How Voters Decide: Crash Course Government and Politics #38

How Voters Decide: Crash Course Government and Politics #38

26 thoughts on “How Voters Decide: Crash Course Government and Politics #38

  1. I wonder what would happen if not a single person voted? Could American society function without politicians? I thinks so. What do you think?

  2. Us liberals (and I mean REAL liberals decide off of good reasoning, facts, and empathy for our fellow humans. Conservitives decide off of selfishness, raw emotion, and misinformation. They are fooled into believing that regulation is bad, privatization is good. They are fooled into thinking spending money on socail programs is bad because it costs too much, but we need to spend billions on the milatary (even if there’s no war) to keep our country defended. They are tricked into believing that corporations are on there side, and the government is not.

  3. …and yeah, it's sad, but when hear your typical American voter talking about why they like or dislike any given candidate, the person's policy positions seem to come up a very small fraction of the time (and it's obvious that a good chunk of the time, the voter in question has no idea what the candidate's policy positions are in the first place).

  4. One of the biggest myths in the U.S. political landscape is that Democrats and Republicans are becoming more "polarized."  Yes, I understand that this is the FACADE they give us in their overt behavior in front of the cameras, but behind closed doors, at least on economic issues, Democrats and Republicans are virtually indistinguishable at this point.  The bottom line is, they both accept massive amounts of money from Wall Street, Corporate America and the military industrial complex which, in turn, all but assures that these are the interests to whom "our" elected officials answer.  For their part, the Republicans have always been this way but the Democrats, who once actually represented regular people, really started going in this direction in earnest during the Clinton years and regular Americans haven't been represented in Washington since (again, at least on economic issues).

  5. I enjoyed the info but not the corny jokes, so I had to sign out before listening to the entire comedic session.

  6. Hi Craig – I'd like to include some of your videos in the National Student Parent Mock Election / National Student Vote please contact me. thanks!!

  7. Can I ask which "political scientists" defined these 3 main factors? I want to read some more about this!

  8. Can someone explain how they knew that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be running against each other in 2015?????

  9. So, I'm just starting out as a professor at the university level and I must say these videos are extremely helpful. I teach American Government, Campaigns and Elections and other government related courses and trying to find ways I can present information to students with limited to no background knowledge takes up SO much time. These videos are a pretty good place to get my bearings, though. Thanks!

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