49 thoughts on “How will Lee Kuan Yew govern India?

  1. 0:19 Ataturk massacared kurds, socially engineerd his country, was admired by Fascists like Hitler. He was a tyrant.

  2. You just happened to be wrong. No country in the world is used Western liberalism to complete industrialization.


    Western countries used colonial plunder to complete industrialization. The Asian Four Dragons are also not industrialized by Western liberalism.

    Hong Kong – Governor of Hong Kong, South Korea – former Japanese fascist dictator Park Chung-hee, Taiwan – dictator Chiang Ching-kuo, Singapore – Confucian east values Lee Kuan Yew.

    Only the Confucian and Protestant regions of the world have completed industrialization. This is not an accident.

  3. Although I'm a huge fan of of honorable LKY, I'd have to respectfully disagree on 3 points:

    2:04 : Its true India has a diversity of languages within a geographical expanse that's unparalleled anywhere else in the world, however, "development" of all Indian languages, even to quite an extent Tamil, can be traced back to the mother language — Sanskrit.
    Also, partly due to the above fact, the vocabulary of Indian languages e.g. ones mentioned say Punjabi and Telugu, have intersections as well and the literature and poetic styles of one regional language many times have considerable influences on that of neighboring regional ones.
    Hence, any declaration of isolation of most Indian languages from each other would be simply fallacious.

    1:55 : Discounting the common script, the various dialects spoken throughout China e.g. Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hokkien, Jiangsu-nese, etc. due to differences in vocabulary and intonation are practically separate languages which are often mutually unintelligible. Hence, the current situation of Mandarin spoken by Chinese president being understood by present-day "90%" of Chinese ( 1:39 ) is as much an artificially -created construct as the comprehensibility of Hindi by majority of present-day Indians. As such, It can be argued, each of these provinces are equally different "nation groups" (atleast Three kingdoms for sure), as are states of India.

    2:18 : Indian nation is definitely not a creation of the British Raj. Bharat (local term similar to Zhong Guo for China) existed as a distinct civilizational and cultural entity, and single political one many times e.g. under Chandragupta Maurya who defeated forces of Alexander, sinces ancient times grounded and united in the common philosophical foundations of Vedas & Upanishads. Anything claimed otherwise is nothing short of an insult to this great nation.

  4. India superstition,caste system, corruption, rapism, Indian cinema, and more negativity should be abolish. All india citizens should be discipline ,follow the rules, hygenic and clean ,active in sports and more positive personal traits

  5. LKY can only develop Singapore within their social and origin. E.g. if LKY we're the governor of HK, he may not able to achieve what Singapore or Hong Kong is.

  6. The best way is to satisfy the hunger of the indians.

    indians also need REAL NUTRITION.



  7. Lee you are in waste bellow no use for us only benefit your family members and chimera my father's and grand father's was 110years in Singapore but govt record your family members came from China 90 years all record have in Singapore you self person Singapore peoples kind people so you chance in SG

  8. The first thing any Lee Kuan Yew like ruler has to do in India is to teach the people personal responsibility and communal values. In India the streets are used as toilets and garbage dumps. Singapore used to be like that but through the imposition of heavy fines and public shaming the people got educated and trained in becoming more socially responsible and look beyond their own nosetips. In India soiling the streets is not considered a problem because the attitude is that it is somebody's elses job to clean that up. Until this attitude is eradicated and the people learn personal responsibility India will never escape from being a 3rd world country.

  9. U r pretty petty or shallow-minded to try to imagine HOW Lee K.Y. would govern India!
    LOOK to China!! bro! Ask the Chinese govt HOW they SUCCESSFULLY lifted 200!! MILLION!!! of its citizens OUT of POVERTY!

  10. India is a toliet and corrupt country to date. By bringing, so call FTs from there may impact on our country one day and we must be mindful. It must be remembered that, it the the people which make a country. LKY was our great leader.

  11. English is the new sanskrit in india (elite language). Even if most of india spoke one language, we would be learning in English, because elite at time of independence spoke English

  12. India is not a construct of the british.Lee Kuan Yew has stated in other talks that China and India had 50% of world GDP for centuries. So he is contradicting himself. Sanskrit is across India. Marathas, Mauryas ruled most of present India and parts of Afghanistan.With respect he has not understood India.

  13. Relevant even today ..Got an opportunity to listen to the builder PM of Singapore today by chance and respect his completely rationale assessment of India's constraints and challenges

  14. Another fool who thinks he is great, my friend 95 percent of india was under direct/indirect maratha rule

    Stupid indians will make him another god

  15. LKY is my country greatest man and probably one of the best in the world but when he commend on India when question asked how would he govern India if he had the chance. 1 of which he spokes about level-playing field, During his days he is very firm that in the political arena there is no level-playing field for your political opponents.

  16. 1. make English the language of all schools.
    2. make corruption punishable by losing, job, pension and jail.
    3. make peace with Pakistan (who cares about a few hundred miles of border).
    4. reduce defense spending and use the money on free education.
    5. 2 child policy on all families. Free education only for two children.
    6. open India to any foreign companies that want to do business.

  17. Meritocracy is close to impossible in India because Indian youth still protests on road to force government to declare their caste as backward and give them lazy reservation on their caste.
    Caste based reservation is considered as a revenge to upper class Hindus for what they have done to Dalits, so I would like to say that it's all bullshit colonial propaganda to divide Hindus, even upper caste Hindus were also tortured by foreign invaders, why can't we Hindus unite and take revenge against those foreigners Muslim and Christian rather than fighting with each other, as its not Brahmins or Dalits who are faulty, it's the Christian and Islamic invaders who did discrimination. Reject Manu Smriti, follow Vedas, and unite and move on Hindus, wake up.
    Before foreign invasion, Brahmin like Chanakya used to make Shudra like Chandragupta Maurya one of the greatest Kshatriya and Valmiki son of Sudra mother used to become one of greatest Brahmin because all were equal and had equal opportunity.

  18. LKY would have immediately implement a half a child policy.
    It is so OBVIOUS. India is terribly overpopulated and NO successive Indian Government ever dare to suggested.
    When the rumor that Sanjay Gandhi illegally sterilised the population, he died in a plane crash. Pure co-incidence or murdered.
    But he knew the answer.
    No need LKY.
    The rest is NONSENSE. No matter how much India do will be lack down by it overpopulation. 🤔🤔😀😀😀😀

  19. Lots of similarities between lky and subhas chandra bose. No nonsense politics. India clearly missed the boat.

  20. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is extremely foolish. India united by the Mauryas and Akbari kingdom. Railway system, nonsense. What about thousands of years Hinduism, interactions, Sanskrit.

  21. Sad british created india..now small girls being raped in temple s,no toilets,people throw crap everywhere ,pee everywhere..indians never learn with their castes n stupidity .Thats why my ancestors migrated to europe,US ,Singapore n Malaysia..even if indian politicians drink lee s urine they will still be stupid.

  22. People commenting that Unity is in our diversity… I still have to see in what part of India, is this statement valid.

  23. The point that merit is the ultimate for development the only way ahead. Mr. Lee Kuan yew. Sir. Well said.

  24. India cannot move forward they have the western democracy and freedom system no country in the world will have peace and development from the United States democracy system

  25. as an indian and not really as an admirer of the Singapore model, I must the say the man speaks with remarkable clarity sans any emotional overtures!

  26. Singapore, is a great mystery for economists interested in the problem of how countries develop. At one point in history, Singapore was like Pakistan, low gdp, with high levels of illiteracy. But whereas Pakistan remained where it was, Singapore has become a modern industrialized nation, a Super State. But how? Many theories abound. Did America intervene, for psychological (propaganda) reasons, to convince neighbouring Asian States that communism was not the wave of the future? How to explain Singapore?, is a question that comes up now in Economics classes everywhere where Economics is taught. The best answer I have come across is, to develop a country, ensure that every citizen is able to read and write well enough to follow basic instructions, read traffic signs, or "how to use device" manuals.. as long as basic primary education is secured, the people will prosper. India is not like that. I remember going to the local bazaar with my grandfather to buy a spool of thread or something, and when he gave the man some rupees, the shopkeeper took his jar and gave it to my grandfather telling him to "make change" because he could not count, or did not know how to read what was written on the coins or bills.

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