right now is there a phone actually in boxberger okay boost mood yeah sure let's do it and then die because we were locked in her house I want to see all these updates see exactly what the hubbub is all about where did my motorcycle go there we go let's actually head into town this time stupid garbage is always in my way how do we get rid of this I don't want the garbage to be right here like it's literally smack dab in the middle of my entryway why would they do that it could quickly do something about it if we were to jump into build mode and then don't don't worry guys I'm just quickly moving some stuff over like say this right here if I just go you know I don't want to delete the whole thing no look I can move it and I want to select it right but oh well it's all gone now um okay one second one second guys build fence or as it was at this one steel aluminum I think so yeah okay and then she would say wait there's a little bit a little bit off to the side me a little bit more even yeah yeah okay it's kind of like guys I go driveway and then I build floors – and it – here we're gonna wait right click to buy right click to buy left click to generate floor I'm trying to generate this floor I don't understand what's going on automatic placement no no siree Bob Oh what am i doing something terrible apparently you know what I'm not dealing with this right now and there's some stinky girl in front of me you need a shower I'm gonna steal your bike I can't do that that's great I'll just have to use my own bike okay goodbye mangle the one and only if you're wondering why I pronounce it like that it's because how our name spelt guys okay is this Block C Block C acres and we live in a pretty fancy neighborhood apparently I'm gonna use this as a ramp and then go perfectly into the store okay I was very underwhelming it's okay because we're all right here it's like was this hello there was just a pile of garbage this place is filthy I am disgusted with all of you I don't know come right here okay this needs to change this is awful I don't know what I was thinking good old Dingley Dell no that is definitely not good old Dingley Dell and then Lulu and default outfit why is that the default what I can't just get my own where's my normal what okay how do I go back to just my face how do I edit my face sorry guys this is probably extremely annoying my face I don't understand mmm-hmm we go default outfit Oh deep Oh hmm this is strange default shirt default pants it's just give me this that's definitely not default it's not giving me what is I don't care whatever confirm outfit it's not it's not my choice obviously it's oh no it's like like a washed-up celebrity or something him and his crab and his cat the gang's all here what are we missing use what have we not seen that is all new and cool new cars and check over here all right hello that what he goes for me and continue a day to bathe vehicle wait what I'm not good by vehicle sure just walk up to one of the display stands by vehicle you can also do it in direct into the mode okay so you come over here see they added two new cars so you got this right here a moped that's pretty cool and then also as well as the little quad bike is this really what they had it though cuz I okay it says right here improve vehicle suspension added two new cars blocks is TS and blocks of or blocks of or sounds like an Aventador did they add a Lamborghini because this isn't called the blocks of war that's a rote and then this one is a bored bullet okay so they added a gas station campsite and Observatory so I want to see those three things as well so this is the gas station very cool do we have to use gas now or something let's change outfit change outfit you just change outfit whatever you can change outfit at the gas station that doesn't make any sense I don't understand here we go this looks like something over here I think unless no this is not new at all no no no no no we know all about this stuff where is this Observatory and a campsite apparently campsites probably back here somewhere I'm realistically it's gonna be in the forest area oh it's so dark what's this there's someone's house this is someone's house oh man pretty plain house right now if I'm being honest but I'm sure they're working on it this is my house oh okay well nevermind then I thought I was a lot further away from my house that I actually was where's this campsite I can't see anything it's so dark I just took a little bit of traveling guys good thing we got defenses defenses back into a game baby actually no that might not be true we got to go back to our garage and then we can check out the new vehicles because there's that blocks of ore or whatever it's called I think it's something like that yeah can we just go to build multi and go to directly into build mode inventory maybe no not until they build the vehicles here's the new stuff so the block sis TS convertible convertible convert the block cyst yes convertible is the perfect summer Carter why can't I talk right now he there's actually a watery a water a water advisory where I live right now and you're not supposed to drink the tap water but I I'm just doing it anyways so if I die is because I didn't listen to the rules so I would deserve it I guess let's say year born bullets the yo quad buying the block stir the blocks of war with this powerful off-road 4×4 from blocks of where you can drive absolutely anywhere okay and then there's this convertible looks pretty cool how much is it how much is this convertible 3,250 how much would that be 1,300 bucks okay fine fine I love blocksberg so I'm okay with giving them robux because they deserve it they deserve my robots more than I do your purchase of 5000 block slugs fail because something went wrong no why did something go wrong I want this right now give it to me please just you just throw it at me no no it's not working white why isn't it working sir miles all I'm trying to give them the 1300 bro box but apparently that that's that's too much to ask for can I just buy it straight off the page no I cannot I don't know what to do I could try rejoining the game we're gonna do that let's rejoin the game yeah all I want to be is the the Human Torch from Fantastic Four I can have fire in my hands if you get enough friction and maybe just maybe I could do that I don't know what I'm talking about I could also get premium as a premium member you get half Bill's double daily rewards a special nametag ability to choose your plot and access to upcoming exclusive the text cuts off I can't actually read the rest of it but I'm assuming exclusive content by blocks bucks I would like this please please work please work play dentist uzuki dome here we go we even buy this convertible now maybe hopefully unless something goes wrong again would that just be something pinchy huh yeah there's something went wrong that's okay though he's always very very happy he's content with pretty much anything in life so it would be fine convertible or not we could all learn something from pinchy build mode that's what I need I have to think about it build vehicles we're really building the vehicles aren't we and then we can get this oh my goodness is this what I want where do I want the blocks of or this or this this or this I don't know the convertible is kind of cool I think oh man look at this it's like one of the Hollywood houses you got a convertible right at the front ooh it would be nice having a car on the actual driveway that's good okay and just place as many as I want well that's ridiculous can I color it now Oh tell me I can color it okay okay hold on we do you put a light down build which decorate maybe lighting here we go you have any outdoor lights classic outdoor lamp no no it's not what we want street light good just go street light power box allows you to toggle all lamps on a plot oh that's pretty cool modern light fixture that looks so kind that would fit perfectly in this house too just don't know where I'd put it maybe right above this here watch whoa boom a whole year baby just like a that's what I'm talking about right there hmm but that would mean that we would need to delete that and that but that is not okay it's not okay is that because this light fixture it's not on or because it's incredibly poopy and doesn't actually light things up very well at all hmm like what's what's this all about no no move why is it so like not bright it's incredibly dim for what it is kind of wish I could undo I can do this you're like debt boom meaning I can then put it right here Oh beautiful beautiful we'll just leave it like that then because it keeps everything nice and bright but that light also fits there quite nicely and now we knew a street light because we want one over top of our little driveway that's why I meant to say and then we can see the Chi especially at nighttime why does it always feel like it's nighttime in blocksberg I don't get it yeah it's never it doesn't feel spotlight could use to a straight line as one although mmm because I don't really want a street light like on my property because street lights are pretty ugly if we look to go to detail the premiums vocalize oh-ho-ho and then it like lights up oh man oh dude it's like hidden in there hidden amongst to the trees okay look at that bow but here's the thing now is serwe like have them not be moving around like that oh no they're just they just keep moving around that's it's not what I wanted visit whoa we're missing something we are missing the classic outdoor wall lamps over here boom and ego slightly helps do we like having the spotlights there does it add or does it make things poop I think it'd make things kind of poop I'm gonna go back in a build mode I'm just going to do a quick little adjustment here and then we can check out this new car and it'll be great if we go build but no decorate why do I keep forgetting this is this whole garden lamp it is actually really not really enough light you know I give up guys I just I can't do it you know what I don't want to put anything there that I don't want so I will we'll just leave it like that then how do I pay my house bill so I go here pay bills cool and then we can go back into this build mode that in paint and we're gonna make these a absolutely beautiful we give it some sort of nice shine and on a nice rustic look oh no no no no no no no no no there's gonna cancel it you know what let's stick with the blue for now I do like the color blue a lot so let's try that yeah oh man we get a convertible okay all right so we can interact with this open roof oh look at this person's house Wow and they have a convertible – that doesn't look pre-made do they just follow some sort of design online or something this looks so good this like the garage interior actually looks like a proper garage then their house it's like an actual really well made house and all the rooms just like everything makes sense Wow silent soul of darkness mm-hmm pretty menacing name I like your house I like it a lot it's all placed very well together you know the composition is there he could be an interior designer well that's pretty cool and this is a really cool house the convertible car is also very good indeed I think what better way to end the video then by going into someone else's house and sleeping in their bed guys I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribed to the channel if you haven't already don't forget to check out the sir meows a lot and pinchy plush toys available at Dennis daily comm link in the description below as well as the all-new summer gear all on sale right now so please go ahead and check it out if you are at all interested but other than that again thank you so much and I will see you in the next mine you


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